by Ken Randall

“Better sit down, Dave. Got some bad news.”

Dave looked over his glass of Jack and Coke, nodding a go ahead.

“Jessie home? Where is she?”

“Sleeping, why?”

Dave’s set his drink down, worried now.

“I was working the night shift last night at the photo-mat. Guy brought these in. I made copies. Couldn’t destroy the originals. You won’t like this.”

John handed him a photo envelope and poured himself a whiskey. Dave opened it and looked. His face paled. His hands shook a bit, flipping from photo to photo. John swallowed, nervous.

“What in the goddamn …Jesus fuckin’…”

Pictures of Jessie flipped by: naked on a hotel bed, masturbating, sucking some guy’s cock, fucking him, getting it in the ass even, then taking a clearly-focused cumshot in the face… then licking his cock clean. 26 in all.

There was no doubt it was Jessie, his beautiful, blonde goddess, her fat bouncing tits and beautiful round ass, her lusty blue gaze into the man’s camera…

Dave took a swig of whiskey. The fight began and didn’t stop until 1:30 a.m.

“Cock-sucking whore! How could you!? After all I’ve…! Working so many hours… to give you this home, this life! This is how you repay me!? Whore! Filthy, sickening slut! How many more guys…!?”

“Easy, Dave!” John grabbed his arm. He was raising fists now. Dave shook him off.

“Who was he!? I want to know! Your boss!? That prick from the fitness club!? WHO, GODDAMMIT!?”

Dave was purple with rage. His eyes bulged. His hands shook. Then tears came.

“Who else you fuck!? I shoulda known not to marry you! Fucked the whole football team by the time you were seventeen! Who else!? How long’s this been going on? Whore! Whore! WHORE!”

His gnashed his teeth, growling the words now, pointing into her face, near insane. Jessie looked away, her blank stare fading from fear to boredom after hours of abuse.

Then he was packing his bags, still screaming, still crying.

“Keep it all! The house, the money! Everything! I don’t care! I’m gone! You’ll never see me again! EVER! BITCH! SLUT! WHORE!”

His screams faded as he stumbled from the house, his suitcase thumping against his leg. His car roared to life and squealed down the streets into the hot summer night. John stood alone with Jessie.

“Jesus. I thought he was gonna smack you around…”

“I thought he would have smacked you around! These photos are fucking top quality, num nuts! You were supposed to shoot them amateur! Amateur, John! Not Penthouse quality!”

John admired one.

“I can’t shoot crap photos, even if I try!”

“You’re just fuckin’ lucky Dave’s never paid much attention to your style!”

“God, you’re sexy when you’re angry.”

She sighed long and hard and looked at her watch.

“My nerves are completely frazzled. We got time for a quick one before he’s back to apologize again.”

She drew his cock from his pants and sucked him hard. Minutes later, they were fucking .