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Lucius, The Fallen (The Fallen Series, Book 1)

 Tara Wood 5 Stars Lucius, The Fallen (The Fallen Series, Book 1) is for adults only as there is explicit language and graphic sex scenes. With that said, OMG was that hot. I have read a lot of books that give different angles on the fallen angels, this is like no other. They are rough, tough, filthy mouthed and hotter than sin. Lucius, The Fallen (The Fallen Series, Book 1) is the first book in a series that will grab your attention like no others; I had a difficult time putting it down. You never know what is going...

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The Rebound List

Hedonist Six 5 Lusty Stars The Rebound List was a sinfully delicious book about about a girl finding herself sexually after breaking up from a long time relationship. Rebecca decided one night during a drunken girl bonding after she broke up with her long time boyfriend to make a rebound list. She had decided that she didn’t want to jump into another relationship right away until she knew exactly what she was looking for. Her list consisted of four items. Rebecca has her best friend to help her get through her list. Watch as she learns more about herself...

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My Demon Determined, Book 2

Alicia Dawn and Nikita Jakz 4 Stars My Demon Determined, Book 2 is the second book in My Demon Trilogy. The authors blended the first book with the second book quite nicely, leaving no gaps. We continue with Sera and Cole running from the angels to stay together. They went exactly where Sera feared they were going to go, to hell. It was the only place Cole could think to go that the angels would not follow. On the up side, they were together and didn’t have to run from the angels anymore, but on the down side they...

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Hers by Design: Blueprint for Love: Book 1

Melanie Vance 3 Stars Hers by Design: Blueprint for Love: Book 1 by Melanie Vance is the first book in a set about Ashlee Miles and her crush on her boss Kelsey Savage. NOTE: This is a W/W book. Ashlee was super excited to be working side by side with her boss on an important project. Lets just hope that her boss doesn’t figure out she has a huge crush on her, is just what Ashlee is hoping. But one evening she would find that it is mutual. See what happens when one of them crosses that line. Just...

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The Angel Gift: Re-Connections Romance – Book Three

Elle Dawson 5 Stars The Angel Gift: Re-Connections Romance – Book Three is hard for me to categorize. There are multiple steamy sex scenes that would make it an erotica, but some of the emotions running deep in this story would make it more of a family romance, plus it is 229 pages. You will have to decide for yourself. You will first be introduced to Amy and Reed when everything is perfect, the perfect life, perfect children, perfect jobs, perfect house and perfect love. There are some very funny antics with their family and each other. Then the...

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