If you like your erotic stories short and dirty then this is the collection for you. I’ve taken my four short stories that are available on Kindle – Car Trouble, Worth His While, Friends Share, and On the Back of a Motorcyle – and put them into one book for you. AND I’ve added 8 more stories for your reading pleasure!

It Never Hurts to Ask and other quick and dirty stories is perfect for bedtime. It will get you hot and bothered and ready for some fun between the sheets. Solo or with a partner!

There is a little something for everyone – girl on girl, anal sex, outdoor sex, lesbian sex, office sex – it’s lots of fun!

Here’s a little teaser from Wrestling with Eric:

And that’s when he kissed me.

“What the…”

“Shut up for once and let me kiss you!”

His words stopped me in my tracks and then his lips were on mine again. They were gentler now and I couldn’t believe this was Eric kissing me. My stomach was doing that butterfly thing that I’d thought only happened in romance books and there was some definite chemical reaction happening down below as well.

I was speechless and thought about telling him to back off but his kisses were incredibly arousing. And he knew just what to do with his hands. They were all over my body. Just skimming the surface of my desire he avoided anything overtly sexual. Instead of touching my breasts his fingers grazed the curve of my belly and the outer curve of my breasts. Instead of going directly towards my pussy his touched my thighs and hips with gentle caresses.
When his hands finally did go to my breasts it was like jolts of electricity going through my body. My mind was screaming, “Yes, more” and then, “Wait, this is Eric!” But I couldn’t stop him and I didn’t want to.

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