It was summer and the weather was perfect.  Perfect for mischief.  Perfect for getting into a little trouble.  Perfect for a play fantasy for Craig and his wife, Gina.

It was 11:30 in the morning when Craig’s secretary called and said that he had someone waiting for him in reception.  Her name was Sylvia Collins.  He didn’t recognize the name.  He didn’t have any appointments.

Straightening his tie, he said, “I’ll be right there.”

In the lobby there was a beautiful woman.  She wore strappy high heels and a flowered summer dress that flowed and wrapped around her curves in a way that made Craig’s cock twitch in his dress pants.  Good thing he’d put his suit jacket on.

“Ah, Ms. Collins.  I’m glad you came to see me. Please come to my office to discuss our business matters.”

Turning to his secretary, he said, “I’ll be having lunch in my office today.  I would like no interruptions please.”

She nodded her head in agreement and smirked knowingly. She’d worked for Craig for long enough that she knew exactly what was going on.

Craig and Ms. Collins disappeared behind the office door.  As it closed behind her, she smirked as she saw Craig turn the lock.

Craig returned to his chair and she immediately walked towards him.  She pressed his legs apart and rubbed her knee gently against his groin.

“Do you like my dress?”

“Oh, I do.  I like what’s not underneath it even better.”

His hands slipped under the hem of her dress, caressing her naked thighs, and continued moving upwards until her reached her pussy.  No panties.  Just what he liked to find. She was wet and completely shaved.

She raised her foot to rest it on the edge of the chair, opening herself up to him.  Her mouth opened in a sigh as he slipped one finger into her folds and then rubbed it against her clit. Pressing against him, she muttered, “Yes…”

See more of this gallery - just click on the picture!

See more of this gallery – just click on the picture!

He pushed her away gently.

“Not yet.”

Licking her lips, she looked down to see  him unzipping his pants.  His larger than average cock popped out and stood up, hard and erect.

She knew exactly what he wanted and she dropped to her knees in front of him. She paused for just a minute to look up at him, her mouth just half an inch from the swollen head.    His hand reached to the back of her neck and he pushed her down.  Her mouth opened willingly and in seconds  his shaft was deep in her hot mouth.

For a moment, he let her control her movements but he couldn’t help himself.  He held her head still and began to thrust into her mouth.

“Ah, Ms. Collins, you have such a fuckable mouth.”

She moaned over his cock, maybe thanking him for the compliment, and the vibrations just made him move his hips faster.

But this was going too fast.  He wanted to cum – but not yet.

“Stand up,” Craig said.

He pulled at the belt that held her dress in place.  Her breasts stood, perky and so very delicate in front of him.  The pink nipples stood out hard, showing her arousal.  His mouth went to one breast and his hand to the other.

Nibbling at a nipple and pinching the other with his thumb and index finger, he made her moan again.  He did love to hear her moan like that.  While his mouth moved to the other breast, his hand slipped between her legs and she opened willingly for him.

First, he teased  her, just sliding his finger up and down her slit. Then, suddenly, two fingers thrust inside her warm and wet gash.  She gasped in surprise.  It was what she wanted but she wasn’t expecting it yet.

For a few minutes he continued to suckled at her breast, finger fucking her pussy, feeling her press against him as she moaned and panted lightly.

See more of this gallery - just click on the picture!

See more of this gallery – just click on the picture!

But he couldn’t wait anymore.

He stood and turned her towards the window.

“Such a good slut you are Ms. Collins.  Would you like me to fuck you now?”

“Yes, please…”

“Even with all the world watching?”

He pulled her hair back slightly and pressed her up against the window.  They were high enough up that he knew the chances of anyone actually seeing them was slim, but he also knew that it turned her on to think that someone might see her like this.

“Yes, just fuck me, please.  I need to feel your cock inside me.”

Craig pulled her hips back and slid just the head of his cock into her pussy.


“Fuck my pussy! Please Craig! Fuck me hard.”

He liked to hear her beg.

But he also liked to feel her tight little snatch close over his shaft as he shoved it deep inside her and he couldn’t wait any more.  So that was exactly what he did.

Grasping her hips he drove his cock deep into her pussy.  Then he pulled back and did it again and again and again until they were both panting.  He slid one hand in front of her and rubbed her clit as he leaned forward and bit her neck, growling ever so slightly.

“MY whore…”


“MY slut…”


“MY cum receptacle…”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

He felt the walls of her pussy clench around his cock as she came, her body shuddering beneath him.  And with one more powerful thrust, he was cumming right there with her.

When their bodies finally calmed, he moved back into the chair, pulling her with him to sit on his lap.

Kissing her neck, he said, “I’m so glad you had time for lunch today my love.  I wish we could do this more often.”

She smiled as his hand caressed her thigh.

“Well, if you weren’t such a busy man, maybe we could.  Of course, we could always get a sitter for the kids and visit  your office in the evening, too.”

“Hmmm,” Craig said, “Now that’s something I’ve never thought of.  We might just have to try that!”

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