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True Confessions: Masturbating In Front Of My Cousin

Recently, my family and I went on a trip together. It was a family reunion kind of deal. There was going to be a bunch of us and my family insisted that I come with them since I was on break from college. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Until I saw my cousin and realized how hot he had gotten. Now of course, I realize that fucking my cousin is not cool. And I had no plans of doing that at all. But he was really hot. And then, I found out that our parents had put...

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Kendra Wilkinson Reveals The Secret Of Her Good Marriage – Sex, And Lots Of It!

Kendra Wilkinson, who used to be a Playmate, is married to Hank Basket and they have a great marriage. She’s spoken out about what it takes to keep a marriage going and the secret is lots of sex! Even though they have a long distance relationship at the moment, they compensate with a great deal of communication, she told E! News. She’s working in Las Vegas right now, producing her show, Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man, so her and hubby are apart a lot. “We’re eight years in a our marriage now, so communication is...

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EBook Review: Moonlit Metal by Lilith K. Duat

When Cali finds her boyfriend cheating on her, she’s tempted to ditch the metal concert that she won tickets for and planned to take him to. But at the last moment, she decides to go and have some fun by herself. It turns out that the thrashing and wild abandon of the mosh pit is just what she needs. It’s crazy in the mosh pit though and when Shelly pulls her away from the crazed bodies, it is perfect timing. Shelly is perfect timing. Shelly’s hand smoothed across her thigh, fingers falling under the pleated plaid skirt. Cali felt...

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Ask Autumn: My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Cheating

Dear Autumn My boyfriend thinks I’m cheating. He’s always trying to look on my phone or on my laptop. He questions everything I say. He even followed me to a cafe one night when I went to meet a girlfriend. I don’t know how to convince him that I’m not seeing anyone behind his back. Help! What am I supposed to do? Not Cheating Dear Not Cheating, I hate to tell you this but there’s not likely much you can do to convince him that you’re not cheating on him. Once someone has convinced themselves that their partner is...

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After Workout Bliss

All she needed was a good workout in the gym, it just wasn’t the workout she had in mind. Nora could feel the sweat drip to her back. One more time. She thought and pulled. The weights lifted off the ground and she was straining her back to keep it in the air. Done. She let the weights fall and they let out a loud crash. Looking around she saw yet again, that she was alone. Night shifts always did that to her, the sun would be up in a matter of hours and she would be falling asleep....

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