by Lucy Felthouse

ford-440868_640My boyfriend and I have always been spontaneous. We go to weird places and do wacky things. We’re just as crazy as each other, and are always looking for the next adrenalin rush. Our friends think we’re insane. We’re not, we’re just different. After all, wouldn’t life be boring if everyone was the same?

One night we’d been out for a lovely meal, and, stuffed with good food and feeling satisfied, our chat turned horny. I was just in the middle of telling him exactly what I was going to do him when we got home, when he said,

“Know what? Why bother waiting until we get home? I’ll pull over and screw you right here!”

I laughed, thinking he was joking to start with. After all, we weren’t even that far from home. Surely he could wait? But no, evidently not.

We began driving around looking for somewhere quiet we could park up for a quickie. Eventually we found a deserted car park, drove into the darkest corner, parked up, locked the doors and got down to it.

He turned to me with a filthy grin, slid his hand behind my neck and pulled me to him. Our lips met, followed swiftly by our tongues. I fumbled with my seatbelt as we kissed, desperate to get it off so we could get closer. Eventually it clicked open and I jerked my arm out and wound it round his neck, holding on to him for dear life. The kiss deepened, our tongues caressing one another, sliding together and exploring the warmth inside our mouths, then darting away.

Soon, overwhelming horniness took over, and we acted on an unspoken signal. We wound the front seats right down, and then stripped. We drank in the sight of one another’s bodies. We’d seen each other hundreds of times, but I never tired of looking at him, particularly as I knew full well what pleasure he was capable of giving me. His impressive erection implied he felt the same about me.

Within a minute I was on my back on the passenger seat, and my bloke was going down on me. My feet were on the ceiling, his face between my legs, stubble grazing my thighs and he was tongue-fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

He knew all the tricks that got me going and seemed to be applying them all at once. I don’t know if it was because of the unexpectedness of the situation, but I was crazily horny, and screaming as if I didn’t care who heard. He was determined to take me on the fast track to orgasm. Normally he’d tease me by getting me close, then letting me relax so the feeling passed, then winding me up again. Sometimes he’d even do this three or four times until I was pleading with him to let me cum.

That night he’d clearly decided things were going to be different. He was going to make me cum hard and fast and then fuck my brains out. And I couldn’t wait. I got closer and closer to my climax and then he took my clitoris into his mouth and simultaneously slipped two fingers inside me. I couldn’t contain it any longer, and as he sucked on my swollen flesh, a powerful orgasm ripped through me, making my pussy contract wildly around his fingers. I gripped the head rest hard with my fingers as I rode out the orgasm. The feeling of release was immense, and as I started to come down a little from my high, I got the overwhelming feeling that I now wanted to be filled.

I gestured towards the back seat. He didn’t need telling twice. He scrambled into the back of the car, and I followed as quickly as my orgasm-shaken body would allow. By this point I was absolutely gagging to have his cock inside me, our bodies mashing against one another as we worked towards a simultaneous climax.
Once both in the back seat, we were quickly all over each other again, kissing, licking and stroking. Then I pushed him roughly back and crouched between his parted legs.

I grasped his rigid cock in my hand and stroked up and down it a couple of times, savouring the feel, and getting even wetter as I thought about what it was going to feel like when it was driven deep inside my willing pussy. Then I lowered my mouth over the head and began to pleasure him like he had me.

I teased him to begin, flicking my tongue across the head of his cock, occasionally dipping into the little hole at the tip and devouring the drops of precum I discovered there. Then I stepped up my assault on his rigid prick, wetting the head and shaft thoroughly with my saliva and bobbing my head up and down like there was no tomorrow. One hand stroked up and down the base of his cock, giving him extra pleasure, and the other one wandered between my own thighs. We moaned in unison; my moaning causing more moaning still to come from my boyfriend as the vibrations from my mouth stimulated him.

I knew we didn’t have all night, and that if he came now he wouldn’t be able to get it back up soon enough for my liking. I wanted a good fucking, and I wanted it right away! So I pulled away, gave him a cheeky kiss then kneeled in the middle of the back seat with my hands on the parcel shelf and waved my ass in the air, waiting for him to take the hint. It didn’t take long.

He was soon upon me, his hands on my hips and his slippery cock sliding up my slit until it found its goal. I gasped as he drove himself deep into me, my velvety walls expanding to accommodate his thick cock.
He then proceeded to give me a good hard fucking, just how I like it, and we were both moaning and groaning, our bodies slapping against one another. The car must have been bouncing like mad!

I was so horny I pulled his cock out of me and shoved it up my arse. The sensation was so great it sent us crazy and my boyfriend started to screw me even harder, my head almost smashing against the back window. We were really going for it, and my pussy was squirting and dribbling like a hose, leaving a considerable wet patch on the back seat for someone to sit in (but that’s another story).

I could sense my bloke was about ready to shoot his load, so I started thrusting roughly back onto his cock, his balls slapping against me, his fingers gripping my hips so hard I had bruises for over a week afterwards. I slipped a hand between my legs and started playing with my clit, hoping to score another orgasm before he came.

Then, just as we were about to enter the point of no return, we heard a tapping on the window, and a torch being pointed at us. Both of us, high on sex and not really thinking straight, went into shock and couldn’t move. We couldn’t quite work out what was happening, until we heard a voice,

“Police, can you get out of the car please?”

