by Jasmine Wilson

Sex. That is what the room smelled like. The pungent aroma of sweat and cum intermingled with the scent of burning incense to create an intoxicating fragrance on the air. The lights were low and the bed sheets were disheveled from the activity which had just taken place.

Cassie lay on the bed, spent from the last several hours of pure ecstasy. She was naked, her round D cup breasts moving up and down with her breathing. Her entire body was glistening, with her pussy still bright pink and wet. Her short-cropped brown hair lie damp on the pillow under her head, and her full lips were still red from the passionate kisses she and her lover had exchanged.

Jonathan stretched out on the end of the bed, his tall six foot frame hanging off the edges. He, too, was naked and sweaty. His short, blonde hair curled at the edges and his eyes were closed. The normally invisible blonde curls on his chest were now clumped together and visible on his chest when it rose and fell. His cock lie limp and spent between his legs, still damp with the juices from his and Cassie’s efforts.

“That was the most intense fuck I’ve had in a long time,” Cassie purred, looking at Jonathan with a Cheshire cat grin. “Think we might be able to do it again?”

“I think I will be able to oblige in a few minutes, my dear,” Jonathan crooned back in his deepest, sexiest voice. “Don’t you think we should leave some energy for when Kat and Thomas get here, though?”

“So true, so true,” Cassie sighed. “I wouldn’t want to be completely exhausted when they get here. Kat is a vixen I love to tease and Thomas a bull just for riding!”

“You are truly insatiable when it comes to sex, Cassie!” Jonathan stated, looking up at the ceiling. “I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams having a relationship with a woman who enjoyed fucking as much as any man. And you getting off watching me pounding another woman is ‘the cherry on top’, so to speak.”

“Just so long as you don’t mind my tasting that cherry as well,” Cassie replied with raised eyebrows, looking coyly at her man.

“Never would I mind such a thing!” Jonathan replied back, returning the same look. “Shall we get some wine and recover a bit? They should be here anytime, but a bit of alcohol might loosen us up for round two.”

“A marvelous idea!” Cassie exclaimed and jumped up from the bed. When she got to the end, she leaned forward and took Jonathan’s cock into her mouth and sucked deeply. She licked the head with her tongue while teasing his balls with her fingertips. She could taste herself on his hardening shaft and enjoyed the tangy flavor. When Jonathan was good and hard, she stopped and giggled. “Red wine it is!” With that, Cassie turned ‘tail’ and scampered out of the room, her round, firm ass a final tease as she exited.

Jonathan got up slowly from the bed, his fully erect cock sticking out a good 10 inches from his crotch. With a sigh, he followed the attractive ‘tail’ to the kitchen for a quick drink before the real fun of the night began.

As Jonathan walked down the hallway, a jingling of keys could be heard outside the front door. Round two was about to begin as Kat and Thomas finally arrived. The door opened and a very handsome couple entered.

Kat caught Jonathan’s gaze first. It always amazed him that such a beautiful woman could actually exist in this world. If anyone could be described as a living Barbie doll, Kat was that person. Her long, straight blonde hair fell to her mid-back, with perfectly trimmed bangs over her forehead. Deep, blue eyes and full, red lips were the main features on her porcelain face. Her five foot eight inch stature had a flawless hourglass figure that turned the heads of every straight male and some straight females. Tonight she was wearing a skin tight, leopard print pant suit, through which you could see the nipples of her ample breasts and the rounded curve of her ass.

Thomas was a bit more average than Kat, but no less handsome in his own way. Close-cropped red hair accentuated a boyishly charming face, complete with green eyes and a sprinkling of freckles. Like Jonathan, he was on the taller side at an even six foot. A toned body could be seen under a tight fitting pair or jeans and t-shirt. Thomas was an athletic man, and his six pack abs and muscled biceps and thighs were the envy of many of his peers.

Neither newcomer was surprised in the least at Jonathan standing in the hallway in his birthday suit. Every time they arrived for their weekly get together at least one, usually both, of their hosts were in the buff.

