by Lucy Felthouse

Duncan fiddled nervously with his tie as he perched on the edge of the leather sofa. He was in the reception area of a graphic design company, awaiting an interview.

Some minutes later – Duncan had arrived early – he was approached by a slim blonde twenty-something.

“Mr Steel? We’re ready for you now. I’m Fiona Banbury.” Duncan took the extended hand and shook it – remembering a firm handshake is essential. They made their way to the lift, Fiona’s manicured index finger selecting the ‘up’ button on the control panel. The lift hummed into life, and shortly opened its doors to allow them access.

Duncan and Fiona stood politely on opposite sides of the carriage. Fiona began studying whatever information it conveyed on the clipboard she was carrying. Duncan took the opportunity to check her out. She was certainly a looker. Long sleek blonde hair, pulled back into a professional-looking ponytail. Simple stud earrings complemented both the delicate chain at her neck and the matching bracelet encircling her wrist.

Office attire isn’t as uniform as it used to be, Duncan surmised. Fiona’s top was far from the customary white blouse of old, it was a tight fitting number that also showed a hint of cleavage. A short skirt accompanied this, clinging to her shapely bottom and thighs. Duncan felt himself becoming excited. Thank God for the portfolio he held in front of his groin. He remembered – with difficulty – the last time he got laid. Kelly. Now she was one hot woman. Heels like daggers and a stare to match – Kelly was the superbitch in Duncan’s old office. He’d taken a career break to go travelling, and on his return he’d heard from an old colleague that Kelly had been offered a shit hot job elsewhere. So that was the end of that. No chance of picking up where they’d left off. It had only been a casual thing – but Christ, the sex had been good.

This was doing nothing to rid Duncan of his growing erection. As he realised the lift had stopped at their floor and Fiona stood aside courteously to allow him out first, Duncan thought unsexy thoughts. A fat bloke with no shirt on. Ergh. A fat, hairy, sweaty bloke. Ooh, that’s it, thought Duncan. All gone.

Duncan grinned as Fiona opened the door to the interview room. Eager to make a good impression he stopped looking at her arse. His grin abruptly disappeared as a woman approached him, hand outstretched.

“Mr Steel. How are you? I’m Kelly Wiseman, Company Director.”

Duncan studied her face, and decided to play along. Still living up to the bitch reputation, he thought.

“Ms Wiseman,” shaking her hand, “I’m fine, and yourself?”

Kelly’s gaze fell on Fiona.

“Would you get us some refreshments please? What would you like? Tea, coffee, or perhaps a cold one?”

Playacting bitch, she knew damn well what he wanted.

“Water’s fine, please Fiona. Cold as possible.” He shot her a smile as she exited the room, closing the door behind her. Kelly and Duncan looked at each other, opening their mouths, but Duncan was quicker.

“You sneaky bitch. What are you playing at?”

“I’m not playing at anything. I need staff, you applied for the job.”

“No wonder your name wasn’t on the fucking correspondence. Did you think I wouldn’t come if I knew?”

“Oh I knew you’d come sweetie,” her eyes gleamed at the double entendre, “why do you think you were short listed?”

“Well, I’d like to think it was because of my professional capabilities.”

Kelly’s booming laugh crashed through Duncan’s defences.

“Look,” he said, careful not to raise his voice, “are you serious about this job, because if not, you’re wasting my time and yours, and if you hadn’t noticed, I need to get a job as soon as possible.”

“Of course I’m serious. Everything else aside, we worked well together, and I know exactly what you’re capable of. I need someone like you to help me turn this company around. They took me on to bring in fresh ideas and talent. Get this place out of the dark ages.”

“Fair enough. Let’s get this show on the road. I assume I’ve got the job?”

“Well, we need to conduct a proper interview or it would appear strange to the other staff. I need to assess your abilities.”

“You know damn well about my abilities,” he grumbled, “So why don’t you just get on with it?”

“Maybe I need reminding. It’s been some time, after all.”

Kelly stepped towards Duncan, a smile on her face. Duncan felt the familiar twitch in his groin. Fucking bitch, he thought, she knows just how to get to me. When they’d had disagreements before, she’d always won. She’d turn on the charm, turn on Duncan, and they’d end up having hot, angry sex, the argument forgotten.

Kelly stood in front of him, close enough for her perfume to invade his nostrils and encourage his hard on even more. Just as he was sure she was going to lean in for a kiss, a noise at the door had Kelly jumping away from him and sashaying towards the door, opening it to a struggling Fiona, who was carrying a tray of drinks. Duncan hurried to hide his erection behind Kelly’s desk.

“Thank you Fiona, would you pop the tray on the table please? And if I have any calls, take a message please.”

Fiona did so, and Kelly nodded, dismissing her. The door clicked shut. Kelly walked over and locked it, ensuring they wouldn’t be disturbed. She turned to Duncan with a predatory grin on her face.

“Come on then Mr Steel; let’s see what you’re made of.”

Emboldened by the security of the locked door, Duncan stepped from behind the desk. His erection was clearly visible in his suit trousers. He took a step towards Kelly. She took a step towards him.

All the attitude slipped away as they looked at each. Kelly placed a hand directly on Duncan’s cock and moaned as she felt how hard it was.

“It’s been a while.” He uttered. “Seemed to have some trouble attracting the ladies.”

