Romance, sensuality, intimacy, sex. this movie has it all. When Rob unexpectedly runs into a beautiful women from his past, he finds himself completely smitten with her.


If you think 50 Shade of Grey was hot you haven’t seen anything yet.  Interlude is a video special that puts 50 Shades to shame.  it’s spicy, sexy and it truly tells a story of love and passion.  You’ll be drawn in by the eroticness of the sex scenes and you’ll fall in love with Rob, who truly knows what bringing pleasure is all about.

50 Shades of Grey may have woken up your erotic side but will keep it alive with new material on a regular basis.  It is a site created by women, for women with beautiful images and sexy movies that will make you fall in love with love and sex, all over again.  You’ll feel like you’re in your twenties again as your passion for life and for your partner are re-awakened!

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