It was the weekend and all three of them sat curled up watching porn, although the acting sucked balls, the action made all three of them horny.

They’d talked about a threesome before and never really followed through with it, but Rick intended to change that, he’d dreamed of having Stefanie and Celeste at once for as long as he can remember.

All three of them grew up together. He scooted a little closer to Stefanie and began to lightly stroke her bare upper thigh; his eyes never left the movie.

Stefanie jerked slightly at his sudden touch, but quickly relaxed, wanting this to happen. Celeste saw the movement, decided she was going to join in and began to pull up Stefanie’s long T-shirt. Before Stephanie could protest, her shirt was up and over her head, revealing her hard nipples and flat tummy.

She sat there in between Rick and Celeste naked for a moment, and then quickly turned her attention to Celeste. She began to unbutton the front of Celeste’s pajama front, revealing her large breasts. Leaving Celeste to pull her arms out of the shirt, Stefanie quickly tugged down at Celeste’s cotton panties. Celeste laid back and lifted her slender hips so Stefanie could pull them completely off.

Both women were naked and Rick could hardly believe his eyes as they crawled to him, Celeste began to pull up his tank top and Stefanie worked at his shorts.

Once he was naked, the women went to work. Celeste began to kiss him, her soft lips pressed against his, her tongue rolling in his mouth and Stefanie began to stroke his already hard cock. Rick moaned lightly at the touch from both women, his dream was coming true!

He brought his hand down to Stefanie’s and wrapped around it, squeezing lightly, forcing her little hand to squeeze harder. She smiled up at him, her strokes becoming faster and takes his balls into her other hand, gently massaging them.

Celeste took Rick’s other hand and brought it to her wet pussy, sliding his fingers between her lips and grazing against her clit. Her wetness covered his fingers as she pressed against his hand and he began to roll his fingers over her clit, her moans filled the room. Stefanie felt herself grow wetter as she heard her best friends’ moans, let go of Rick’s cock and slowly slid up his legs, her wet pussy leaving a damp trail across his skin. She straddled him as she angled her hips, the tip of his cock just barely touching her clit.

As Stefanie began to rock her hips against Rick’s she leaned back, her hands placed on his upper thighs and winked at Celeste. Celeste smiled as she leaned forward to kiss Stefanie, as she did, Rick grabbed her hips and urged her to straddle his face. Never breaking the kiss Celeste spread her thighs above Rick’s face and lowered her hips to his awaiting tongue. Celeste let out a loud moan as she felt Rick’s tongue slip between her lips and to her clit.

She began to rock her hips against his mouth, still kissing Stefanie and both women fondling each other’s breasts. Stefanie and Rick were thrusting their hips against each other forcing his thick cock deep into Stefanie’s pussy, their pubic hair meshing together. Rick tightened his grip around Celeste’s hips as he felt his climax begin to peak, his low moans filling the room and his thrusts became jerky and uncontrolled as his cock exploded into Stefanie’s pussy.

Stefanie felt herself begin to climax as she squeezed around Rick’s shuddering cock and kissed Celeste deeper, pushing them both over the edge. Both women moaned as they came, their hips grinding against Rick’s body, their juices flowing into his mouth and covering his cock.

Their thrusts began to slow, their breathing became less hurried, Celeste climbed off of Rick’s face and Stefanie leaned forward. Both women kissing and sucking his lips at the same time, wanting to taste Celeste’s sweet juices. All three lay on the floor, both women on either side of Rick and finished watching the porn.