by Jasmine Wilson

Thomas felt hot. It had been a long day toting lumber for him and Kat’s new home. Going to bed sounded like a wonderful idea. He wished he could go straight to the condo he was renting in the interim, but he had promised to pick up Cassie and drop her off at the car dealership where her Volvo was being serviced. Thoughts of Cassie almost erased his exhaustion, as when he was with her he felt a whole different kind of tired. That tired normally followed an intense fuck. Even though his body ached, he could feel his cock getting full just at the thought of him and Cassie’s previous encounters.

Standing outside the coffee shop where she worked part time, Cassie saw Thomas’s truck approaching. Relief flooded through her, as she thought he might forget her with all the things he must have on his mind. Building a new house was a big deal and she had felt bad asking him for a favor. However, with Jonathan out of town on business, it was only fitting to ask one of her best friends to give her a ride. As she got in the vehicle, she could see and smell how hot and musty he was and couldn’t help but get excited. Maybe she could persuade him to give her a different ride before going to the car dealership.

“Hi! Thanks for coming to get me. I really appreciate it.” Cassie said after she jumped into the passenger side. “How is the progress on the house?”

“Slower than I’d like,” Thomas said as he shifted into reverse to pull out. “It’s supposed to be done by fall, but at the rate we’re going we’ll be lucky to move in by Christmas.”

“That’s too bad, hon.” Cassie purred sympathetically. “You know if you and Kat ever decide you want to be closer to construction and not have the condo cost, you can both come stay with us for a while.”

“Thanks! We may take you up on that. This commute is killing us both.”

“It looks like the building part is killing you, as well. I haven’t seen you this disheveled since our last orgy.”

Thomas looked over at Cassie and could tell what was going through her mind. What was amazing was that the same thoughts were running through his head, too. All he had been able to focus on since she had jumped in the vehicle was where he could take her and strip her down.

Cassie provided the perfect scenario a moment later. “You know Amy and Carl are on vacation and said we could borrow their pool anytime we wanted. Feel like a dip before you go home? I could use one! The shop was hotter than hell today.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Thomas replied. “I love their pool!”

It didn’t take long for the couple to arrive at their friends’ home. Both had many opportunities to come to this house before, as it was a favorite with their circle of friends. Amy and Carl had a very open relationship, but preferred to invite others in for their extra-marital fun. Its luxurious bedrooms and large pool area made this a great place for intimate get-togethers. There were tons of places to find some privacy, although not many ever wanted it. The large family room got the most use, as it was a favorite place for group sex.

“Do you want to call Kat and have her meet us here later?” Cassie asked as she stepped from the truck.

“Sure, she’d probably like that. She hates it when I have all the fun.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we? I enjoy her kind of fun.” As Cassie located the hidden key and opened the door, Thomas phoned Kat.

“Yes, Amy and Carl’s. We’re going swimming,” Thomas stopped to listen for a moment. “Okay, we’ll see you in an hour or so. Love you, too.”

“Oooo, I get you for an hour to myself?” Cassie said as Thomas followed her through the door. “I will have to make the most of it!”

Before Thomas could say a thing, Cassie was on him. Literally jumping into his arms, Cassie wrapped her legs around his mid-section and began kissing him forcefully. Her body was trembling with want. The whole drive over all she could think about was Thomas pumping her savagely.

Luckily, Thomas was very strong and athletic. When Cassie jumped, he was able to catch her with little effort. Grabbing her ass, he squeezed her tightly. He kissed her back with an urgency that rivaled hers. His tongue forced its way into her mouth and began exploring passionately.

At this time, there was no need for discussion. Both Cassie and Thomas knew what the other wanted and both were willing to give and receive. Neither one could wait to get into the pool, so they began undressing each other in the entryway.

Thomas was wearing a work shirt with button fly jeans. Cassie could feel his hard member trying to get out of the confines of the denim. Letting go with her legs and standing before him, she moved her hands down to begin releasing that which she wanted pumping her.

Cassie was in a light cotton shirt with her coffee shop’s logo and a pair of khakis. With ease, Thomas unbuttoned at the top and began untucking the shirt from her pants. When she was done removing his jeans, he would lift it off completely so that he could be tantalized by her full breasts.

Cassie did not give him that opportunity right away, however. She was a horrible tease and wasn’t about to change. After she had unbuttoned Thomas’s pants, she worked them down his legs. Taking off his shoes, she then removed the jeans completely so he was standing in front of her half naked. His huge cock was sticking out from his body, so Cassie decided it was time to take a taste of what she desired.

On her knees, Cassie began licking and teasing Thomas’s erect cock. It was hot and already wet with Thomas’s pre-cum. When she started sucking, she moved one hand to play with his balls and encircled his shaft with her other hand and stroked. It was a rush to feel him shudder with his want and she responded by taking him deep into her throat again and again.

Thomas knew he was going to cum soon. A groan escaped his lips as he felt her warm mouth move up and down his erection. Grabbing the back of her head, he guided her to move forward and back faster and faster.

Cassie always had a way of getting him to orgasm quickly. She knew he recovered fast and then could pleasure her, so she never minded when he went first. It wasn’t long before she felt the pulse build up from the bottom of his shaft and she tasted his cum a moment later in her mouth.

Swallowing with a glint in her eyes and a smile on her lips, Cassie licked the last of the juices off Thomas’s cock before standing up. “Why don’t we take that dip, now?” Cassie offered.

