written by Tara

pool-690034_640Suzanne Jamison was 42 years old and having an affair with a 20 year old pool boy. She and Anthony were making love in the lounge chair beside the pool one afternoon. Suzanne’s body glistened in the sunlight. It was tanned, lean, and quite sexy for her age. Her skin was still very taut and smooth and her breasts were still as firm as when she was 18. She was a vision of beauty at any age!

Unfortunately her husband Rob hadn’t seemed to notice in years. He was a very busy account rep for a major advertising agency, and between long hours at the office, out of town meetings with clients and training camps, about the only thing he had time to do when he got home every night was shower and collapse into bed.

Not that Suzanne minded very much. She loved having time to herself all day, and she loved that he made plenty of money, which Suzanne was all to happy to spend. Of course it did leave her feeling rather lonely and deprived at times. Her body still felt young and alive, and it needed attention. It needed the attention of a man.

She and Anthony had been having an affair for several months. It began the very first day he came to clean their pool. Suzanne was never one to pass up an opportunity, and she wasn’t about to let a hot, tanned hunk of a young man like Anthony get away!

“Ohh, Anthony,” Suzanne whispered, as Anthony kissed her neck and plunged his hard cock deeper inside her. “You make me feel so alive!”

“And I suppose I might as well be dead as far as you’re concerned, eh, Suzanne?” a voice growled behind her.

She turned to the sound of the voice, and there was her husband standing just outside the sliding glass doors, watching her. She gasped and pushed Anthony off of her. Anthony was speechless and motionless with fear, afraid that her husband might want to kill him. But when he saw that Rob was paying no attention to anything but Suzanne, he hastily threw on his clothing and slipped out the gate, running all the way to his van.

“Rob… what are you doing home from work? I thought… I mean… what time is it?” Suzanne muttered.

“What does it matter?” asked Rob. “You certainly weren’t worried about the time, now were you?”

“Rob, I…” Suzanne began to make an excuse, but what could she say? She was caught.

“Save it, Sue. We both know you can’t possibly come up with an excuse for THIS one,” he said.

“Oh, Rob, you don’t understand! I just…”

“Sue! Please! Don’t insult my intelligence by expecting me to believe anything you say, or care about it, either,” Rob said.

Suzanne looked off into the sparkling pool. She tried to blink away tears. She had never meant for Rob to find out about her and Anthony. She still loved Rob, she always had. It’s just that he wasn’t there for her the way she desperately needed him to be. She was devastated to know that she had hurt him.

“At least he managed to clean the pool, first,” muttered Rob, closing the glass door.

“Rob, really, that isn’t…” Suzanne started again.

“Sue, come on. I don’t really want to hear anything you have to say right now,” Rob interrupted again.

“Then what DO you want, Rob?” she questioned.

Rob walked over, picked up his naked wife in his arms, and kissed her firmly on the lips.

“I want YOU. I want to remind you that I’m still your husband, and you’re still my wife!” he snarled.

He turned around and headed inside. He opened the glass door with one hand and went inside, leaving the door open, and he carried his wife upstairs and into the bedroom. He tossed her onto the bed and began to remove his clothes. Suzanne was shocked, and a little scared. Would he hurt her? How angry was he?

He walked over to her, his cock hard and ready, and he mounted her. She did not fight, she did not argue. She wasn’t exactly sure if she wanted this, or if she was just too frightened to object, but she lay motionless, her legs spread for him.

He wasted no time. He rammed his manhood deep inside her in one vicious stroke and she gasped aloud. He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and, being careful not to pull too hard, he used her hair to pull himself into her over and over. He grunted and groaned like a while animal as he humped her. Suzanne began to remember how wonderful her husband’s lovemaking had always been. He had always been, and still was, the best lover she had ever had. She began to buck against him, digging her nails into his muscular back like claws. She purred softly against his neck as she lifted her head to kiss his neck, and he responded by tugging a little harder at her hair, pumping himself harder and faster into her.

Suddenly, Rob grabbed her body and hoisted her up, turning over onto his back and lifting her body up on top of him in one fluid motion.

“Ride me,” he grunted. “I want to see if you still love me.”

Suzanne started to slowly ride him like she had so many times long ago. She ran her fingernails up and down his chest and abdomen as she sat back on his cock and raised and lowered her body, making sweet, passionate love to him. She squeezed the muscles of her vaginal wall to put more pressure on his penis, trying to give him every bit of sensation possible. Rob reached up and grabbed Suzanne’s breasts and squeezed them, and she cried out in a strange mixture of pain and bliss. She began to ride him faster and faster, until she was bouncing on top of him and grinding herself into him and she was entering a state of complete heaven, she was cumming!

“Oh, Rob, I’m cumming! Oh my god, honey, I love you! I’m so sorry! I’m cumming!” she screamed.

“Ahhh, yeah baby. Cum. I’m cumming, too! Ahhhhhhh…” Rob groaned, thrusting himself deeply inside her.

For a while after they cum, Suzanne just lay on top of Rob, feeling his heart beat and his chest rise and fall with every ragged breath. Then she looked up at him. She caught his eyes with hers, and he saw that there were tears in them.

“Rob, I don’t know how to say I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you, but I needed things… things you were never around to give me anymore…” she tried to explain.

“I know. I should have tried to spend more time with you. I’m sorry, too. I’ll forget everything if you’ll swear that you’ll never cheat on me again, and I’ll promise that I will always make an effort to put you first,” he said.

“Oh, Rob! Really? Of course! Of course, I’ll never do it again! I always wanted you! You’ve always been my number one!”

She threw her arms around him and kissed him, feeling like she did on their wedding night so many years ago.

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