“Seems you started without us again, Jon?” Kat stated, staring hungrily at the still erect cock between his legs.

During her question, Cassie bounced out of the kitchen and ran to Thomas. Dropping to her knees, she smelled his crotch deeply and signed, “Smells like you warmed up before you came over, too!”

Both women laughed. Bouncing back to her feet, Cassie enveloped Kat in her arms and they exchanged a passionate kiss. Kat reached up and caressed Cassie’s exposed breast, making the nipple rise with excitement. Cassie began rubbing Kat’s pussy, feeling the warmth and wetness through the skin tight material. Then Cassie’s tongue began a playful exploration of Kat’s mouth, enjoying the sharp intake of breath that Kat took. Both men stood back and admired the show, looking forward to diving into the game soon.

Breaking the contact, Cassie grinned devilishly and said, “Let’s take refreshments into the bedroom. We can enjoy wine, cheese, whipped cream, and bodies all at the same time!”

All followed her into the kitchen, where Jonathan grabbed a bottle of red wine and a pair of glasses, Thomas seized the other pair of glasses and a large tray of cheeses, Kat carried two large cans of heavy whipping cream and Cassie picked up a large bucket of ice with the ‘end of the night’ bottle of champagne chilling inside.

Returning to the hallway, Cassie led the others to the large master suite. All the pre-game enjoyment had taken place in the guest bedroom, leaving this room for the main event of the night. Large candle displays were all around the room with an incense burner near the headboard of the huge king-size, canopy bed. Filmy curtains cascaded down, surrounding the mattress and giving the inside a surreal, dreamlike quality.

Thomas, knowing how much Cassie loved flickering flames, placed the tray of cheeses and glasses on the closest chest of drawers and withdrew a lighter from his pocket. Lighting them all, the tips of bright light danced off the curtains and ceiling, making the room a fantasy land.

Jonathan poured four glasses of wine while Thomas was taking care of the candles. They all enjoyed the heady feeling of alcohol when playing their games. One glass each was enough to get them started.

Handing each person in the room a glass, Jonathan made the first toast of the evening. “To another decadent chapter in our long friendship!” With a clink of glasses, they all took a long drink, savoring the burning sensation as it went down their throats.

Having tasted their own partners earlier in the day, both men were anxious to pound the ‘other woman’ in the room. Thomas had it easiest, since Cassie was already naked and wet. Jonathan, however, was actually looking forward to savoring Kat’s body during the stripping of her second skin.

Sitting on the small loveseat, which was in perfect position for full viewing of the bed, Jonathan patted the cushion next to him and motioned to Kat to fill it.

“Why don’t you join me, Kat? Let’s enjoy our wine and a show.”

Kat, understanding that Jonathan intended to start their night with some foreplay, sat down willingly.

Cassie, needing no prompting from anyone, slunk catlike towards Thomas. Having only finished three quarters of her glass of wine, she put the rest to good use by rubbing the warm liquid on her nipples. Taking the bait, Thomas finished his glass of wine, put his glass down, and went to take a taste.

Cassie was a willing partner, only too glad to have Thomas sucking her nipples, teasing them with his teeth and tongue. A low moan escaped her lips when his hands slowly caressed the insides of her thighs and found the warm lips of her short-haired pussy at the top. Moving back slowly, allowing Thomas to continue his worship of her breasts, she sat down with her legs spread on the edge of the bed.

Thomas was thrilled to find that Cassie was very wet and ready to be entered. Sliding three fingers into her pussy, he made her squirm and squeal with excitement. Taking small, gentle bites, he made her nipples stand erect. Knowing the easiest place to send Cassie to orgasm was her clit, Thomas decided it was time to give her the ultimate tongue massage.

Dipping his head down, Thomas could smell the cum from Cassie’s earlier escapades. It was clinging to her pubes and the fragrance was an intoxicating smell that excited him. His hard cock strained in his pants for release, but Thomas wanted to rock Cassie with an orgasm before he took her completely. Exploring her with his tongue, he found the hard knob at the top of her pussy and began licking and sucking hard.

