Click the picture to see the book in the Amazon Kindle store!

Click the picture to see the book in the Amazon Kindle store!

In case you haven’t noticed I release Part 1 of a 3 part story about a week ago.  It’s very hot and rather dirty and what it leads up to is even better.  I’m telling  you, just thinking about this story gets me wet.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little teaser with you…

Kara groaned and struggled not to give in.  He removed his fingers and again slid them through her pussy lips, this time stopping to circle lightly over her hard nub.  He felt her body shudder and he smiled.  She was completely under his control now.  He knew that she thought she’d been running the show up until this point but there was nothing controlled about her now.

Again, he lowered himself down to her, this time going right for her clit.  He sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.  A loud moan escaped her lips and she lost control arching her back, pressing her mound towards the heat of his mouth.  His tongue lowered to explore the entrance of her dark cave for a moment before moving back up.  He teased her with his mouth, his tongue and his fingers until he thought she could go no further.

As suddenly as her excitement had reached almost the peak, he pulled away from her and pulled her up.   He directed her to kneel on the couch; legs spread wide, arms resting on the back.  He stepped back to watch her as she kneeled there – wanting, needing, and craving nothing but his cock.

“Stay put.  Do not move, do not touch yourself.  I will be right back.”

He left the room and went to the kitchen to find something cool to drink.  He didn’t want to lose control and fuck her senseless – not yet anyway.  He found a Heineken in the fridge and returned to sit in the armchair, opposite the couch.

“So Kara, how are you feeling?”

She whimpered and it made him smile.

“Kara – are you ok?”

“Umm, yes, but…”

“But what?”

She didn’t know what to say.

“It’s ok.  Just tell me how you’re feeling Kara.  Are you hot?”


“Are you horny?” he asked, knowing very well what her answer would be.


“You are going to have to ask for what you want if you want to get it Kara.”

She was silent.

“Tell me Kara – do you like to play with toys?  I’ll bet you own vibrator, don’t you?”

She squirmed.

“Where are they?” he asked.

“Under my bed…”

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