by Mike Bray

You and I had been talking online and on the phone for quite some time. We began talking several months ago through a social networking site on the internet and went out a couple times in our respective business interests and finally arranged to go out on a date. We went out for dinner and we began discussing our businesses, strictly for the purpose of being able to write it off at tax time. As you knew I was getting my photography business off the ground, and while enjoying our dinner, we discussed having you pose for some sexy lingerie shots for me.

You agreed and after dinner, we went back to your place as my place was just too small and unsuitable for the shoot. You quickly go take a nice hot bubble bath, and then you go in the bedroom and pick out 3 of your sexiest lingerie outfits. I set the lighting in the room for mood and optimal for my camera. You undress in front of me and I admire your body and unobvious to you, I begin to get hard under my jeans. I have you lay on the bed and do several poses in that outfit, then you change in to the next one, and unobvious to me you have noticed the now large bulge in my jeans and you feel yourself beginning to get damp at the thought of it.

Finally you change in to the last outfit and I have had to reach down and well, “adjust myself” and the bulge in my jeans. Unknown to me you have been reaching down and rubbing your clit and pussy as it gets wetter each time you change and you bite your lower lip to prevent any moans from escaping. By now you can barely contain yourself any longer. I have you do a pose on all fours where you are looking up at me with a hungry, lustful look on your face and your eyes; unknown to me the look is real. Suddenly I hear you say to me, “Jesus Christ Mike just put that damn camera away and get over here, I am so horny and I want you NOW!!” You lay on your back for a couple minutes and you pull the crotch of your panties to one side to show me just how wet I am getting you as you rub your clit and rub one finger between your folds of your pussy lips. Needless to say I quickly set the camera down and I walk over you begin to rub and stroke me through my jeans and then you undo them and have me step out of them. You nibble and stroke me through my boxers, then reaching in and pulling out my now extremely hard, throbbing cock. I watch as you slowly stroke me and then run your tongue up and down the shaft. I reach down and I undo and slide off your bra. You shrug it off, freeing your large firm breasts.

Your nipples by now are hard as rocks and I reach down and I squeeze, pinch and rub your nipples and your full firm breasts. You moan softly. You slowly lick around the head and tip of my cock, slowly sliding it in your mouth and sucking on it. I lean back and push further into your mouth, god it feels so warm and wet and good! I grab the back of your head and your hair and begin to guide you up and down on my cock as you stroke and suck it. As I fuck your mouth I play with your breasts with one hand. You pull your head and mouth off my cock and you take each of your breasts in your hands and begin to stroke my cock between them.

You breasts are so fucking large that as I fuck them, my head barely makes it out of your large cleavage with each up stroke, but each time it pops out you lick the tip with your tongue. You take me back in your mouth and suck me deep, taking down the back of your throat, I suddenly moan that I am going to cum and I erupt, I spray your throat and fill your mouth with my hot cum, which you hungrily swallow down. I then say it is my turn to please you. I lay you back with your legs off the side of the bed and I spread them wide. I kneel between them and I kiss up your inner thighs. I then slide off your now damp panties and I kiss then lick your pussy up and down over the outer lips. I then lick and suck on your hardening clit. You begin to get extremely wet and you grab the back of my head and moan “Oh My God Mike, Yes, Lick and suck my clit and pussy, god you’re making me so wet!” I place my whole mouth over your pussy and begin to lick and suck hungrily on it and your clit, then you feel me insert one then two fingers deep in your tight, hot, wet pussy, as deep as I can curling them to rub your G-Spot.

You moan loudly and grab my head and push it deep into your pussy with my mouth and fingers in you and me now working my fingers in out, going fast, hard and deep with them triggers an orgasm and you moan “Oh My god Mike, you’re making me fucking CUM, I’m Cumming!” I taste your sweet juices as they run down my tongue. I then go up on my knees as your orgasm begins to subside and I rub the head and tip along with the shaft of my cock over your wet pussy as I go to reach for a condom, teasing you with my again hardening cock. You look hungrily at me and say “Forget the condom, just put it in me, quit teasing me and just fuck me already!” You grab the shaft of my hard cock and you guide it in you as you wrap your long legs around my back, pushing me deep inside you. You moan loudly as you feel the full length of my hard 8 and a half inch cock bottom out in your pussy and the thickness of it (2 inches thick) makes you begin to have a mini orgasm and cum a bit on my hard cock.

I begin to make love to you and fuck you slowly but hard and deep, we both moan and tell the other how great it feels, I moan “God Corrina your pussy is so hot, tight and wet, it feels so good around my hard cock” and you moan back and tell me that my hard cock feels so good buried deep in your pussy and it is hitting all the right spots.

You feel me begin to thrust faster, harder and deeper in and out of you. I lean down and suck on your nipples and gently nibble and bite on them and I take as much of your large firm breasts in my mouth one at a time as I can and I suck on them. You push me into you as deep as you can with your hands and legs each time I thrust in and you moan as I thrust outwards. I begin to pound your tight, hot, wet pussy faster and harder, until I am going in and out of you like a jackhammer. Suddenly you push me off and slow me down to keep me from cumming too quickly and you get on all fours and tell me to take you from behind. I kneel behind you and slowly I insert my hard cock back in your pussy. I reach forward and grab your hair and begin to pull your head back and I spank your firm sexy ass. You moan loudly as you orgasm again. Then I begin to thrust in and out of you hard, fast and deep. We make love and fuck like that for a few minutes, and then I pull out and tell you I want you to ride me.

You have me sit on the edge of the bed as you straddle and lower yourself down on my hard throbbing cock, then you pull off and lick the dripping precum off the tip and then you straddle and lower yourself down on me fully. I lean forward and I lick and suck your nipples as you slowly ride me, my hands on your ass and hips guiding you. Then you begin to ride me faster, harder, taking me deeper in you. You moan “Oh my god Mike, I’m going to cum again baby, cum with me, cum deep in my pussy” I moan back that I am about to cum deep inside you and your ride me as fast as you can our moans growing louder. Suddenly I can’t hold on any longer and you feel me erupt deep inside you.

I moan loudly “Oh my god Corrina, I’m cumming!” and “I’m cumming deep in your pussy baby” this with the feeling of jet after jet of my hot cum shooting deep in your pussy into your womb, triggers your orgasm, “Oh My god yes Mike, give me your baby, I’m cumming too, oh my god I am cumming all over your hard cock” is all I hear from you. I feel your tight, hot, wet pussy clench and tighten around my hard cock as I pulse and shoot streams of my hot cum deep in your pussy, as it squeezes and milks my hot seed out of me and deep into your womb. We ride out our orgasms and as they subside I collapse backwards pulling you on to me, kissing you deeply. We wipe the sweat from each other’s brows and catch our breath. You slide me out of you and you go down and lick our combined juices off my cock and then you come back up and rest your head on my chest. We smile and tell each other that we love the other person and how great it felt making love to each other. Then you suggest we hop in the shower and I smile and say “well we can have round two in there” Which makes your pussy throb even more. You grab my hand and lead me to the bathroom and we jump in the shower and go for what will be the second of many rounds of hot, sweaty, passionate love making all night long. We make love for hours and I cum inside you, in your mouth and on your large firm breasts many times through out the night and when I cum on them you eagerly lick it off, moaning at the taste. We make love over and over until the morning hours. Then you ask me to spend the weekend and during the weekend we make love in every room on every piece of furniture, until we are finally completely spent and satiated.

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