All she needed was a good workout in the gym, it just wasn’t the workout she had in mind.

Nora could feel the sweat drip to her back. One more time. She thought and pulled. The weights lifted off the ground and she was straining her back to keep it in the air. Done. She let the weights fall and they let out a loud crash.

Looking around she saw yet again, that she was alone. Night shifts always did that to her, the sun would be up in a matter of hours and she would be falling asleep. Nora heard the front door slam shut and it awoke her exhausted senses.

The wavy brown hair of Simon was a delightful surprise to see as he slung his bag into the center of the front desk. He was coming into work earlier than usual; she was normally just leaving when the work crew was arriving. His eyes looked tired, but he smiled at her when he saw her staring.

A shudder went through her as she remembered what she probably looked like. An extra-large baggy t-shirt with
stains and holes. Her hair flailing about in what used to be a bun. Oh well.

Walking into the locker room she could feel his eyes on her. Turning around she met his caramel
kissed eyes and smiled before disappearing to change.

The shower water was hot on her skin, the goosebumps went up her spine as she let the water cover her from head to toe. She heard the locker room door slam, knowing another morning member was coming to start their day. Closing her eyes and letting the water shower over her, she felt something graze her back.

She was about to let out a scream when she turned around to see Simon standing there. Naked. His chest toned
and warm, his skin looked soft and welcoming. Nora didn’t say another word, she had to time too.

His lips attacked her. His body was cooler than the water and feeling it press against her breasts made a shiver course through her. He pushed her against the shower wall. She could feel his cock was already hard and ready. Grabbing his head with her hand she pulled him towards her, she wanted all of him. If he could somehow melt into
her, she would be in paradise.

His hands wandered her body as they kissed, he explored her back and traced his fingertips along it. He came around to her breast and lightly squeezed before he started working his way down. The minute Simon found her mound, he was caressing her secret spot like he held the key. He was gentle yet firm, somehow stroking it slowly enough that she could feel the bliss course through, but not strong enough that she fell over the top. He was teasing her.

Through the water from the shower she could still feel her body growing wetter with each touch. Nora took matters into her own hands and lifted her leg around his ass, pulling him in as close as she could get him. Nora could see the fire light in his eyes and he lifted her a few inches up by her waist into the air; she was as light as a doll to him.

She felt his shaft slide in-between her legs. All he had to do was lower her opening onto him. Nora bit at her lip in anticipation, waiting to feel him inside her. Wrapping both her legs around him now, she let out a moan as his hardness filled her. Slowly. he pulsed in and out of her, every inch of him sending fire through her veins. Her wall of bliss was weakening; each thrust and moan from him caused her body to shake in desire. The water continued to fall over them. Drips fell from her nipples and Simon took one in his mouth. Lightly he sucked until it was beaded. He moved over to the other. His warm mouth against her skin was a hammer to her building wall.

She felt her stomach start to twist, and her mind grow foggy. He continued to be slow as he thrusted, insuring she could enjoy every single second of it. Which she did. Her heart started racing and she tried to find something to
clutch onto as her bliss began igniting. Her back arched and her legs locked, a moan escaped her lips while she felt the pleasure like a shock back to life.

She was high on the feeling and it seemed to be Simon’s cue to speed things up. He still held her up against the wall, her body hanging around him like a vine. He bit at her neck while he thrusted hard. Her breath was choppy and she bit her lip to hold back her excitement. She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks again.

With another curl of her toes her walls of bliss broke through again, Nora held her breath and clawed at the shower wall to make the feeling last. Simon began squeezing her tightly all of a sudden and she felt his body ripple as he hid his head in her neck.

They kissed a few more times before he set her back down on the ground. She turned around to let the water fall over her face and felt him kiss her back softly.

“I guess I doubled my work out today.” Nora whispered, not knowing what else to say.

Turning around to see his reaction she realized she was alone once again. Though it didn’t seem to bother her as much before. As she finished her shower and walked out the door, real members began arriving. The sun was just coming over the buildings and walked past the front desk.

“See you tomorrow?” he said as if he was talking to just any member, but then he sent her a wink.

“We will see.” She winked back.

Walking out to her car her cheeks were still flushed from hot water and sex. Suddenly, she didn’t feel as bad as she did before, and all it took was a long shower.

Story contributed by Abby Peters