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The Beach Party

by Marc Angel The sun went down more than an hour ago, yet the fading crimson glow remains on the ocean’s horizon like the last remnant of a dying fire, refusing to easily relinquish its hold on the day. In summertime south of the border, the sun doesn’t set until late, and the party is only just starting. The warm beach sand heats the atmosphere and our passion. Waves crash against the shore, and every now and again when an extra large one breaks, the ocean water mingles amongst us high on the beach like the sea herself is...

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Curves – A Love Story

When he saw her walk into the bar – how long ago was it? 14 years now? – that first time his jaw hung low and he felt a stirring in his groin that he hadn’t felt in a long time. She wasn’t like the other girls at his university or like the girls that flirted with him at the restaurant where he waited tables. She was – more. As she walked past him her hips swayed with confidence that girls his own age didn’t have. They were either too shy or they overcompensated by acting all trashy. Not...

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The Pickup

by Mellisa Sullivan She walked into the plush hotel foyer and, conscious of heads turning to look at her, she teetered on vertiginous heels to the bar, perched elegantly on a stool and crossed her bare legs. At first she wondered if the halter neck, split-front gown she wore was perhaps a bit too much for this particular hotel. However, nothing happened, so she ordered a drink and after a while she began to relax and enjoy the attention she was attracting. Although she knew she did not look cheap, she was acutely aware that the deeply slit evening...

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Ride to the Cabin

My husband and I had planned a getaway weekend at a friend’s cabin and I’d been thinking about it all week. While we did enjoy a very active sex life, we had to keep noise to a minimum and more often than not it had to be kept to the bedroom because of the kids. This weekend would be all about us wherever, whenever, however. The kids were sleeping over at friends’ houses and my husband, Jeremy, was picking me up right after work. The cabin was a five hour drive away and it would be dark by the...

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Sneaky Like a Cat – a Halloween Cat

I’d been lusting after Carter all year long.  But, my roommate was dating him. I likely would have gotten over my crush on him if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to hear about him all the time.  Carter is so good in bed.  Carter has such a big cock.  Carter loves eating pussy.  Carter lasts as long as I want him to.  Carter this and Carter that. Every time I looked at the man all I could think about was his big cock and I got instantly wet when I saw him.  He’d come over for...

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