by Mike Bray

You and I had been chatting online in Yahoo Chat for quite some time and as we chatted the more we became attracted to one another. We both were writers of Adult Erotica and had exchanged stories and ideas for stories we were writing. You had read and became quite aroused by mine and asked me to write you a story that involved you and me as the main characters so I readily agreed. I sat one day and wrote you a very vivid and erotic story. You read it and became seriously aroused by it, so much so in fact that you private messeged me and told me how wet it had gotten you.

Myself, being in a sexless relationship, needed to relieve my sexual tension so I told you to prove it to me. Normally you wouldn’t do this with any guy you chatted with online, but you left out of the chat room and went into a private messege with me and turned on your cam. I was amazed to see you lying naked on your bed, my story printed out beside you. You begin to massage your firm 36 C breasts in front of the cam and me, gently tugging on your small hard nipples, lifting them enough to touch them with the tip your tongue. I became so turned on I quickly turned on and invited you to my cam. You watch as I strip off my shirt exposing my bare chest and toned abs. I watch as you move the cam down a bit and spread your legs to expose your very damp, tight, hot pussy. You gently begin rubbing your clit, spreading your lips of your pussy open for me. I messege you and tell you I would do anything to lick your pussy right at that moment. You moan my name as we had decided to use Video Chat and were on our mics as well.

I hear you moan “mmmm.. Mike I want to feel your hot breath and tongue all over my nipples and pussy.” I undo and remove my pants and boxer shorts to free my now rigid and erect hard cock.

“Oh my god, I so wish you were here, so I could suck your cock as you lick my pussy,” you moan as I begin to stroke myself. I tell you I wish it was in your mouth and I could fuck your mouth right now. I watch as you begin to rub your clit faster and harder, and then you slip one, then two fingers into your now very wet pussy.

You hear me moan “God Lisa I want to come over and fuck your tight, hot wet pussy.”

You reply back with, “Yes Mike, come fuck my pussy.” I watch as you finger fuck your twat and rub your breasts and nipples. You begin to thrust your hips and buck, as you moan louder as your orgasm builds. I begin stroking my cock harder and faster.

Suddenly you moan “Oh My God Mike I’m cumming!” You have such a strong orgasm you even squirt a little bit. This proves to be enough to trigger my own built up orgasm and seeing as I haven’t came in a few days I explode a huge load of cum over my hip. You see this and it triggers a second mini orgasm. You moan softly “What a waste that should have been in my pussy or mouth, wish I could come over and lick it off you.” I say maybe next time, as my girlfriend would be home at any minute. We both log off and go clean up. You’re so turned on you masturbate again in the shower thinking about what you just saw me do and what you did and how much it turned you on and sexually excited you, including the thought of how much I turn you on more than your own boyfriend. You feel a tiny bit bad but more aroused and you bring yourself to orgasm again thinking of it.

Over the next week as we talked off and on you couldn’t stop thinking of what we had done on cam and how aroused and turned on I made you, you even had to admit to yourself that at 8 and a half inches long and 2 inches thick, I was quite bigger than your boyfriend, and when he wasn’t home and I wasn’t online, you found yourself masturbating and thinking about me. Hell you even had to admit when your boyfriend was having sex with you, you thought about me and were wishing it was me fucking you instead.

One afternoon as we talk, you complain about your laptop acting up again. Seeing as I know quite a bit about computers I volunteer to come over and look at it. I think nothing of it – just a basic computer service call and spending time with a friend. But you decide to make it much more than that. seeing as you have had me on your mind as much as you have and been wanting me, you decide that since I am going to service your computer, you’d service me in exchange.

I come over with my computer tools to fix your laptop, but that is not the tool you are interested in. You are wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe as you answer the door excitedly waiting for me, to the point your pussy is now dripping as you watch as I sit and begin to work on your computer. You become more excited and aroused as you watch me and you undo your bathrobe and begin massaging your pussy lips and clit and also your breasts. I hear you gently moaning as I finish up the laptop and I turn around to inform you it is working better. I see you playing with your nipples and breasts and gently rubbing your clit. The sight of and this quickly turns me on.

You look at me and say, “Well, since you are done servicing my computer, you want to service me now?”

I turn and kneel, pull you to me, remove your bathrobe and lean in and kiss you deep and passionately as I grab your firm sexy ass with one hand and grasp and fondle your large firm breasts with the other. You moan softly as I do this and then I lean down and kiss down your neck to your breasts and each one of your nipples. I softly and gently suck and nibble on your hardening nipples. Then I take each breast in my mouth one at a time and suck and lick all over them as much as I can, as my other hand slips to your pussy. I slowly rub your clit, then I slip one then two fingers deep in your very hot, tight, wet pussy and begin to finger you slowly and deeply.

By now you have removed my shirt and undone my jeans. My boxers and jeans slide to the floor. You slowly stroke my hardening cock. You love the feel of it in your hand and you drop to your knees and lick up the shaft, then around the head and the tip, licking off my pre cum and you then take me fully in your mouth as deep as you can. I grasp the back of your head and begin fucking your mouth and shoving my cock down your throat making me you gag a bit on me each time. I am rock hard by this point and wanting to fuck you but I want to work you up some more.

I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom and I lay back and have you straddle my face and I slide my tongue out and begin licking your pussy, then I suck on your clit. I slide my fingers back in your tight hot wet pussy and begin working them in and out as you lean forward and suck and stroke my rock hard cock as we 69. We both get so worked up that our orgasms are impending.

But you stop me and slide off and you lay next to me just kissing me to calm me a bit. Then you tell me you want me inside you so bad. I slide your legs open in a spooning position as we kiss and rub the tip of the head of my cock over your pussy lips, then I slowly slide deep inside you an inch at a time. I fully enter you as deep as I can getting my full 8.5 inches in your tight hot wet pussy. Slowly I begin to thrust in and out, taking my time pleasing you, hearing your moan as I thrust in and out. I suck on your breasts and nipples as I thrust in and out, then I roll you over and place your legs on my shoulders and begin fucking you harder and faster in missionary. You quickly cum from this and I feel myself getting close so I slow down and stop.

I have you bend over the bed and I rub the shaft and head over your pussy. I am so amazed at getting to finally make love you I want to take my time with it. I then slide in you as you beg me to quit teasing and just please you some more. I slide my hard cock deep in your pussy from behind as you reach back and begin rubbing your clit. I smack your sexy ass and tell you that you’re such a sexy and naughty girl and you turn me on so bad. You moan louder with each time I smack your ass and plunge into you.

After a few moments of us fucking like this I lay back and tell you to ride my hard cock. You straddle me and lean down and we kiss and then I kiss and nibble on your neck and then your breasts. You start riding me harder and faster, taking me deep as possible in your pussy, You moan, “God Mike give me your cum, I want to feel it so bad inside me.” I have you start riding me faster and taking me harder and deeper in your pussy. Suddenly you moan that you are cumming again and I moan, “Oh My God Lisa, I’m cumming!” You feel me explode deep in your pussy as I empty my hot seed deep in your pussy. I fill you with so much cum that it drips out of you as we both continue to cum together.

Finally once I am spent you slide off of me. You slide down my body and suck the remaining cum and your juices off my cock and then you slide back up and rest your head on my chest. I tell you how long I have waited for this day and how bad I have wanted you, and how amazing it felt making love to you. You tell me the same goes for you. We rest and then we go for round 2 and 3 in the bed and the shower together. I end up cumming in you at least twice more. We decide that at that point that the sex is so good we are going to continue getting together as “Friends with benefits” without our partners knowing so we can both enjoy great sex with each other on a regular basis.

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