By Grace Thomas

Because she was closer, he knew she would beat him to the hotel. He had exceeded the speed limit in such frightful manner to get there sooner he had scared himself. He slowed down. When he arrived he found her pile of unpacked luggage in the middle of the room and her office clothes strewn around proving she had indeed gotten there before him. Her black lacy bra hung from the lampshade and her high-heeled shoes had been left inside her pantyhose on the floor in her haste to get undressed. He tripped over them. He smiled as he deposited his suit on top of her clothes, slipped on his swim trunks, retrieved the only towel she had left in the bathroom and headed for the elevator.

Even before he reached the pool area, the sounds of children laughing, splashing and screaming faded his ardor. If the pool was full of kids, he would have to revise some of the games he had planned for her. Crowds never stopped them from playing water games but they cooled it around children. They didn’t want the tykes asking their parents any embarrassing questions or trying out their water ballet moves on their friends.

His eyes sought her out as they always did. He saw her stretched out on a lounge. He knew she had all ready been in the water to cool off because her damp hair was tied up in one of the missing towels and he could see her erect nipples through the sheer white wet top of her two-piece bathing suit. Her eyes were hidden behind her huge movie star sunglasses. He noticed several of the fathers appreciating her one slightly bent knee that gave a view of her white covered crotch. Only he knew that under that delicate tiny piece of material was her smooth hairless mound. He knew because he personally made sure it stayed that way.

He threw his towel on the lounger next to her, slipped off his deck shoes and dove into the water hoping the tidal surge was big enough to hit her. He surfaced amid a group of still-wet-behind-the-ear boys and a flotilla of inflatable water toys. He hoped with the sinking of the sun, the parents would soon gather the herd off and tuck them into their beds. Laps were out of the question so he floated along letting the waves wash the workweek tension out of his muscles, fantasized about the woman on the lounger and ran a hand inside his trucks to touch himself. His daydreams now centered on the huge king-sized bed upstairs in the hotel room.

The silence brought him back to the present. The last of the kids were trailing wet towels and toys behind them as their parents headed off to find some other way of distracting their offspring. The pool lights were burning up through the water. He adjusted his course back to the other side of the pool only to find her lounger empty. Something touched the back of his neck and he twisted, ready to kill a floating dinosaur to find her hand stroking the tiny hairs growing there. Damp arms came up around his neck; legs encircled his waist and wet lips pressed down on his own.

“Hi there,” she whispered. “Missed you. Love you. Want you.” She moved even closer, bumping her mound against his hard shaft. She licked the water droplets out of his mustache.

“The kids…” he tried to protest. His arms were around her waist in the false pretense of holding her up. His hand was inside the tiny piece of material that barely covered her bottom. He squeezed her ass.

“…Are gone.” Her fingers spider walked up the inside of his thigh to the hem of his trunks while she nibbled under his ear.

He could feel her nails on his skin. He always wore trunks with loose legs for just the reason he was experiencing. “The lights…”

“…Are on.” Her hand was inside his trunks and grasping his rudder.

“The security cameras…” His cock swelled into the palm of her hand.

“…Are recording.” She tried to pull away from him. “Any more complaints?” She was losing the mood and getting frustrated.

“Nope.” He held on tight and twirled her in the water. “Just checking.” He pulled her until her back was resting on his chest. He moved the long wet hair out of his way and kissed the back of her neck. Her arms floated on the top of the water and he could feel her relax. He slipped a hand into the front of her panties and a finger smashed down on her clit.

A moan escaped from between her lips.

Something floated passed them, casting a shadow on the floor of the pool. The toy gave him an idea for a new game and he let go of her so fast to capture the item, she sank.

“Hey…” she started to complain until he grabbed her, lifted her and draped her over the edge of the pool. “You know this is squashing my tits, right?” she whined.

He fished the paddle out of the water. He examined it. It resembled a ping-pong ball paddle but he guessed it was for the small rubber balls still floating around. He hefted it to feel the weight and noticed the handle resembled something she always traveled with. He rubbed the face across her butt. “What?”

“I said this position is squashing my …” She never got to finish.

He smacked her round rump with the paddle. With both surfaces wet, it produced a satisfactory clap.

She tried to wiggle away but with her feet dangling in the water she could find no foothold. She knew better than to try and drag herself across the rough concrete. So she relaxed into his care, trusting him implicitly.

He pulled the tiny panties down to the lower curve of her cheeks, exposing her full plump ass to the world. He brought the paddle down on first one side then the other until he was rewarded as her skin glowed red. He splashed water up over her butt then kissed each reddened globe.

She took a deep breath, thinking he was done but felt her swimsuit bottoms sliding further down her legs. “Excuse me. The lights are on and the cameras can see…”

He swatted her butt one more time for good measure. “Quiet,” he requested. He had her panties worked down to her knees. He ran a hand between the glowing cheeks of her butt to discover her well lubricated. He inserted a finger just to test the wetness.

She pushed back into him but was disappointed when he removed his finger. She started to roll but his hand in the small of her back stayed her movement.

“Hold still,” he ordered.

Her legs were spread apart, straining the fabric of her bottoms. She could feel probing at the sensitive folds leading to her inner self. She crossed her arms under her head and lay back down to enjoy his games. “Are you standing on something to be able to reach me? Don’t slip and drown.”

