Author: Autumn

A Taboo Reunion (Our Dirty Little Secrets)

Jackie has always been infatuated with Brent. She’s tried to use other guys to make her forget about it but she just can’t get him out of her mind. Now, they are going to be in the same place at the same time and she thinks this might be the perfect chance to find out if he feels the same about her! A secluded waterfall makes it even easier for them to discover how the other feels. Brent is her¬†uncle who was adopted when he was young. But because her grandparents had died when he was only a 10¬†years...

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The Couchsurfer

Addy and James are happily married. But Addy is craving something…more. And James, being the loving husband he is, is always willing to give it to her. So when Greg comes to stay a few nights with them through a couchsurfing program Addy says Greg is what she wants, James does what he needs to do to make that happen for his pretty wife. Greg might be a big burly biker that his wife wants to be used by, but in the end, James knows she’ll still be his wife. This is a short story of a little over...

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Hospitality Confessions

Lee Ann is getting married but she doesn’t feel like it is fair to enter into that kind of commitment without being truthful with her fiance. She needs him to know what her life was really like before she met him. She needs him to know all the dirty and naughty details. And she needs to know if he’ll accept her for who she is and how she became who she is. This novel is intended for mature audience that are 18 years and older. Contains graphic and explicit sexual language. Themes include: – group sex – outdoor sex...

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