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The last post was all about sex toys for girls. Now it’s the guy’s turn.

While many people think that sex toys are for girls, that is far from the truth. There are a lot of hot sex toys made especially for guys.  Anyway, why shouldn’t guys have some sex toys?  Boys love thier toys, and I bet your guy would love a sex toy just as much as you like your’s!

Here are some toys that my husband has used, or ones that I just think are really hot and think any guy would like. 

Sex Toys for Guys

The Super Head Honcho is a soft jelly sleve that looks like pussy lips on one side. Stick your dick in there and it feels just like the real thing. Hold it on your cock and masturbate. With three powerful and tight suction chambers, you’ll be squirting in no time.  I’ve personally seen this one in action, even helped my man fuck it, and he loves it.

Every guy needs to have a cock ring.  

This basic Silicon Prolong Ring is where it all starts. Simple yet does it’s job perfectly.

 The Clit flicker w/wireless stimulator has duel roles as it not only tighly encircles a guy’s dick, but it also has a bullet and special clit flicker to drive the girl crazy. 

 And this Ball Banger Cock Ring just looks too cool not to try. I’m going to buy this for my man’s birthday!

Maximus Power Stroker – Jackoff  looks really hot. No, my man doesn’t have this, but I think I’ll buy it for him. This looks like it would feel really good. Just read this desription: “10 stimulation fingers move rhythmically up and down the shaft. Powerful multi-speed controller.” I’m not even a guy and it makes me  horny just thinking about it!

Finally, every guy MUST have a penis pump!

This Fire Pump has an intense, yet comfortable vacuum sucking action that will have your hard pole stretching higher than you’ve ever cranked it up before!

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