by Roberto

After their last meeting, Cali had known that if anything was going to happen with David, she was going to have to initiate it herself.

The relationship between them had grown so smoothly, so effortlessly during the past two years since her arrival at Russell, Gray & Morgan.  But there definitely had been a huge change in the last few months.

From the day that Calista was hired as the firm’s bookkeeper, David Miller had been the brilliant, funny young lawyer who had made her feel important and special.  At first, it had been kind words and witty remarks designed to make her feel like she had always been part of the close-knit inner circle of important people in the office.  Soon after that, they began to share insights and inside jokes, and eventually, friendly smiles had become flirtations as his confident hands lately had begun to linger … with her permission … on her arms and the small of her back.

Friday morning, though, had been different.  David entered her office that morning in his usual way; brown eyes smiling just long enough before he asked for her help with some private documents that required a closed office door, his body and words speaking confidence and energy into whomever he entrusted with his stories and his work.

But then the conversation had taken a more playful turn as he commented on how her clothes always matched from head to toe.  Cali replied with a coy dismissal of the compliment, saying that the jeans that she was wearing on that casual workday made her butt look big.  She knew, though, that the jeans superbly showed off the work that she had been doing lately at the gym, accenting and lengthening the thin, muscular curves of her legs and her beautiful ass, and tapering just above her great ankles.  The crowning touch was the vivid color of her toenails in the pretty but not overstated sandals, a red that drew his eyes to her shapely feet and announced without a word her sophisticated sexiness.

David had responded perfectly, smoothly encouraging her to turn around so that he could pass judgment on the jeans himself.  Her turn away from him was slow and girlish, and she paused facing directly the opposite direction so that he had plenty of time to absorb the complete view of her backside.

And then it happened.  David Miller lost his words.  Just for a moment, but clearly he fumbled over the phrasing of his next compliment, a phenomenon that countless other attorneys would swear was impossible for the golden-tongued litigator.

As Cali completed her turn to face him, she coyly dragged her fingers down her abdomen and across the top button of her jeans.  His next words were a sudden flood of overwhelming heat.  He joked that he often had wondered whether all of her garments matched, and she purred a silky, “Sometimes, but once in a while I don’t have underwear that matches my other clothes.”  She could see his mind reeling through the possibilities as he drew a sharp intake of breath through pursed lips.  His hand somehow had crossed half of the distance to her hip when, suddenly, he pulled it back.  Calista leaned her body just slightly forward into the small space between them, a palpable chemistry and electricity crackling in the few remaining inches.  Again, he seemed nervous, unsure of how to proceed.  Then he made some excuse about a meeting that awaited his arrival, and he opened the office door.

Her fingers waved a small goodbye as Dave turned once more to politely thank her for her help, his eyes dancing between her chest and her jeans but not quite able to find her eyes for more than a split second.  Despite the slight redness of his face, though, David Miller still was smiling as he left her office.  Plainly he wanted her.  And the warmth in her cheeks had joined the goose bumps on her arms and the growing stiffness of her nipples in telling her how much she had wanted him that morning, too.

It was strange that she hadn’t thought of David in that way that for so much of their friendship, but she couldn’t seem to escape the thought now.  He was a great listener, and was so kind, generous, and sexy-cute in his thin, academic frame that would be at home on the streets of London or Milan.  And he always had made her feel so strong, so beautiful, so smart, and … yes … so sexy in her own skin.

The boundary had been his ethics, which, of course, also were superb and admired by almost everyone; even though she had seen plenty of other people resent David’s consistent insistence on goodness, those usually were people who she didn’t respect much herself.  Dave was a rising lawyer in a mid-sized downtown office.  She was the firm’s bookkeeper, ten years younger than he was, and both of them were already involved with other partners.  So that Friday morning had made one thing perfectly clear to Cali:  David simply would never cross the line first.  It would have to come from her if it was going to happen at all.

At first she wrestled with the question in her mind.  But, especially during her sleepless nights, the week that David had been away on firm business ultimately had served to strengthen her resolve to finally make something happen.  It was only on the third night after his departure that Calista’s hands had remembered their long-neglected path across her sensitive breasts and down to the warm wetness between her own thighs, and after a marathon session of self-pleasuring that night, she finally found cozy sleep in delicious dreams for the rest of the week.  Yes, she now was sure, she very much wanted to make it happen … and she had a delicious plan.

Today he had returned from his week out of town.  And now it was nearly noon, the appointed hour.  Her nerves had been jumpy all morning, ever since she sent the package to David in the hand of the young office runner.  A banker’s bag, the thick leatherette fabric nicely hiding the contents without drawing suspicion since it came from the bookkeeper’s office, with a note outside that said simply, “D, please review the enclosed.  Let’s meet about this briefly in my office.  I’ve cleared your schedule, so you can come at noon.  C.”  She had hoped that he had caught her drift in the tease of the last line, but certainly the item in the sealed envelope inside the bag had sent a clear message.

She was glad that she had brought the second pair of panties, simple white cotton ones, to wear during the morning until a few minutes ago, when she had removed them from beneath her brightly-colored skirt and stuffed them deep into her purse before adding a few sprays of perfume to some choice spots.  Ever since placing her lacy pink thong into the envelope that morning, she had been almost constantly warm and wet between her legs, far more than she could remember being in years, and so the cotton pair had at least made her able to function … despite the fact that her brain kept having problems staying on the tasks at her desk.

