by Mike Bray

We had been chatting for almost a year online. We had got to know each other very well, we discussed everything in our lives, food, favourite TV shows, and friends, family but first and most romance and of course SEX!!

We both know we had liked what we saw, it began with us just exchanging photos, to exchanging nudes, to us seeing each other on cam, to masturbating and watching each other cum, you would slowly strip for me each time we were on cam, then begin by playing with your breasts and your nipples, lifting them to your lips and licking them, I would instantly become hard as a rock.

I would then strip off my jeans and boxers as you removed your pants and thong, sometimes you wouldn’t even take it off you would just pull it to one side, and begin to finger your wet, juicy pussy, as I would stroke my cock slowly, then you would pull out your rabbit dildo, first teasing your hard clit and wet lips with it then you’d start sliding it in and out, going slow at first as you watched me, then faster and harder and deeper, until you were ramming it in and out like a jackhammer as you watched me stroke my hard 8 and a half inch cock faster.

You loved not just how long it was at 8.5 inches long but how thick it was at 2 and a half inches thick and the fact that I am cut, so each time I came you could watch my cum gush out,. We would also play nightly over the phone, hearing each other tell the other all the dirty things we wanted to do to each other until we both moaned in unison that we were cumming.

Neither one of us had really planned or thought we would actually meet, until one day when I told you I had got a nice raise at work and would either be able to come travel to your city, though you didn’t live far from me by Greyhound bus, or I could easily pay for a ticket for you to come see me. So excited you said you wanted to come here and get away from the city you lived in as it was basically in the middle of nowhere. So the next day I went to the station and faxed you a ticket. You get a call from the depot in the middle of the afternoon to inform you there was a return ticket for Hamilton sitting there in your name for you to come pick up. You knew this day was coming so you excitedly had already packed the night before.

Within an hour you were at the station, getting your ticket and boarding the bus, thoughts filled your mind, what did I have planned for you? How long would it take for me to make the first move? Was I all talk and no action? You continued to mull these over in your head for the next few hours as you travelled along with the thoughts of us making love and my mouth on your breasts, my hands all over your body, you sucking my long, thick hard cock, then feeling me licking your pussy and finally the feel of my long hard cock buried deep in your now as you realize it, very tight hot and now very wet pussy.

Finally the bus arrives in Hamilton and as you disembark from the bus, you see me there smiling, I walk over and you drop your bags as I take you in my arms and hold you tight, then we kiss, first a gentle peck on the lips, then a full deep passionate kiss. I tell you I got a motel room for us at The Sheraton which has the nicest of all the rooms as I wanted the next few days to be very romantic and special.

I hail a cab for us even though it is only like 5 blocks away. We arrive at the motel and you set your bags down and ask if it would be ok if you showered before we went out. I smile and tell you of course. You slip into the washroom and you get undressed and you turn on the water, allowing it to run and get nice and hot, you then remember you didn’t lock the door, but you choose not to, wondering if I would slip in and join you. You step into the shower and allow the hot water to run over you. After a few hours on a bus it feels great.

You close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of the water running over your body when you hear the bathroom door open and see me walk in naked. You love my body and how slim I am, but you also look down and notice I am getting hard just looking at your sexy naked body. Your firm D cup breasts, your shaved pussy, your firm tight ass, and your long sexy legs. You watch as I step into the shower with you and as I grab the soap off the ledge. You feel my hands all over you as I lather your body. I tell you to turn, so you do and I lather your back and ass, then I grab the shampoo and I wash your hair for you. You love it as you have never had a guy wash your hair for you.

You then ask to return the favour. You lather my body all over with the soap along my now hard jutting erection. As you kneel in front of it you decide you can no longer control your urges. You take it in your hand and begin to stroke me. I moan gently and tell you how good it feels. You then stick your tongue out and you lick from my heavy ball sack, up the shaft all along it top and bottom, teasing me, you then lick around the head, noticing a drop of precum forming on the tip you lick it off. You moan at the taste as you have always loved the taste of cum.

You slowly take me in your mouth as far down as you can then you come back up. God my cock is so hard and feels so good in your mouth. You continue to stroke and suck me but you begin to go faster now and begin to take me deeper. You feel my hands on the back of your head, grabbing your hair, guiding you up and down on my cock as I thrust in and out of your hot, wet, warm mouth.

You love how I fuck your mouth and I push your head down, making you now deep throat my entire length, almost gagging you with it.

