Nata and Alisa had been friends for a long time.  But they were just good friends.  Or so they thought!  One night, when Nata had broken up with a boyfriend, they decided they needed to have a girls night in.  Alisa came over to sleep over night and brought all the goodies – chips and ice cream, lots of chick movies, and tissues of course!  Can’t have a good chick night without lots of tears and tissues!  And that night was to be no different.

They started off with a big pint of double chocolate chip ice cream and the sappiest movie they could fine.  All was going well, until the heroine in the movie got dumped.  And then Nata’s tears started.  It was all so fresh.  Maybe this wasn’t the best movie to bring over, Alisa thought.  So, Alisa comforted Nata while she cried.  And then, as Alisa was holding her close, Nata tipped her face back and kissed Alisa.  Alisa was a little bit surprised but it felt good.  It was sweet and she’d known Nata for so long that it wasn’t strange to her at all.


Everything after that came totally naturally to them.  The caresses, the kisses, the touching.  Nata’s body was as familiar to Alisa as her own so when they began to take their clothes off, Alisa had no problem touching her.  Nata’s body responded to Alisa’s touch like one that had been deprived for a long time.  When Alisa ran her fingers over Nata’s nipples, Nata arched her back and sighed.  When Nata reached out to touch her the same way, Alisa felt like she was lost in all these new sensations.

Nata’s touch was nothing like a man’s – it was soft and gentle, undemanding yet wanting.  The touch of another woman excited and thrilled both of the girls.


Their love making lasted all night long.  They’d talk, cuddle, watch the movie, and make love some more.  Both of the girls were in awe over the pleasure they could give each other.  The feelings they had as they made each other moan and sigh were so exciting and so different.

Now the girls are still good friends.  They still have boyfriends.  But sometimes they crave a woman’s touch and when they do they go to each other for the caresses and kisses they discovered on that night.  Their boyfriends don’t know a thing about it though.  Girl kisses and girl touches are just for them  – not for the guys!

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