“Just so long as it doesn’t cool your fire any, my dear,” Thomas crooned. He was feeling extremely naughty and wanted this encounter to last.

“Don’t worry,” Cassie purred as she removed her own shirt and moved in the direction of the pool. “My fire is still burning hot.”

Moving toward the back of the house, Thomas removed the rest of his clothing as he went. Cassie removed her shoes and khakis before Thomas grabbed her from behind.

Keeping his body tight against her back, Thomas reached around Cassie. One hand roughly squeezed and stroked her breast while the other explored her pussy. He could feel how wet it was through the thin fabric of her thong. Since he knew how flimsy the material was on her undergarments, he had no trouble grabbing it and ripping it off to expose her. Playing with her clit then became the focus of his second hand.

“Don’t you want to get in the pool?” Cassie gasped as electric waves began coursing through her body.

Without answering, Thomas finished exposing all her flesh by removing her bra. She now stood in front of him, gorgeously naked and panting with desire. The slightest life was returning to his groin, but he wanted to rock her before pounding that sweet pussy before him. Taking a raft from beside the pool and placing it on the water surface, he guided Cassie to lay on it with her legs spread wide.

Slinking down the stairs, Thomas enjoyed the feel of the cool water on his hot, aching body. Diving under, it revived and revitalized him. Returning to the surface, Thomas stood between Cassie’s outstretched limbs with her mound before him.

Dropping his head down, he took her clit into his mouth. Tongue and teeth began working on her hard knob and she started to squirm with the pleasure of it. Moving the raft back toward the shallow end of the pool, Thomas got to a depth where he could hold the inflatable still with one hand while playing with Cassie’s firm, erect nipples with the other.

He could taste her juices pouring from her pussy. When she got this wet, he knew she was about to orgasm. Speeding up his tongue, he moved the hand that had been holding the raft and put three fingers deep inside of her.

Waves of passion started deep in her center. Before she knew what was happening, Thomas lifted her from the raft and sat her on the edge of the pool. With legs spread wide, Thomas finished her off quickly with quick, tickling fingers and an insistent tongue. She lay back on the tile around the pool as she orgasmed and came all over Thomas’s face.

Cassie remained still after the electric shockwaves stopped. With eyes closed, she breathed deep, smelling the intoxicating scent of sex on the air. After a few moments, she exhaled and opened her eyes. Thomas was still between her legs watching her.

“Thank you,” Cassie said huskily. “I did enjoy that.”

“The least I could do for earlier, my dear,” Thomas replied. Jumping slightly, Thomas got Cassie into a seated position at the edge of the pool. Then, with his strong, muscled arms, he lifted her down into the cool water with him. Their wet, naked bodies were pressed against each other tightly. Now was their chance to savor each other before the next round started.

Thomas kissed Cassie softly, gently. He savored the taste that still lingered in her mouth from earlier. She was one of the only women he knew that would take him inside her and swallow all he offered. His left hand came up to caress her slick breasts and he was rewarded with a taut nipple in just a few seconds.

Cassie enjoyed time with Thomas between orgasms. He was a giving and passionate man who wasn’t afraid to be intimate. Even with her fiery nature, she loved being kissed and caressed without the sense of urgency that they both felt when they were fucking. Reaching down, she took his penis and began stroking rhythmically. Even in the cooler water, she could feel his erection growing with every move.

“Let’s swim for a while, shall we?” Cassie broke contact and dove under the water. She wanted to cool down completely and build back up to fully excited. She savored experiencing the whole spectrum of excitement from beginning to end, so took this opportunity to get her body back to calm.

Swimming felt wonderful after the day at the building site. Thomas could feel the grime of the day wash away, and with it his fatigue. Watching Cassie splash around, her skin slick, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t control himself. He wanted to pound her sweet pussy now that he had his strength back and his eyes glinted with his desire.

After several minutes of swimming and playfulness, the partners locked eyes and knew that their time in the water was done. With unspoken agreement, the couple exited the water and moved to a double wide lounger. Lying side by side, skin still shining with droplets of water, the two began their exploration of each other’s body. Although they had done this many times before, it was always exciting and new.

Thomas could feel his cock growing with every kiss, every move of Cassie’s groin against his. It wanted to dive between her moist, wet lips and begin pumping and grinding. Cassie felt the same way, as she knew it was not just pool water dripping from her mound. It didn’t take the pair long to move into position for deep penetration.

With Thomas towering above her slight frame, his erection found the target without any guiding. Her tight, wet pussy swallowed his entire shaft again and again as he plunged over and over. There was no room for talk, no room for foreplay. There was nothing except his hard dick and her hungry cunt. They fucked with abandon! Cassie lifted her crotch and allowed him to dive as deep as physically possible into her. Thomas pumped up and down with increased speed and urgency. Their heavy breathing and moans of pleasure echoed though the pool enclosure. Their skin became hot with the slapping and friction between their two bodies. An explosion with the force of a volcano happened quickly between them, and orgasms caused both of their bodies to spasm and cum.

After they finished, Thomas lay on top of Cassie, sweaty and spend. Cassie trailed her fingernails down his muscled back and continued to pant. Both partners had their eyes closed and were savoring the closeness when they heard a voice from the doorway say, “I enjoyed that!”

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