A woman from Bristol says that she has been having sex with ghosts and they leave her more satisfied than Earthly men. In fact she says she’ll never go back to men!

Her name is Amethyst Realm and she’s a spiritual guidance counsellor so this isn’t her first time dealing with ghostly beings. She claims that she’s been involved with 20 different ghosts on a sexual level. And in case you’re wondering, yes, she does have orgasms! In fact, she’s completely turned her back on men and has hopes that she’ll find a real ghostly man to settle down with.

Realm says that she enticed her first ghostly being by dressing sexy before bed. She was engaged at the time – about 10 years ago – and her fiance was out of town. She felt the presence as a “pressure on my thighs…physical breath, and stroking.” She claims that first encounter did result in an orgasm.

Apparently, the ghost wanted her to end the relationship with her fiance and it revealed itself to him, ending her relationship with the last man she ever slept with. Perhaps the ghost was jealous? “I think it was in love with me,” Realm says.

Amethyst realm even believes that there is the possibility that she could start a family with a ghost in the future, hoping for a “phantom pregnancy.”

The first ghostly relationship lasted 3 years. She didn’t say how it ended but she did admit that she’s had 20 ghostly lovers since then.