by Beau Stevens

“Close the balcony door Jim, I’m getting cold”, said Susie as she pulled the covers up under her chin.

I walked across the foot of the bed slowly, looking at her as a few snowflakes drifted in through the open door. I stopped and put my hands on the wrought-iron footboard, shook my head at her and said, “No”.

“What do you mean, no?” she asked.

“I mean just that. NO!”, I replied as I reached down and pulled the sheets down to the foot of the bed.

Startled, she hurried to reach down to retrieve the sheets, but I was too quick.

With a deft hand I grabbed her by the wrist, quickly brought out a silk scarf and tied a quick knot. I then wrapped the other end around the wrought-iron bedpost and secured it tightly. Knowing she would try to untie it, I grabbed her other wrist quickly and did the same, leaving her tied up and naked, belly-up on our queen-size bed.

“Cold?”, I asked.

“Yes, you sonofabitch”, she snapped. “Of course I’m cold!”

I slowly sauntered around the bed and got on at the other end. Taking my time, I undressed as I watched her shiver and squirm.

“I don’t know,” I said casually, “Seeing you lying there naked and helpless gets me a little hot.” I winked at her as I reached down and grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs apart.

I looked at her as I licked my lips and then ran my tongue up the inside of her leg – starting at her ankle and ending just on the inside of her thigh, below her pussy. She moaned softly and shuddered. I looked up again, then moved back down to her ankle and blew a light stream of air over the wet streak my tongue had just left. She shivered again, and I blew lightly on her pussy as it began to moisten.

“Cold?”, I asked again, without looking up.

“Mmmm, a little,” she muttered.

I ran my hands down her legs and wrapped them around her thighs. My tongue descended upon her clit and I licked it hard in circles. Then I lifted my lips and blew softly on her clit.

“Cold?” I asked a third time.

She was panting and squirming a lot now, and replied quietly “No.”

So, I lowered my tongue and proceeded to lick her slit feverishly, my tongue sliding all over her silky wetness and occasionally darting inside her for an extra taste.

Sensing her desire, I moved swiftly on top of her and thrust my throbbing cock inside and fucked her hard. Before long we were both dripping with sweat and ready to explode.

Then in one final frenzy, I pushed hard and deep before pulling my cock out, stroking it and exploding all over her writhing body, soaking her in hot, sticky cum.

Spent for the moment, I collapsed onto her, my lips close to her ear and asked, “Cold?”

She had no reply.