Author: Autumn

Protected: First Camping Trip

by Autumn Seave Samantha had always been one of those girls that just didn’t quite fit in.  She had a few friends but no one that she was particularly close to. The trouble was that she just didn’t know how to have proper conversations.  She grew up in a family of boys and was raised by her widowed father so she was impulsive to say the least. When she had something to say, she said it and she rarely ever thought about how it would be perceived. Her brothers were very competitive.  If one of them jumped from the top step of the back stairs, the other one would jump from a window.  If one of them got an A in Math, the other one got an A+.  When one joined cadets, the other was quick to follow and it was just another way for them to compete with each other.  Samantha – called Sam by everyone that knew her – learned from them.  They were 8 and 9 years older than her so she couldn’t compete against them but she certainly tried to compete with all of her classmates.  She had the highest grades in her class and excelled at all things athletic. If someone told a story, she had a better story to tell, even if she did have to embellish it a little. By the time...

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Protected: Neighbors 1 – Cassandra and Devon

by Autumn Seave Cassandra really tried to ignore the fact that Devon liked to tinker with his car in the hot summer sun every afternoon. She tried to ignore the fact that he never wore a shirt. And she tried to ignore the fact that his muscled begged to be touched and caressed. But she simply couldn’t anymore. He’d been doing this for weeks! She knew he was likely home from college as her own son was but Drake was never home. He was always out doing something or other and besides that, he had a job. But Devon – he obviously had nothing better to do. Each day, around noon or a little later, he’d come out from the house and raise the hood of his red Corvette. He’d suck back on the bottle of beer that he’d bring out with him and just look at the engine at first. He’d tinker around for a little bit and then he’d stand back, have another drink, wipe the sweat from his brow, and then he’d take his shirt off. His jeans would hang low on his hips, barely showing the line of white from where his tan started and began. Most white boys that her son knew were skinny and kind of pathetic looking. But not this one – she hadn’t been this hot for someone in years, black...

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Protected: Joining the Junior League

by Autumn Seave We had only moved into the neighborhood a month ago but already I was feeling like it was a good decision for us.  Our family needed a change and when Mike, my husband, got the job offer it just made sense to take it.  Plus the schools are good and we found a house in a great neighborhood.   I was a little worried about making friends.  My kids would be fine – they seemed to make friends with whoever they were around.  But I found that since I left college, making new friends wasn’t so easy.  I’d stayed in touch with a couple women I’d gotten close to in college but since I got married and we’d moved a couple times, I just didn’t seem to have many girlfriends anymore. In high school and college I’d always had a bunch of girls that I could hang out and do things with.  We watched movies, studied together, did each other’s hair, and cried on each other’s shoulder when boys were stupid and made us feel bad.  We leaned on each other and when we were together it always made me feel like I was part of something bigger.  Something really awesome. When I met Caroline though, I knew there was nothing to worry about.  Caroline and I hit it off right away.  She came bouncing up...

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Protected: Getting Revenge

by Autumn Seave I had one sole purpose for being at the bar that night – I was there to get fucked. Yesterday, I had discovered that my boyfriend of three years was fucking the new waitress at the bar where he was a bartender. I had decided to surprise him at closing time and had snuck in the back door. His friend, Giles, told me he was in the beer cooler. What a great place to catch him unawares, I thought – but I was the one that was caught off guard when I found him with his cock buried in the ass of the cocktail waitress, who was bent over a pile of empty beer cases begging for more I had entered the bar tonight wearing the tiniest leather dress I owned. The top was cinched and laced up the front corset style so that my already ample breasts spilled from the top, barely covering my nipples. The bottom of the dress barely covered my stockings, but the slightest bend would show off the black lace garters beneath my skirt. I’d skipped the panties figuring they’d just slow me down. As I cruised through the bar I could almost taste the sexual arousal in the air. I had something specific in mind tonight, which was why I had picked this bar. It was fairly upper scale. Rich...

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