Finally I just pull you off and I take you by the hand and I guide you to the bed. I lay you back, with your legs hanging off. I kiss up your thighs slowly; we are both still wet from the shower as we hadn’t dried off yet, but neither of gives a damn. I kiss up your thighs making my way to your pussy. I finally reach my destination and you feel my tongue running up and down the length of your slit. God it feels so good you think.

You feel me then lick and suck on your clit. This is driving you wild. I slowly insert first, one, then two fingers in your now moist pussy and I curl them in you to find your g-spot.

The combination of my tongue and lips all over your pussy and me sucking on your clit with my fingers stimulating your g-spot as I move them in and out drives you so wild, you clamp your legs around my head and you moan loudly as you orgasm and fill my mouth with your sweet juices. You look at me and tell me you want my hard cock buried deep in your pussy. I smile and I stand and I gladly oblige you.

I tease you first though, I slide the length of the shaft over your now wet pussy and I tease you with the head and tip of it, tapping it on your clit, you’re going insane so you just yell at me “God Damn it Michael, just put it in me and fuck me already” I laugh and suddenly you feel me thrust deep into you with one long, hard thrust. “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN ME” You yell.

I moan back “MMMM you’re pussy feels so hot, tight, and wet and feels so good around my cock”. I begin to slowly but deeply thrust in and out of your oh so tight, hot and wet pussy, I know it won’t take me long to cum as I am still quite sensitive to the blowjob you gave me in the shower. I lean down and begin sucking and licking your hard nipples, Alternating back and forth.

We slowly and passionately make love in the missionary position, with your legs up so your ankles are wrapped around my waist at first to pull me in deeper, then I move them so that your ankles rest on my shoulders so I can get deeper inside you. I thrust in and out of you slow then fast then hard, then deep as I can. We then change to a closer position and we begin making love as we spoon and kiss and touch each other everywhere. Our fingers, hands, lips, tongues and mouths exploring every inch of each other’s bodies.

You then tell me you want me really deep inside you and you have me pull out and you lean over the bed, sexily wiggling your firm ass at me, telling me to take you from behind.

I stand and grab your ass as you grab the shaft of my hard cock as you rub the tip of the head of it over your wet pussy lips and clit then you guide me in you. I slide into you as deep as I possibly can go and I pull you onto me and begin slamming into you from behind. I grab and fondle your breasts firmly and play with your nipples as I fuck you doggy style. You moan for me to pull your hair and spank you. So I take your long dark hair in my one hand and use it to pull on as I thrust into you, using my other hand to spank your firm ass. You moan loudly in pleasure as you begin to orgasm once again. You moan for me to treat you like a slut and use you for my pleasure and telling me how you’re my naughty little cum slut.

After a bit of me fucking you from behind, you moan to me “God Mike I want to ride your cock”. I pull out and I lay back on the bed. You straddle me and slowly slide your tight pussy down on my cock. God it feels so amazing. You lean down and we kiss passionately. You begin raising up and down on my hard cock. Our breathing quickens. I moan that I am getting so close and I am going to cum. You begin to ride me faster, harder, taking me as deep in you as you can.

You feel your own orgasm impending. Suddenly you feel my cock thicken and begin to twitch and you hear me moan, “OH GOD BABE I AM GOING TO CUM” You moan back that you are going to as well. I feel your pussy begin to pulse and tighten around my cock trying to milk my hot cum from me.

Finally I can hold back no longer, I moan loudly “OH GOD BABY, I’M CUMMING, I AM SHOOTING MY HOT SEED DEEP IN YOUR WOMB” You feel me erupt deep in your now convulsing pussy.

You as well scream out “OH GOD BABE YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM TOO!!”

We both orgasm simultaneously and I fill you with my hot seed, so much that some drips out of you. You collapse on top of me as we enjoy the sensation of our orgasms. Finally I slide out of you as I begin to go soft. You go down and suck the remaining cum from my now wilting cock as well as your own juices from it, sucking me clean. We kiss and I ask if I was as good as you hoped, “MMMMM Much Better, god that was amazing” you reply. I tell you that you were more amazing than I could possibly had ever imagined.

We lay there holding each other as we catch our breath, You laugh and say, “well looks like we are going to need another shower before we go for dinner” I smile and laugh and I grab your hand and lead you back to the shower, kissing you and telling you how beautiful and sexy you are. We shower, finally dress and go out for the rest of the day and evening for the beginning of an amazingly romantic and sexy weekend together. But as we dress and kiss before we walk out the door you kiss me deeply and passionately and tell me I am such an amazing lover and that when we get back later you want me to be the one to take your anal cherry, my mind races with the thought as we head out and the anticipation of later that night.

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