I recently released the short story, On the Back of a Motorcycle and it’s free on Kindle today until the 18th.

Here’s a quick teaser:

When the set finally ended she began gathering her clothes and the guys and I went back to beer drinking and guy talk, but not before I saw her jump from the stage fully naked. I whipped my head around to see her climb into some dude’s lap and give him a long kiss. Hands pulled her ass cheeks in close and gave her a little squeeze. It wasn’t until she climbed off that I realized that the guy whose lap she was sitting on wasn’t a guy at all but a girl. In fact, it was Darcy.

I swiveled in my seat before Darcy saw me. I was embarrassed but I wasn’t sure why. All these years I’d been lusting after her while she was gone. All those years in high school when she sent me home with blue balls. It made sense finally. Why didn’t she just tell me though? Did she enjoy playing me for the fool?

While I was ranting inside my head, “Eve” had gone to the back to get dressed and had come back to Darcy. Darcy handed her a helmet and they headed towards the door.

I had to follow them. I didn’t know why but my brain was racing and I wasn’t exactly thinking logically. I made my excuses to the guys and went after them. They were just pulling away on a motorcycle.

This is a sexy voyeur story about a guy that runs into his high school sweetheart and finds out that she’s now a lesbian. He follows her and her girlfriend out into the woods where he gets the show of a lifetime!

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Originally posted 2013-07-16 10:48:02.