By BobJJ123

I had known something was wrong for some time as I felt a certain tension between my wife and me. It was a vague sort of feeling that I couldn’t quite define and out of concern I had become more sensitive to her moods and understanding of her needs. Then, on the sixth of January, I arrived home from work at the usual time to have my wife meet me at the door with a paper…a divorce!

As I tried to read the paper, I wondered. I had been a good husband and we had a life together. Stunned by the suddenness of the situation I found my mind in total chaos as I heard her say that she didn’t want to be married any more. She craved excitement. She had to find herself…

In the divorce settlement, I came out of it with the house and my car and filled with frustration and anger. Over the coming months the feelings turned depression and I found the challenging job I had with a defense contractor too demanding of me. As a Nuclear Physicist I easily found a job teaching high school science, which required virtually no effort on my part.

As the months passed my depression deepened and I began to fight it with booze. Like so many before me, I soon found it easy to drown my sorrows in cheap liquor in a local bar.

So it was that I was seated at the bar in the Irish Bar for the third night in my new found pastime when I saw her sitting alone at the other end of the bar. She was about my age, trim figure, long, auburn hair and more class than I’d expect in this establishment. Somewhere inside, my hormones began to respond.

“Bartender, take that lady at the end of the bar another drink on me.” I said and waited for a response. On receiving the drink, she turned to me and with an icy stare she said, “Save your time and effort. In one hour and five minutes I’m out of here alone. At the moment, I rather dislike men.”

Then, I felt my anger rise. Her icy tone and frank remarks seemed to me in my depressed state like an affront. I spoke, “No matter. I don’t like women much either and I was just after a quick fuck.”

On hearing this she moved closer and said, “Let’s get out of here. My apartment is just over there.”
Ten minutes later, we were standing on the threshold of her apartment as she explained that this was to be a one-night-stand for purposes of satisfying our carnal cravings. Tomorrow we would be strangers again.

Then, in the apartment with the door closed, this woman I now knew as Greta was rapidly advancing through foreplay. She kissed me and urged me to hurry. Her hands were undressing me and when my lips came in contact with her extended nipples she cried out.

Greta had been married before and had obviously been fucked before, but it was soon apparent that she had never been properly fucked. Her awkward moves and responses to my ministrations were clear evidence that she had a lot to learn to be a competent lover. I took the challenge to try to develop those skills and adored her as I moved slowly and carefully to develop her lust and passion to the fullest.

At first, there was passive resistance; then, as I casually suckled and toyed with her breasts, she began to respond. With her response came her efforts own efforts to please me and when my lips planted feather light kisses on her labia, she cried out, “Do me! Do it to me now! . . .”

But, of course, I didn’t. For the next hour we played as she responded to my eye contacts and body language that developed the intimacy between us. As she experimented and became familiar, each look and each touch made her more proficient in the use of her sex. What had started casually soon became more intense and more demanding and the compulsions that had arisen could no longer be denied. She cried out again for satisfaction.

Then, with Greta’s urging, I moved over her and into position for my entry as Greta urged me on. No longer the inept lover, she was, by now, a steaming cauldron of erotic feelings. With precision, we joined together as my cock slid to her very depths. It was then that I felt totally free of my depression and we fucked gloriously. A couple of minutes later, I heard her cry out that she was coming and I felt my own jizm spew forth into her belly.

But it wasn’t over, as we lay together in the afterglow, we kissed and giggled and laughed and made small talk and adored each other. The intimacy went on for perhaps another hour before Greta moved to go to the bathroom and clean herself.

After Greta, it was my turn in the bathroom and on my return, I found her dressed in her night gown and robe. She thanked me for a good time and suggested that I could find my own way out. She had turned as icy cold as when I first met her.

Suddenly rejected, I left. Then, at home in my own house, I reasoned that she had been a good lay and a challenge and my depression had abated. It had been a good experience. I slept soundly.

Over the next couple of days, I found myself taking a new interest in the world and the things around me.  Greta was relegated to the past and a pleasant memory.

I was just finishing with the housecleaning chores for the night when the doorbell rang and I answered it to find Greta facing me. “May I come in?” she asked and I responded with a big smile and a wave to welcome her.

She said simply, “I was feeling alone and I thought of you so here I am.”

“What about your one-night-stand rule that you imposed when we met?” I asked.

She replied, “I’d like to change that rule if I might. Perhaps we could still permit one-night stands as often as appropriate where you’re concerned.”

“Oh, I want to,” I replied. We kissed. . .

That was roughly two years ago or roughly 730 one-night-stands ago or probably a few more to allow for doubles on weekends and holidays and a few less to allow for her monthly days. With the increased familiarity, came a change of life style.

Greta moved into my spare bedroom as it seemed a shame to maintain two homes when one was sufficient. Within a week, Greta found that she was spending most of her time in my big master bed anyway so she moved into the big master bedroom.

A few months ago, Greta gave up her job in real estate to prepare for the coming of our first child…the result of a bit of carelessness in our love making but we’ve come to want our family.

My favorite pastime now is adoring Greta, which I do every chance I get, as I’m working on my PHD in physics as well as teaching high school.