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Almost Perfect

It was late on a Saturday night when I came home from the bar. You’d stayed home because you were feeling unwell. I’d had more than a few drinks and was wishing you were waiting in my bed instead of in your own bed, sleeping. I decided that since I couldn’t be with you, I’d send you a dirty voice mail instead. Your phone rang twice before the answering machine picked up. “Hey. Can’t come to the phone. Leave me a message.” After the beep, I put on my best sultry voice and said, “Hey baby, I know you’re...

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The Naughty Dentist – Part 1

He’d been coming to her dentist office for months and she knew he was totally hot for her. Even when he brought his son in his eyes were more on her than on his son. And after months of his attention it was making her crazy. Not crazy as in “what a perv” but crazy as in there was something about him that just made her curious. When he booked his last appointment last time she made sure to put him in at the end of the day. And that day, she let the rest of the staff leave...

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True Confession: DIY Rope Panties

Hi, I love this site, I think it is making me wet just thinking about telling you my dirty little secret… so I’m definitely going to tell you. I don’t know how it started, but I do know how much I enjoy it. My dirty hobby basically involves me not wearing any panties when I wear skirts, but replacing them with pieces of string or rope. I’m always thinking of new ways to do this and new materials to use. I firstly tie the rope around my stomach really tightly (the tighter the better, this is part of the...

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Another Decadent Chapter – part 2

by Jasmine Wilson Thomas felt hot. It had been a long day toting lumber for him and Kat’s new home. Going to bed sounded like a wonderful idea. He wished he could go straight to the condo he was renting in the interim, but he had promised to pick up Cassie and drop her off at the car dealership where her Volvo was being serviced. Thoughts of Cassie almost erased his exhaustion, as when he was with her he felt a whole different kind of tired. That tired normally followed an intense fuck. Even though his body ached, he...

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Worth His While is Free Today!

Worth His While is one of my favorite short stories that I’ve written.  It’s a story for couples and lovers.  It’s about a couple that hasn’t had much alone time together lately.  She loves camping. He doesn’t.  But she promises him that if he’ll take her camping, she’ll make it worth his while.  And she sure does! And it’s free today! Here’s a taste: He stopped kissing me to raise my shirt so that my breasts were fully exposed in the moonlight. My nipples that had been teased so mercilessly, stood out hard, aching under his appreciative gaze. When...

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Guess what? Inky Blue Allusions is going back to being ad free! That means we are going to focus on doing what we do best - talking about sex and writing juicy erotic stories. Short stories and true confessions and everything else you love will continue to be free here in the future. Longer stories and novellas will be offered via Amazon, exclusively.

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Abbie Summers

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