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HOT Release: Mile High by Delaney

Thanks to her boyfriend’s gambling problem, flight attendant Nina Tupper finds herself on the verge of severe financial crisis. When an opportunity to serve aboard a corporate jet presents itself, she can’t afford to say no. As she interviews for the job, she finds out the true reason why billionaire Calder Rutledge is willing to pay so much for her services. Now, as she prepares for a ten hour flight alone with the sexiest, richest man she’s ever met, Nina is about to find out the price of her morals. Just how far will she go to save her...

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Just Released! Billionaire Bundle!

Do you love billionaire stories?  Love to get a great deal?  Then check out my first release – The Billionaire Bargain Erotica Bundle! Vibrations For Juliette Dunn, it’s just another, boring Sunday manning the garage all by herself…until a Mercedes with engine problems rolls in. Deacon Jennings doesn’t make a habit of taking advantage of young female mechanics, but then again, the opportunity has never presented itself. With an hour to kill while they wait for a car part, Deacon invites Juliette to play a little game. The game involves cards, money, and sexual dares. Juliette decides to do...

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Introduction from Delaney – New Erotica Writer

Hi there!  I’m Delaney, a new erotica writer and Autumn invited me to join the team here at Inky Blue Allusions.  I just started writing erotica because – well, I haven’t found the guy that can satisfy my needs and I need to get my fantasies out on paper so I can get them out of my head.  Autumn told me that there are lots of people that like to read erotica and encouraged me to publish some of them… …so here I am! I’m just finishing up my first set of stories that I’m going to release in...

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We Are Ad Free Again!

Guess what? Inky Blue Allusions is going back to being ad free! That means we are going to focus on doing what we do best - talking about sex and writing juicy erotic stories. Short stories and true confessions and everything else you love will continue to be free here in the future. Longer stories and novellas will be offered via Amazon, exclusively.

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Abbie Summers

Check out this steamy romance novella by Inky Blue Allusions newest author, Abbie Summers!

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