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So, with all this talk about male and female orgasms, I  have to say that I broke out my favorite toys more than a few times of the past couple weeks.  I think this would be a great time to talk about my favorite sex toys. And my next two posts will be about the sex toys on my wish list, and also a few sex toys that guys like too. I mean, sex toys arn’t only for women!

Without further adieu, let’s talk toys – sex toys, that is! My favorite kind of toys!

 My Favorite Sex Toys

These are just some of the sex toys I currently own.. and love. I wanted to share them with you in case you wanted some ideas on what toys to buy for yourself or your lover.

Pearl Ecstacy Rabbit – Lavender is my favorite vibe. It tantilizes just about every good spot all at once. With pussy penetration and a clit tickler, there really isn’t anything better. If you could only have one sex toy, this is what you should get. It’s not too expensive and it will last a long time. The beads inside feel great, and I like that you can reverse the direction of the spin. It’s 7.5 inches long, so you can fuck yourself really deep. Or have a friend fuck you with this pretty purple vibe!

Every woman needs a Silver Bullet. This is the cheapest and most versitile sex toy available.  It costs under $4, so you should buy a couple. Read the description as some bullets can not be inserted into the pussy, but some can. Bullets are great for clit massage. If you’re the type of girl that can’t come with simple penetration, get a bullet and hold it on your clit while you are getting fucked and I guarantee that you will come!

Bullets are not only used to pleasure clits. Try a bullet on your man. Guys love to have thier balls and the base of their dicks rubbed with a vibrating bullet. Your guy might like his entire dick ticked with a bullet, but you won’t know until you try. Some cock rings come with an extra place to insert a bullet, for both his and her pleasure. Just picture yourself riding your man and each time his dick goes deep inside, you also feel the vibrating bullet on your clit.  Hmmm.. makes me wet just thinking about it!

 There are some toys that come with a pocket to put a bullet in. It may come with a bullet, but you should always have two, for a backup or for double the pleasure.  If you have a dildo that doesn’t vibrate, then just stick a bullet in your pussy next to the dildo and it will feel awesome! Not only providing more girth, but you’ll feel the vibration that a dildo doesnt provide. Again, check your bullet to make sure you can stick it in there. Some bullets are made for external use only.

The Jelly Joystick is my ass’s best friend! I don’t like huge things in my ass, but a little something up there, while my clit is getting some action too, really sends me over the top.  I’ts multi speed, which is must have in all sex toys, and it’s waterproof, so you know using lots of lube won’t break it.  Or, if you use it in a tub, shower, pool, or hot tub, there is no worries. This is a good one to take on vacation.

I also like anal beads, which I’ve also used in my pussy from time to time.  But, like most women, I don’t come just from anal stimulation, but man does it feel hot to have something in my ass and pussy and on my clit at the same time! Anal beads have been used for thousands of years in the Orient, originally pulled out as a guy comes, to make the feeling more intense and pleasurable, girls have found that they feel good in their holes too! I’ve used anal beads and bullets in my pussy at the same time and it was pretty great.

So, those are my favorite toys in my collection at this time. While my vibrators and dildos do change with time, I always have a bullet or two and a set of anal beads in my bag of toys.

Stay tuned for my next blog post about what I  have on some really hot guy’s sex toys, and what’s on my sex toy wish list.

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