The clock on her wall read 12:06.  Having already checked a second time to make sure that her office door would automatically lock when closed, she returned to her desk to start mindlessly, nervously typing yet another set of numbers into yet another spreadsheet.  Maybe he hadn’t gotten the package.  Oh, my god.  Maybe it had been delivered to someone else!  Calm down, Cali.  Calm down.  David is a busy attorney.  Maybe he just got sidetracked. Maybe…

And then he entered.  Tall, thin, handsome in a dark gray suit that highlighted the few lighter hairs that were starting to appear on his temples, giving him a distinguished air despite his boyish face.

“Calista, hello,” he said simply as he closed the door and sat in the brown armchair across the desk from her.  “How was your week?  Did you even notice that I was gone?”  He leaned back comfortably, the banker’s bag in his hand, surrounded by his usual aura of confident charm and good humor, but showing no other emotion, no nervousness.  Had he even opened the bag? After some small talk, he continued, “So you wanted to see me.”

“Ummm… Yes, David…”  Now what should she do?  He obviously had no idea about her real purpose behind inviting him to her office! Rising and turning toward her shelves and cabinets along the side wall to search for something, anything that could save her from instant and horrible humiliation, she nervously said, “I … um … I … seem to have … um … misplaced … um …”

“This?” he purred into her ear, his left hand sliding onto her waist from behind while his right hand reached around her shoulder to lay the small bundle of silky lace on the shelf in front of her.  She felt the closeness of his body behind her, felt her own nipples instantly straining against the fabric of her bra and blouse.  She pressed her hips backward, feeling the firmness of him through her soft skirt.  His right hand found the bottom curve of her breast, his thumb grazing the most sensitive skin, as his left hand pulled her even tighter against him.

.“Ohhhh … David …” she cooed quietly, as he breathed warmly against her neck just below the jaw line.  She grinded her hips backward against him again and then turned to face him, not even an inch between their lips.  Raising one eyebrow and dragging the panties down his chest, she asked, “Did you notice that they match my outfit?”

“Yes, I can see that,” he smiled.  “But, my Cinderella, I think that a closer examination is required before I can simply call the glass slipper yours.”  His hands slid down her back, palms and fingers lightly crossing the curve of her bottom before beginning to gather up the fabric of her skirt.  His lips widened as he bent downward to take in the flesh of her neck, her collarbone.  She gasped and silently thanked herself for having the CD player already on so that it could cover her seemingly uncontrollable vocalizations.  His right fingers had found the hem of her skirt, and now his hand slowly slid up the outside of her left thigh, stopping to cup her cheek and lift her leg around his waist.

Fully exposed and spread, she felt waves already pulsing inside her abdomen and thighs.  David’s left hand joined his right, and she felt herself being lifted onto the edge of her own desktop.  Setting her down gently while sliding her skirt completely up to her waist, his tongue touching hers for an eternal second, David then whispered

“Perhaps a closer view will help.”  She closed her eyes as his lips and teeth worked slowly down her body, across one breast, down her abdomen, and then all the way down her right leg.  Licking, kissing, her muscles stretching as he reached the arch of her foot.

“Beautiful…”  He moved his shoulder to a position under her right thigh and then, grabbing her other leg, extended his tongue to draw a long line from the inside of her left ankle up her calf, past the inside of her knee, and up the full length of her thigh.

Now resting her second leg on his other shoulder, he smiled as his thumbs and fingers began to toy with her, separating her pink lips, gently massaging her clitoris.  She arched her back and fought with every bit of self-control to keep from screaming as he lowered his head and slowly licked her, the tip of his tongue teasing in and out as he crossed the opening.  Her hands and fingers grasped for anything, papers, his shirt, her own skin, as his pace grew steadily faster and increased the pressure of his tongue and lips on her and in her, devouring her juices.  “Ohhh … Oh, my god … Ohhh … Yes.  Yessss … Yes!”

He bobbed his head up just long enough to smile a slow, “Shhhhh …” before he dived back into her more aggressively, his hands now lifting her hips to press her against his face, his tongue now fully inside the hot wetness of her.  She could feel the blood draining from her head, making her dizzy.  Her fingernails dug into her own skin and into his.  She arched strongly, thrusting herself against his mouth as his tongue slid up to her clit while his strong fingers slid into her deeply, thrusting, pulsing, drawing smooth circles inside her as she reached a crescendo of near explosion.  She was aware of the slight taste of blood as she realized that she was biting her own lip to keep from yelling, “Fuck me, David.  Fuck me!”  Bucking and pounding her body against him, her legs tightly wrapped around his shoulders and back, Cali felt the waves pulsing harder and harder through her body.  David’s fingers penetrated deeply, his tongue enveloped her clit, and one of his fingers somehow slid below and behind her, teasing her backside.  Desperately wanting him to fill her in every way, Cali grinded her hips downward, taking him into both holes at once as she burst into orgasmic explosion.  Over and over and over again, waves of molten heat and pure ecstasy ravaged her body from within, shaking, quaking.  “Oh … my … oh yes … my god … ohmygodohmygod … oh … man … oh … holy … oh … ohhhhh … fuck … ohh … yesssssss … mmmmmmm … mmmm … mmmm …”

Slowly, slowly, his hands now lightly caressing her thighs, her abdomen, her calves, Cali’s body quivered to a rest.

“Oh, my god, David.  Thank you.  I …”  Her words drifted off as she stood, straightening her clothes, leaning in to straighten his tie and once more smell the clean muskiness of his cologne.

The corners of his mouth curled into a smug half-smirk.  “The pleasure, I promise, was entirely mine, Beautiful Calista.  However, I am not entirely satisfied with our meeting.”

Really? “No?” she asked.

“No.  In fact…”  He wiped the last remnants of her liquids from his glowing lips and smiled a wicked grin, “I think that there are a few holes that I’d like to fill in more thoroughly.  And soon.”

Oh, yes. “Very soon,” she replied.  Very soon.


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