Author: Autumn

A Taboo Reunion (Our Dirty Little Secrets)

Jackie has always been infatuated with Brent. She’s tried to use other guys to make her forget about it but she just can’t get him out of her mind. Now, they are going to be in the same place at the same time and she thinks this might be the perfect chance to find out if he feels the same about her! A secluded waterfall makes it even easier for them to discover how the other feels. Brent is her uncle who was adopted when he was young. But because her grandparents had died when he was only a 10 years...

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The Couchsurfer

Addy and James are happily married. But Addy is craving something…more. And James, being the loving husband he is, is always willing to give it to her. So when Greg comes to stay a few nights with them through a couchsurfing program Addy says Greg is what she wants, James does what he needs to do to make that happen for his pretty wife. Greg might be a big burly biker that his wife wants to be used by, but in the end, James knows she’ll still be his wife. This is a short story of a little over...

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Hospitality Confessions

Lee Ann is getting married but she doesn’t feel like it is fair to enter into that kind of commitment without being truthful with her fiance. She needs him to know what her life was really like before she met him. She needs him to know all the dirty and naughty details. And she needs to know if he’ll accept her for who she is and how she became who she is. This novel is intended for mature audience that are 18 years and older. Contains graphic and explicit sexual language. Themes include: – group sex – outdoor sex...

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Protected: A Lesson in Privacy

Chelsea was relieved when she got the job at the ski lodge, even if it was only cleaning rooms at the The Big House.  She’d come to Banff to pursue her dream of spending her days on the slopes – even if it meant that she would be poor for the rest of her life.  Her parents thought she was in college but that only lasted for a couple weeks before she dropped out and answered the call of the ski slopes. When she got to Banff, she hardly had a cent to her name and the only job she could get was as a hotel housekeeper.  She’d hoped that her long dark hair and exotic brown eyes and great figure would at least get her a serving or hostess job where she could make some decent tips but it seemed that all those positions had been filled for the season. The only thing left for a college dropout with no skills was housekeeping. It was that or stripping and the thought of showing her body off to a bunch of strange men made her cringe so she didn’t think she’d do very well at that. At first she thought that she would hate it but the people that stayed in The Big House were generally some pretty upper class people.  They had some wild parties once in a...

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Protected: A Lesson in Hospitality

Brenna had been working at the Silver Lounge for several weeks and was finally beginning to feel like she wasn’t going to starve to death.  It didn’t pay much and she’d used the last of her savings two weeks ago to pay for tuition for the rest of the term but the minimum wage check she’d gotten for 15 hours of work was enough to put a bit of food in her belly and buy the badly needed shoes she needed for the job.  The tips helped but it was nowhere near what she needed to start saving for tuition next term.  It wasn’t until some of the other waitresses clued her in on some tricks to bring in a little more money that she started to feel that there might be hope. She felt bad about stealing from the bartenders – especially Clay who was always so nice to her – but the other waitresses promised that they would never know that she was only giving them 5% or 7% of her tips when she was supposed to give them 15%.  They reminded her that bartenders like Justin and Jake, who always made their job more difficult, deserved it.  Those two would deliberately delay making drinks for the servers that refused to play their little games.  And Brenna figured they were right – she could have gotten a...

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