She felt gentle pushing against her until the hardness slipped passed her barrier and slid into her body. She knew every inch of him, knew every feel of him on and in her body and this was not him.

“What the hell are you using back there?” She tried to twist and see but couldn’t manage it. She was suddenly well aware of what he was using.

“Shush.” He slowly worked the handle of the paddle up into her, enjoying the view of it disappearing inside inch by inch. His free hand was drizzling water over her tender lobes and letting it run down her crack. He twirled the toy.

“You know some kid is going to pick that up and wonder about the …oh my god, do that one again.” She tried to push back into the handle but was afraid of falling back into the pool.

He had it all the way in and grasped the paddle part to hold it in place. He stopped dipping water over her and moved passed the handle to slosh water up on her clit. When she was moaning in agony, he pinched her knob between two fingers and let the handle slip back out just so he could push it in again.

He was reward when he felt her shudder all over and the walls of her canal clamped down around the handle. He rolled her button between his fingertips and watched the paddle wiggle up and down with each of her contractions making little ripples in the water.

When her orgasm had faded, he released the paddle and let it float away from them. He tried working her bottoms back up and wasn’t having much success.

“Why are you shaking?” she asked, doing a little shaking of her own.

“I’m cold.” He gave up on redressing her and looked toward the towels on the loungers.

“Then get out of the water.”

He left her, climbed out of the pool, lay down on the lounger and draped towels over his damp shoulders. He was rewarded with a view of her rolling onto her side, managing to stand up, adjusting the squashed tits back into their cups and trying to work the damp panties back into place. He watched her start back to him but then she detoured out into the grass. “What are you doing? Come over here.”

“All ready came.” She sat down on the foot of his lounger and ran a hand up between his legs.

He planted both feet off to the sides of the chair. “What were you doing over there?”

“Lift your butt,” she requested.

“Why? You have plenty of room.” He knew she had room because her hand was inside of his trunks.

She twisted until her knees were on the ground and she was facing him. “Lift your butt,” she ordered.

“The cameras are …” He lifted his butt but not before draping a towel over his lap.

“You weren’t worried about the cameras when it was my bare ass sticking up in the air.” Her butt was still sticking up as she worked the air mattress under his cheeks.

“I hope that thing doesn’t have a squeaky toy in it. The noise would be distracting.” He settled onto the pad. It was like sitting on air.

“You are being distracting,” she pointed out as she squeezed his toy.

Being a smart man, he shut up. He felt her nails on his skin as she gripped his legs. Her mouth was on him and she sucked at his balls, taking each one onto her tongue and rolling it around. She kissed the tiny little spot right where his cock jutted from him body. She ignored the hard penis waiting for her attention while she licked the sides of his sack by his thighs.

Because he was up higher, she went deeper and flicked the end of her tongue over his anus. The towel covered her head but he could make out the white of half-covered butt weaving around. He went to watching the stars as she replaced her tongue with a fingernail.

She pulled back and made him wait before leaning down. She licked the head wet then plunged to whole length of him deep into her mouth. She left him there, sucking in her cheeks as her tongue danced across the sensitive spot. Then slowly she pulled back creating suction as she went until her teeth caught just around the rim. She dipped her tongue into the eye then ran it around the rim. She blew across the hole and was rewarded with a moan.

“Hurry,” he suggested.

“Nope,” she answered and sucked him back in.

He could feel the back of her throat. She swallowed and he could feel her muscles move around him. Her tongue swished back and forth on the underside of him.

She released him then pulled a tiny bite back in. She let go then sucked in a bit more. She continued until she was sucking the length of his cock into her mouth then letting go to dive back for more.

The chair was rocking and he feared for the air mattress. Her tongue lashed at him and she picked up her rhythm. She gripped the root with one hand and tickled his anus with the other.

Up and down his shaft her mouth and tongue licked and teased and nibbled and tortured. Every few strokes she would release him and suck in just the sweet spot and play it over her tongue then she would be back to taking the whole of him into her.

Faster she went and his hips joined in with the air mattress helping with the bouncing. She let the pressure build just to the breaking point then released her hold on the root and stayed her movement. She held his cock in her mouth as he spewed cum deep into her throat. She kept him there, swallowed his load then licked him clean.

She sat up. “Can we please go up to the room? I’m cold and damp and hungry and my knees hurt.”

“In a minute. I don’t think I could stand…” He felt cold air as she ripped the towel off and pulled the plug on the air mattress. “Yes. We can go back to the room.” He stood up and followed.

Tucked into bed, he was just about to fall asleep when he heard her voice. “What?”

“I’m sorry. I know you are asleep but will you rub ointment on my…”

“Knees?” He smiled remembering her position.

“No. My butt.”

Now he was wide-awake. “Oh, shit. I didn’t hurt you did I?”


“Then what?”

She didn’t want to admit it. “My butt is covered in mosquito bites and the itch is driving me crazy.”

He rolled out of bed, threw back the covers, turned on the lamp and inspected the affected area. He laughed. “I’ll do the scratching for you.” He dug the ointment out of her large suitcase. He started slathering it on her ass.

“I don’t think there are any bites near my … oh, yes, right there. Don’t stop,” she wiggled under his caress.

He worked his cock while continuing to rub ointment on her until she had another orgasm, flooding the palm of his hand and wondered if the cum he was about to spray her with would help the bug bites.


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