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Jana’s Sex Toy Wish List

We started with Girls Toys in Part 1. Then we moved to Boys Toys in Part 2.  Now it’s time for Part 3.

These are the toys I’m going to purchase in the future and I wanted to share them because they are a little more than just the average or basic toy. I like to try new toys, strange looking toys, and pretty sex toys!

The iRide just looks pretty interesting. I have this position where I like to put a dildo on the floor, next to my bed, and then I can straddle it and hold onto the side of the bed, grasping the sheets as I reach the big “O”. But this pretty pink device looks like it would feel a lot better!

Wild Orchid with Charger is a pretty cool looking device. It comes in a couple different colors, kinda dumbell shaped. It’s inexpensive, which makes it even that much better. I don’t know, it just looks so shiny and pretty. They claim it’s virtually silent, which is a big plus since we have kids and our house is small!

I’ve always wanted to try a glass dildo.. so these are making my list:

The CyberGlass Four-Way G  provides fun in four different ways because it features a curved hot spot tip, a swirled pleasure edge, massaging bumps, and a subtle and smooth reversed tip.  Unlike regular glass, CyberGlass can conduct and maintain different temperatures without cracking or breaking. Experiment with icy chill sand hot thrills. And best of all, CyberGlass is hygienic and easy to clean.

The name  Reflections waterproof glass vibrator nirvana – black says it all. This waterproof bvbrating borosilicate glass has 3 speeds.

I have my tongue piereced, so I’ve always wanted to try one of THESE while I give my hubby head. And, since I put that on my list, I might as well add THIS to my list too.

 Okay, I can’t get too out of control with my wish list, but I do like to dream about being rich and having luxury toys.. so let’s pretend!

The We Vibe 2 is great for solo play or couples. This is highly rated, and not super expensive. It has 9 exciting modes designed to provide maximum climatic stimulation.

The Ina Dual Action Vibrator by Lelo in Purple is for the woman who wants it all – a sleek dual-action vibrator that reaches out seamlessly to the most erogenous zones. There is also a secret within INA’s eight variable stimulation modes; made possible by two individual motors, located in each pleasure point, INA’s ‘Circular Mode’ allows one sensual area to heighten to intensity while the level of vibrations is restricted elsewhere.

For the guys:

Real Touch Output Device is an award winning life-like orifice internal lube mechanism that has heating elements which perfectly recreate the warmth, wetness, and intense pleasure of penetrative oral anal and vaginal sex. RealTouch the most advanced and realistic sex stimulation ever.

And, just because it’s funny, I want THIS

I’d also like to add that I’d love to have those gold sex toys in the picture!

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