You can click on the picture if you want to buy one just like it!

You can click on the picture if you want to buy one just like it!

Ok – I have a confession to make.  I have a huge crush on the Honest Bachelor.  No clue who he is?

Well, that’s ok. Unless you’re a Periscope user you likely wouldn’t know.  But if you’re not a Periscope user I highly encourage you to download the app on your phone and look him up.  Because he is one little hottie!

I’ve been watching him on Periscope for ages and I think the thing I love most about him is his dirty mind.  No, I’m serious.  I’ve never seen a dirtier mind.  This guy is insane.

And his pink dildo.  It looks like that —->

I can’t even tell you what I have imagined doing with that thing.  With him and to him.

You see, he says he’s straight but I have a feeling that he would love being bent over in front of me while I bust his anal cherry with that pink dildo. Getting fucked in the ass by a fan girl is not gay at all. 😉

I’d be ever so gentle…at first.

I’d lube him up good with my hand, stroking his cock while he moans.  If he whined about me taking too long I’d drip hot candle wax on the soles of his feet until he behaved.  Then I’d lube up that virgin ass.  I’m pretty sure I’d need a lot of lube so I’d just keep shoving it in there until it ran down his thighs.

Then I’d get to work on stuffing that pink dildo in his asshole.

You know, it’s not easy to break a dude’s anal cherry.  It takes a lot of work and patience.  And you have to give the balls and the cock lots of attention while you’re working that plastic dick in that tight hole.  Otherwise they forget that it’s supposed to be fun!

Eventually, I know I would win.  And even if I could just see Bach on his knees with that pink dildo sticking out of ass, just a few inches in, I’d be happy.

But he wouldn’t want to miss out on what would come next.

I’d slide between his thighs and start sucking on his balls as I slide that fat dildo in a little further.  Little by little. He’d learn to enjoy the pain that comes with the pleasure I’d give him.  And then I’d take his cock in my mouth.  As I shoved the dildo further into his ass, his cock would slide to the back of my throat.  I’d pull the dildo out a bit and then shove it back in again.

He’s a dirty boy.  I’m pretty sure that it would not take long before I got to take his ropey loads!

Love you Bach (because I know you’re reading this)!  Keep doing you!

Now you can say you have your first fan fiction. 😉