On the loveseat, Jonathan and Kat had finished their wine. Watching the others engaged was making them hot. Jonathan’s cock was still hard, waiting. Kat was breathing heavily at the thought of a good fuck. Both waited to touch each other until Cassie had the first orgasm, as was their tradition. They both enjoyed the sexual tension which always built-up between them as they watched Thomas and Cassie.

Cassie was rising toward a crashing orgasm. Thomas’s tongue was licking her roughly, sending jolts of electricity through her body. With her arms back, holding her up from the bed, her back arched as she strained to put her pussy even closer to Thomas. With his fingers inside her tickling her lips, his massage finally pushed her over the edge. Her juices began flowing down her thighs and she came hard, with wave after wave of an intense orgasm making her writhe with pleasure.

Thomas was glad to hear the moans that indicated Cassie was in the throes of an orgasm. His member was throbbing inside the tight denim, ready to come out to play. Now was its chance for pounding what it desired.

Cassie licked her lips, trying to focus on her surroundings after the intense pleasure she had just experienced. She looked straight ahead and could see the bulge in Thomas’s jeans the moment he stood up. She always thought he must have great control to give her an orgasm first before diving into her. Now was her chance to return the favor, so she again dropped to her knees in front of him. Instead of inhaling deeply, she slid her hands up and began the process of stripping his clothes. The button fly jeans weren’t much of a problem, as she had gotten used to taking them off long ago. One button at a time, nipping his cock through the denim with each one undone, made him begin to groan hungrily.

While Cassie stripped Thomas beside the bed, Jonathan decided it was time to begin his exploration of Kat more thoroughly. Both he and Kat had been stroking themselves in a haze, keeping themselves hot and hard. He pulled on his cock with his right hand, feeling it pulse and throb with desire. Kat had her right hand gently stroking a breast, while her left lazily played with her clit. She looked at him and told him with a seductive tongue across her lips that she was ready to be touched.

Lifting her shirt, he saw her full, rounded breasts were rising and falling with her heavy breathing. Starving, he devoured the nipple, sucking and nibbling until it rose to a peak. Taking the shirt off completely, he cupped both breasts together so he could place his face in the center and taste both in turn. At the level of her chest, he could already smell her wetness through her skin tight pants, so after having his fill of her tantalizing tits he quickly dropped below to remove the rest of her clothing. In her full splendor, Jonathan decided she deserved a soft bed to lie on instead of a loveseat.

Lifting Kat into his arms, Jonathan could feel her bare, tight ass and smooth skin. His cock got even harder on the short walk to the curtained bed, where he lay her down inside the filmy hangings.

On the opposite side of the bed, Cassie thought it would be great fun to enjoy more than one of her playmates. Removing Thomas t-shirt and underwear quickly, she flung her full length against his hard body. Grinding herself into his cock, she turned him and pushed him onto the inner haven of the bed.

Thomas lay on the bed with his head at the pillows, while Kat lay the opposite direction. Both guests were naked and vulnerable, panting heavily and waiting for whatever their hosts wanted to do to them. Jonathan and Cassie stood beside the bed, naked and aggressive. Locking eyes for only a moment, Jonathan and Cassie both knew what they wanted to do.

Like birds of prey, both Cassie and Jonathan swooped onto the bed and began the hunt. Jonathan, being the “Alpha” male in this house, took control of the orgy. His hard cock found its mark in Kat’s wet pussy, and she squealed when he began pounding her hard and fast. Kneading her breasts with abandon, he could see the hunger he felt mirrored in her intense gaze. Her wetness began pouring as he entered and withdrew, and Jonathan knew the sheets were growing damp as it cascaded down her clean shaven triangle and down her ass.

Following his lead only a second later, Cassie mounted Thomas in one quick movement. His erection fit tightly into her slit, as his eleven inches filled her deeply. Her juices lubricated his long shaft as she bounced up and down. With every stroke Cassie squeezed tighter and tighter, feeling Thomas throbbing inside her. Soon she would see his face twist with pleasure as he filled her with his load.

