This is not a gift idea for the easily intimidated or shy person to be buying.  A corset is a greatly personal gift and likely is not something that you will want to purchase for your mom or grandma.  But if there is a special lady in your life, you may want to consider something like this for her.

Corsets are all the rage right now, and not as only under clothing.  You can find many corsets that are designed to be worn instead of a shirt but for a bit of mystery, you can easily add a sheer shirt overtop.  There are all sorts of designs such as those that go down to the waist to those that go to a person’s hips and attach to garters.  Some corsets are designed a body suit so that they give a wonderful hourglass figure to the person wearing it.

Regardless of the type of corset you are looking to buy, you will likely find something that will work for your recipient.  You can find these wonderful garments in a variety of styles and colours although black and red are always a favourite.

One of the most important things to know when you are looking to purchase one of these is the measurements to make sure it is the right size.  If possible, it is a good idea to sneak a look at her bra to determine her sizing.  Make sure it is the bra that she wears and that she is comfortable in – this is especially important as women tend to keep bra’s around longer than they should and they do not always fit properly.

Of course, you may want to consider other purchases when you are looking at buying a corset so make sure you look around and see what else might go well with your purchase to complete the look.