Layla ran from her past and has her life the way she likes it, quiet and peaceful. But then Hunter takes an interest in her at the club (where she dances) but she turns him down when he propositions her for a hot night. But when Layla ends up becoming the temporary secretary for Lucas (aka Hunter) she realizes that he is going to be hard to resist for too long.

The Hunt for Summer

The Hunt for Summer

Meanwhile, Lucas has wanted Layla since he first saw her at the club and is surprised she rejects his offer. But when she shows up to be his temp, he has a hard time controlling his desires and a need to dominate her.

But their relationship is not all smooth sailing, as someone from Layla’s past has managed to track her down and he will stop at nothing to get her back. Can Lucas protect her and allow their relationship to move forward or will Layla lose the one that she wants to be with?

My opinion:

This is a hard book to read in a variety of ways, the BDSM is very strong and Layla only has to be given a one word command and it is done including accepting a new master.   There is a lot of language in this book which may be a turn off for some.

There were times when I thought the book had reached its conclusion but then something happens It keeps you on your toes and wonders what can possibly happen to this couple next.