With the grace of a practiced ballet performance, Jonathan and Cassie moved their partners closer as they continued their frantic pace. With long outstretched fingers, Jonathan began tickling Cassie’s clit while she rode Thomas, and Cassie reached to caress Kat’s hard knob as Jonathan bucked. Electric shocks started deep in both women, as orgasms began to take root and grow.

Thomas came first, his body wracked with the intense waves of his orgasm. His load shot up into Cassie with a force that tickled her inner most spot, and she began to spasm on top of him. Reaching up, his left hand pinched one of her still erect nipples and allowed her to experience the orgasm more thoroughly.

Kat was the next to explode, writhing with the waves of her tightening pussy. Jonathan and Cassie continued teasing and touching, giving Kat several levels of orgasm that continued on and on. Kat wanted to feel the hot, wet feeling of Jonathan’s cum inside her, so during the last wave of her excitement, she squeezed his cock tight and bucked her body up into him hard.

Jonathan felt Kat’s tightening pussy and couldn’t hold his orgasm any longer. Beginning at the base of his shaft, he could feel the cum traveling up its length in preparation for release. With one last, deep thrust, he exploded inside her, his hot load expelling forcefully as his body experienced shock waves of passion.

Needing time to recover, Jonathan and Thomas disengaged themselves from the females to rest and rejuvenate. Helping themselves to another glass of wine and some gourmet cheese, they sat down at opposite sides of the loveseat to watch the action on the bed through the dreamy haze of the curtain.

Kat found herself the aggressor in this part of the game. Both ladies enjoyed pleasuring other women, but Kat was hungrier for Cassie than she thought possible. A hard cock was nice, but women knew where to touch themselves and others to bring on extremely strong orgasms.

With Cassie now lying with her head on the pillows, Kat slunk up her full length, kissing and licking the bare skin of her inner thighs, pussy, and flat abdomen. Stopping at her breasts, she took an already erect nipple into her mouth and suckled urgently. Moving up, Kat’s mouth found Cassie’s.

Cassie felt the excitement growing again, and she wanted to feel the prickles of it all over her body. Reaching around Kat’s waist, she pulled her down so her entire body rested on top of her. Thrusting upward, she ground her pussy into Kat’s, enjoying the feel of her mound grinding into the other woman‘s.

Their ample breasts were crushed between them. Juice was flowing out of both their pussies like wine pouring from a bottle. Their lips and tongues were kissing and exploring with a feverish intensity. Now was the time to act.

Both women in unison entered the other with three fingers. Sliding past the lips and into the wetness, they both taunted the other’s deepest spot with their fingertips. Kat, still taking point, knew she didn’t just want to tease Cassie’s wetness with her fingers, but also wanted to taunt her clit with her tongue.

Extracting her fingers from Cassie’s dripping nest, Kat moved away from the tickling fingers still inside her. She was sure Cassie would bring her to orgasm soon enough, but for now she wanted to taste the nectar glistening on the waiting mound.

Slinking back down Cassie’s body slowly, Kat again teased and suckled on the erect nipples, kissed and licked the slick, sweat-covered abs, and lowered her head to breathe in the intoxicating smell of a delicious pussy. Then, taking her sweet time to make Cassie writhe and beg for release, Kat began stroking the awaiting clit slowly with her tongue, arms outstretched to caress the heaving breasts above.

Cassie was ready to be rocked. The teasing tongue on her clit made her buck on the bed, move her pussy closer in hopes that Kat would lick harder and faster. She could feel the build up that started at her core, waiting for the tongue lashing that was sure to make her cum. Pumping her ass up and down, she could feel Kat’s tongue diving deep, then licking hard, diving deep again.

