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So, since I’ve been working on my novel, Confessions of a Hospitality Slut, I’ve been doing some writing in public.  Cafes and that sort of thing.  And you know, I can’t speak for other writers, but what I write actually turns me on (otherwise, why write it right?).  And that is quite the interesting experience.

If I’m writing a really good sex scene and I get aroused what should I do?  Well, I do what I need to do in order to continue writing.

First, I finish the scene.  Because truthfully, the best sex scenes are written when I’m really turned on.  And I feel like everyone is watching me.  Can they see me squirm?  Can they see a flush in my face?  Can the see the shortening of my breath?

And finally, when I’ve managed to finish the scene in writing, I go to the bathroom and take care of business.

Yes, I masturbate in public washrooms.

I find it very exciting to know that someone could walk in at any moment and I’m playing with myself behind the doors of the stall.

What about you?  Have you ever masturbated in a semi-public place?  What was it like?

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