Many people think that to be a sex blogger or a sex writer you have to be an exhibitionist. Is that true? If you are a sex blogger would you experiment with other forms of exhibitionism (assuming that you consider your sex blogging some form of exhibitionism). When I thought about that question I had to ask myself the same thing. Am I an exhibitionist for all intents and purposes?

Well, when it comes to my blogging I guess to some small degree I am. But I don’t always blog about personal stuff. A lot of the time is is opinions or what is going on at Inky Blue Allusions. But I have done some really personal blogging. Like when I wrote about my first sexual experience with a woman. I’ve even posted a few pictures here and there – like this one that accompanied the story “The Birthday Box”. But I’ve never really considered that exhibitionism.

But has it crept into my real life at all? Yes, I guess it has. When I was seeing my friend “Peaches” in an intimate way (we are still friends but not intimate that way) we pretty much always ended up having sex in public places. We had sex in parks, fooled around in back alleys, and we took great pleasure in making out in front of other people. We actually went to a sex party and performed in a room full of gay men once (about 6 of them). I blush when I think of that one. And she watched me with my at-the-time husband once. And I watched her a couple of times. So I guess it does.

So, I’m curious. If you are a reader of sex blogs do you consider yourself a voyeur? And if you are a writer of sex blogs do you consider yourself an exhibitionist? And does this run into your real time life at all?


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