We thought it was a joke for a minute, then jumped apart as the torch pointed at us once more. I sat down and grabbed my bloke’s jumper to cover up, whilst he started getting dressed. He called out that we wouldn’t be a minute. The torchlight withdrew. My bloke pulled on his trousers and t-shirt, found his trainers and got out of the car.

My boyfriend walked to the front of the car and I could see the policeman approach him, and they started talking. Satisfied the fuzz couldn’t see what I was doing, I started getting dressed.

The door was ajar, so I could hear what was being said, the policeman was asking whose car it was, was it taxed, insured etc. Then he said, “Is your mate getting out of the car or what?”

Somewhat disgruntled as being interrupted in the middle of a glorious shag, I yelled that I was just getting dressed, and to “give me a fucking chance.” Eventually, after locating all my clothes and gaining a small sense of dignity, I got out of the car, trying to look as innocent as possible (thank god I had my hair in pigtails!).

The policeman looked at us both, then asked me my name and particulars. After I’d given him satisfactory (if not entirely true) answers, he started reeling off a spiel about did we know why he was talking to us, did we know what we had done wrong and that we could get into big trouble. I suppose you’d call it a bollocking.
I stood there the whole time, hands folded in front of me, head down, looking as sorry as possible, adding in the odd sniff for good measure, though the only tears coming from my eyes any time soon were likely to be tears of laughter.

After one particularly big sniff and a whimper, the policeman relented and said, “Well, I’ll let you off on this occasion, but make sure next time you get the urge, don’t do it in a public place. Preferably in a dwelling.”

We shared niceties and he got back in the car and drove a little way across the car park, obviously wanting to make sure we were going to leave. We got back in the car, and shut the doors. My boyfriend started the engine and turned on the headlights so the policeman knew we were getting ready to go. Then he flashed his lights and drove away. We turned to each other and cracked up.

We were still laughing by the time we’d tidied ourselves up, sorted the seats out and de-misted the windows, and we belted up then made our way out of the car park fully expecting the patrol car to be waiting for us at the end of the lane, but it wasn’t.

Still giggling a little, with stomachs aching from our mirth, we made our way out of the car park, and drove home.

Once in the door, the full scale of what we’d just done hit us. But then my thoughts turned to how hot the session had been before we were interrupted by that fateful tap on the window, and I decided I hadn’t quite finished with him yet.

In the hallway we kissed again, and I manipulated the fly and button on his jeans so his cock was in my hand once more, then dropped to my knees. As we’d had no time to clean up, his cock was still sticky with both our juices. As we’d stopped before he shot his load, his hard on soon reappeared when I started sucking him off. In fact, I got the distinct impression that the evening’s events had actually excited him further as he seemed barely able to contain himself as he tangled his hands in my hair and prompted me to suck him harder and faster.

There was no way I was going to let him cum just yet. I wanted to start what we’d finished. So I stopped what I was doing, stood up and stripped off once more, as he did the same. I turned my back on him and walked a couple of steps across the hallway to the staircase. Kneeling down a couple of steps up, I presented my gaping hole to him once again.

Beginning again with my pussy, he slid into me, more easily this time as he’d already opened me up when he entered me the first time. Nevertheless, it felt incredible, and as I hadn’t managed a second orgasm in the car, it was very sensitive. This time, the pace was slower, and he pumped his cock in and out of me so I could feel every solid inch.

He slid a hand around from my hip to the crack of my ass, reached between our bodies to gather some juices, and smothered them over my tight hole. The tiny pucker relaxed a little as he stroked, then slowly entered my ass with his finger. He quickly added another digit, stretching me and increasing my ecstasy as I was filled in two holes at once.

His fingers were soon replaced by his cock, pushing deep inside me and fulfilling by base need to be violated in such a taboo way. Buried to the hilt, our bodies almost as one, we fought to contain ourselves, savouring the moment. But someone had to give. Our climaxes were close, and we both knew how mind-blowing it was going to be as my already extremely tight ass contracted around his dick.

I slid a hand down to the swollen bud of flesh hiding between my legs and stroked it firmly. Soon, the telltale flutters in my groin area began to build, and I pushed back to encourage my lover to start fucking me again. He swiftly obliged and began pulling back, only to drive deep inside me once again. Faster, rougher, deeper.

My pleasure built up and up, my hand furiously manipulating my clitoris, when he hissed in my ear, “Now…”

That was all it took. A well-placed stroke of my fingers triggered my orgasm; that lovely rushing feeling, and the gripping of my walls around my boyfriend’s cock. At the same time, his cock was twitching and spurting its release into me, his fingers creating bruises upon bruises on my pale skin.

Spent, we collapsed, me against the stairs, he against my back. Not the most comfortable of positions, but we were still bathing in an amazing afterglow.

After a few minutes like that, I wriggled out from under him and headed up the stairs to bed, my boyfriend following right behind me. We flopped into bed exhausted, not even bothering to clean ourselves up and fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.

Perhaps you’d think that being caught like that would put us off our escapades? Not a chance. It had made us so damn horny we’d had the best sex of our lives, and there was no way we were willing to give up that kind of a rush. So next time you’re out and about and you see a car tucked into the dark corner of a car park, please don’t disturb us. We’re busy.

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