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An Afternoon Threesome

by Mike Bray It was a normal boring Sunday for me. I was sitting at a friend’s house bored out of my tree, so I decided to hijack my friend’s computer. I had just got out of a bad relationship and I had been awhile without any physical or sexual attention from a female. I logged on to MSN Windows Live Messenger to see who was on and my friend Jeff was online. Jeff sent me a messege asking what I was doing and if I was busy. I replied back that I wasn’t and he came back with...

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Internet Lust to Real Life Love

by Mike Bray We had been chatting for almost a year online. We had got to know each other very well, we discussed everything in our lives, food, favourite TV shows, and friends, family but first and most romance and of course SEX!! We both know we had liked what we saw, it began with us just exchanging photos, to exchanging nudes, to us seeing each other on cam, to masturbating and watching each other cum, you would slowly strip for me each time we were on cam, then begin by playing with your breasts and your nipples, lifting...

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Torn Between Two Billionaires by Abbie Summers

Steph is spending the summer at Pike Cove, an exclusive resort for rich people. She’s fitting in – but barely. This summer is not going to be anything like she expected with not just one steamy romance but two! This young BBW beauty is about to find out how hot summer can really be at Pike Cove! First, there’s Sam, her best friend’s dad. She’s always had a crush on him but she had no idea the feelings were mutual. They are. Very mutual. Then, there’s Mick. He just got back from Greece and he immediately sets his sight...

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Virgin Crowdfunds For A Tropical Sex Vacation

A virgin, known only as Brian and age unknown, has decided it is time to get laid and he’s seeking the help of others to make it happen.  He set up a crowdfunding campaign to fund a trip to an exclusive island where he’ll have access to up to 60 professional sex workers – ok, prostitutes – and get rid of his pesky virginity! He started a Bitcoin fundraiser and he’s so close to his mark! At the time of this post, he’s only $149 away from realizing his dream! Over 750 people have pitched in to help him...

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My Hot Wife’s College Friend by Autumn Seave

It was my birthday and I was hoping that my hot wife was going to make it a steamy evening of fantasies fulfilled. But when I saw her friend Allison’s car in the driveway, I thought the night might be ruined. Despite the fact that I’d fantasized about Allison for years, and even my wife had admitted she’d had some dirty lesbian thoughts about her college friend, I knew that Allison was very sweet. The thought of a threesome had likely never crossed her mind. She likely didn’t even know what a threesome was! But my hot wife had...

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Abbie Summers

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