I would never have guessed that my first year of college would be so illuminating. I’d heard that there were all sorts in the college dorms but I didn’t think too much about it. What I didn’t count on was meeting so many college lesbians. College lesbians are girls that are just into some girl on girl fucking while they are in college – once they meet the “right guy” and graduate they have no expectations that they’ll have sex with anyone but their husband. But I wasn’t one of those girls. I found out that I really loved pussy and now that I’m married my husband and I share our love of women and pussy.

One of the first girls that I got involved with was Marissa. She thought all of us college lesbians were disgusting so of course I made it my mission to change her mind. Me and a couple of the girls took her out to the bar one night and got her so drunk. But she had a great time. We got her back to the dorm and put her into the bed. After we took her clothes off of course. We spread her legs just a little bit and placed a vibrator gently over her clit and then we sat back to watch and see what would happen.

At first she just kind of squirmed. And then her hands reached down and found the vibrator. She never even opened her eyes to see if anyone else was in the room with her. She just started moving it around. We could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter before our very eyes as she rubbed it against her clit. And then I figured she was ready.

I cautiously climbed onto the bed with her and began gently running my fingers over her body. And she had an exceptionally fine body. Her breasts were a little on the large side with huge pink nipples that got hard as I touched them. Her eyes flew open then.

“What the…”

“Shhh. Just let me make you feel good Marissa. Know one has to know.”

As I gently plucked at her nipples, her eyes closed again and I took that as her acceptance. My mouth found one hard bud and she arched her back, raising her breast towards me. Then I reached down and took the vibrator from her hands. She willing gave it over to me and let me take over all the work. By now her legs were spread open and the vibrator slid easily inside her wet snatch. Her hips began to move and I couldn’t stay away from her pussy any longer. I had to taste her.

I briefly glanced over at my sister college lesbians and found that they were both enjoying the show. They both had taken off their pants and panties and were fingering themselves. That got me even more excited and the thought occurred to me that I might be eating a lot of pussy that night.

I went back to Marissa and found that hard pearl waiting for my tongue. At first I flicked it gently over her clit. Then, when her response was to raise her slippery mound closer to me, I sucked it into my mouth. Her moans of pleasure were very satisfying. With one hand I slid that vibrator in and out of her pussy at a nice pace and with the other I twisted and pulled at her nipples. I flickered my tongue faster and faster over her clit until she was bucking her hips against me like crazy. She came with an explosion that could only compare to my own first time being eaten out by college lesbians.

Minutes later she was fast asleep. The combination of alcohol and an intense orgasm were too much for her I guess. I was no where near done though. Me and the other college lesbians headed down the hall to my room and continued our night of pussy eating and dildo fucking until the sun came up.

And Marissa? Well, she is one of the girls that my husband and I love to play with the most today!

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