Kat didn’t want to wait to feel Cassie’s orgasm beneath her any longer. Letting go of the wonderfully full breasts, Kat grabbed Cassie’s inner thighs and spread her legs, giving her full access to the excited pussy. Dropping her face down into the sweet-smelling haven, her tongue worked frantically on the erect button which would surely push Cassie over the edge.

It didn’t take long before Cassie exploded. The orgasm burst forth and Cassie let wave after wave consume her. Kat continued licking and biting, pushing Cassie thighs apart even more to continue her pleasuring. The constant teasing kept Cassie writhing with the orgasm, which went on and on, making her grab the sheets and scream with delight.

When the shocks finally stopped shooting up and down her body, Cassie lay still, breathing heavily and enjoying the feel of complete exhaustion. Kat moved up the bed to lie beside her on the pillows.

Although tired, Cassie knew it was her turn to return the favor. Kat deserved to be pleasured with total abandon! Licking her lips sensually, Cassie sat up. Grabbing Kat’s hands, she led her off the bed and onto the loveseat between the two men.

“I think it is time we all play together again,” Cassie said, dropping to her knees between Kat’s legs. Having the two naked women between them, Jonathan and Thomas felt their erections growing quickly.

Leading the foursome again, Cassie took one of each of the men’s hands and placed them to caress Kat’s breasts. She then grabbed Kat’s hands and placed one around Thomas’s member and one around Jonathan’s. With her hands surrounding Kat’s, she began stroking up and down the hard shafts. When she could see the rhythm of caresses and strokes were steady and all three were getting hot, she stood and went for the whipping cream.

Without a word, she returned from the table beside the bed with the heavy whipping cream. Again, making the others play ‘follow-the-leader’, she moved everyone into position for one final, intense fuck.

Cassie put Jonathan up on some pillows at the end of the loveseat, so that his cock was within reach of Kat. She sprayed Jonathan’s stick with whipping cream and dipped Kat down to suck on the erect shaft, as she knew Kat loved giving blow jobs but hadn’t had that opportunity yet. She then sprayed Kat’s pussy with more whipping cream and got into position so that the sweet mound was right in front of her, ready for tasting. Making sure that her ass was in the air, she instructed Thomas to enter her from behind.

Jonathan leaned his head back, enjoying the warm, wet sensation of Kat’s mouth. He knew he would cum quickly after watching her lick Cassie and getting so aroused by the show. Easing his ass up off the pillows and then dropping them down again, he savored the feeling of tight lips on his erection.

Kat was already dripping after her game with Cassie, so she was ready to explode before Cassie’s first touch. Cassie knew this, so started out slowly and gently with her fingers diving deep into the wetness and her tongue licking the whipped cream off her clit. Cassie wanted to leave the orgasm grow before she let it totally consume her playmate.

Thomas knew Cassie has just cum, so kept this fuck just for himself. He knew Cassie was giving to him this time around, as she tightened her pussy around his hard cock from the very first moment he entered her. Reaching around her body, he still played with her clit as he pounded her from behind. Thrusting his whole shaft in and out quickly, he knew it wouldn’t take long to shoot his seed.

Kat experienced her orgasm first, as she was intent on reaching her pleasure peak. Cassie felt her begin spasming, so increased the speed of her licking and caressing.

When Jonathan heard Kat begin to moan and felt her lips tighten around his cock with her orgasm, he couldn’t hold on any longer. His body rocked with the intensity of shooting his load into Kat’s awaiting throat.

Thomas saw the others writhing with pleasure, and that pushed him over the edge. With a last squeeze from Cassie’s lips, he lost all control. His semen shot from his cock into the awaiting, wet pussy.

Panting and spent, Kat moved to sit on Jonathan’s lap while Thomas sat and pulled Cassie to his. Kissing and caressing ended the orgy on a tender note.

After several minutes, everyone stood. Jonathan and Cassie put on silk robes, while Kat and Thomas donned the clothes they arrived in. Jonathan opened the bottle of champagne and made the final toast for their weekly get together.

“To the ending of this decadent chapter. May there be many more!”

Four glasses met with a delicate clink.

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