Author: Autumn

Protected: Friends Share

by Autumn Seave Sean and I had been seeing each other for about a year. We didn’t have a committed relationship – we both saw other people when we wanted to – but we both looked at it as something permanent. There was more to our relationship than sex, but sexually we were very compatible. We knew we wanted to make a commitment to each other, but we wanted to go into it knowing we were sure that we were going to be loyal to each other. We’d even helped each other fulfill our fantasies. When I was fantasizing about being completely dominated, Sean hired a professional dominatrix to work with us. She taught him how to handle a cat o’ nine tails, how to work the ropes, and how to push me to my limits. She also taught him to trust his instincts. When he wanted to have multiple women in bed with him, I got a couple girlfriends together for a night he’s never forgotten. Anal sex, group sex, voyeurism and exhibitionism – we’d done it all. We’d been living in our own apartments all this time but we’d been talking about moving in together.  It just seemed right. Besides the fact that we were so sexually compatible, we just fit.  He was thrilled to find a girl that would watch football and porn with him.  I...

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Protected: Car Trouble

Part 1 Last Saturday was a scorcher. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and I’d spent the entire day at McCormin’s Garage with a raging hard on. I was at McCormin’s because I was trying to get together enough money to put the final touches on the Challenger. I had a raging hard on because the boss’s young wife spent the day prancing around in her fashionably short “Daisy Dukes” and looking like she wanted nothing but a good fuck. Jessie had married my boss, Chet McCormin, only a couple months earlier. In our small town, Chet was as close to a sugar daddy as anyone was going to find and Jessie had latched onto him about two weeks after her 18th birthday. She’d spent all of last summer riding her bike by the garage in nothing but a bikini top and short shorts. Then she’d hung out in the convenience store all fall in the tightest of jeans and tummy baring sweaters. In the winter she kept the temperature high and before the bikini tops came back out, her and ol’ Chet were married. Now Jessie was getting her entertainment by teasing all the guys in the shop. Me especially, because I blushed furiously every time my cock grew hard in my pants as her unconstrained tits bounced around inside those tiny little white...

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Dormitory Rules

Everyone knows that sex is great for relieving stress. Including when you’re in college, right? So, it’s only a matter of time before these dormitory rules could really exist. But for now, this is a futuristic, standalone story about some dormitory rules that make life very different for people at this campus. Dorm Rules 1.Clothing is discouraged. At most, males should wear boxers/shorts but without underwear. Females may wear shorts (with panties if they wish) but they should be snug. All students should be topless 2.No doors are allowed on dorm rooms in order to encourage maximum interaction between...

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Bad Girl, Bad Cop

Carter has always been a bad girl – the kind of girl that moms warn their darling sons about. But they should really be warning their daughters. When Carter meets Molly, a sexy cop that likes to reform bad girls, she gets more than she bargained for! This 5000 word short story contains the following themes: – bondage – spanking – lesbians – BDSM Buy On...

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Protected: Bad Girl, Bad Cop

by Autumn Seave Chapter 1 I was always what people called a “bad girl”.  My boyfriends in high school would never bring me home to their parents because they would have taken one look at me and forbidden their sons to see me again.  I was the girl with the facial piercings, the low cut top, the short skirt, the high heels and the wild hair; I was the girl that got caught smoking (and not always cigarettes) behind the gym with the boys, drinking booze in the back of someone’s pickup at the drive-in, and spiking the punch at school dances. I took great pleasure in being a bad girl, mostly to shock my parents.  But I wasn’t really bad.  I was no different from most of the girls in my high school class.  I just refused to hide it. The funny thing is that the guys I “went out with” were really just my buddies.  Their parent’s had nothing to worry about.  Now, if those guys had a sexy little sister?  Different story. Those parents should have been more concerned about her than their sons! When I went to college, nothing changed.  I refused to live in the dorms where there were so many rules.  I mean really – didn’t we have enough of that with our parents? Plus, I just didn’t think that I could handle...

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