“They don’t know what they missed.” Kelly replied, then placed her lips on his, and kissed him hard, whilst stroking his cock through his trousers.

Duncan was already fit to burst, having already had one erection in the lift, and no sex for a long, long time. He returned Kelly’s kiss, sliding his tongue into her mouth sensuously. He explored her warm mouth with his tongue, and suddenly Kelly captured it between her lips, and started to suck it gently, simulating a blow job.

Duncan’s erection, despite his belief that it couldn’t possibly, grew harder. He wanted to have Kelly’s tempting lips wrapped around his cock, not his tongue. He grabbed her pert ass and pulled her into him, and ground his groin against hers. Kelly smiled as Duncan’s movements caressed her sensitive nub through her clothes. Though she’d never let on, she’d been pretty short of sex herself, and the prospect of having Duncan make love to her again excited her. He’d always been a good lover and her favourite sessions were after they’d argued. The sex had always been extra hot then.

“Please baby,” Duncan moaned, “Suck my cock. I need to feel you on my dick.”

Kelly decided to play his eagerness to her advantage.

“And what will I get?”

“Anything you want.”

Smiling, Kelly dropped to her knees in front of Duncan and began to slowly undo his trousers, teasing him further. She purposely dragged her nails along the length of his cock through his boxer shorts as she pulled down his trousers. The boxer shorts were bulging out, tight across his rigid shaft.

His trousers now around his ankles and his underwear quickly following, Duncan couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed Kelly’s hair and pulled her head towards his erect cock. They’d had rough play like this before so Kelly wasn’t surprised, and she was even a little flattered that he wanted her so desperately. She knew how to pleasure a man, and Duncan’s actions were just reinforcing that knowledge for her. She took his cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue across the shiny head in search of precum, of which she found plenty.

Duncan saw the corners of Kelly’s mouth raise in a smile as she took his swollen member into her mouth and knew she’d tasted his juices. She’d always been a bit cock hungry, but he’d never complained, and wasn’t about to start now. He thrust deeper into her mouth, hoping she’d take the hint.

But Kelly wasn’t about to give in that easily. She was going to tease him as much as humanly possible before she gave in and let him enter her already soaking pussy. He hadn’t even touched her yet, and her hungry little nether mouth was already gaping and the bud of delicate flesh protruding above it was making its presence known.

Kelly bobbed her head up and down on Duncan’s erection, flicking her tongue around the sides, over the top, and giving special attention to the little bit of skin attaching the foreskin to the shiny head, because she knew he liked that. His moans grew louder, and Kelly had to remind herself where they were, and that they needed to be quiet. She stopped sucking Duncan off, and said softly,

“You’re getting a little noisy, better find another use for your mouth.”

She hitched her skirt up around her hips and sat on her desk facing Duncan, her legs askew, giving a perfect view of her damp panties and the outline of what lay beneath. A coy smile and raised eyebrows had Duncan on his knees in seconds, pulling her panties to one side and burying his face into her wetness. Now it was Kelly’s turn to moan and thrust her groin into his face.

His expert tongue explored every millimetre of her skin, leaving it tingling in his wake. He’d always loved going down on Kelly, such a well groomed woman never forgot her waxing appointments, and Duncan was treated once more to the smooth silky hairless pussy he’d so frequently pleasured.

He played with her outer labia, gently nibbling and sucking. Then he dipped his tongue into her wet hole, tasting her arousal. The sweet taste of Kelly’s pussy drove Duncan wild, and he moaned against her skin, causing discreet vibrations. A reciprocal grunting noise indicated that she wanted him to carry on, to bring her off, and give her what she really wanted, his long hard cock inside her.

Duncan added two fingers to his sweet torture of Kelly’s vulva, sliding them inside her, and slowly finger fucking her. Kelly liked it rough but Duncan knew the gentle approach usually drove her so wild that they’d have really horny sex, hard and fast. And that’s exactly what he wanted. He wanted to take her on the desk and give her the best fuck she’d ever had. Duncan curved his fingers slightly, seeking out Kelly’s G-spot, and started to caress it as his fingers slid in and out of her increasingly wet cunt.

Kelly writhed against his hand, her moans getting louder as her orgasm approached. She threw caution and subtlety to the wind as she felt the orgasmic warmth spread through her body, and as her vaginal walls spasmed around Duncan’s fingers, she said,

“Put your cock in me now while I’m still coming! I want you to feel it.”

Duncan didn’t need telling twice. He removed his hand from Kelly’s soaking wet hole with ease, and in one fluid motion, entered her. They both moaned at the sensation, he of wet warmth, she of being filled. Duncan grabbed one of Kelly’s legs and pulled it up towards her chest. This tightened her vagina and increased sensation for them both. He used it as leverage as he thrust in and out of her sublime pussy.

He started slow, relishing the feeling of having Kelly in his arms, and on his dick, once more. As he moved in and out of Kelly, he heard her moaning dirty words, which turned him on all the more.

“What are you saying, slut?”

“Fuck me harder!”

He grabbed the edge of the desk and increased the speed and depth of his thrusts, filling Kelly right up, his purple headed cock disappearing right inside her wet tunnel. His thighs slapped against hers, and the sound of their lovemaking filled the office. By this point neither of them cared, they were past the point of no return.

Duncan felt a tingling in his knob. “Baby I’m gonna come, are you going to come with me?”

“Yes… quick…”

He fucked her as hard as he could, slamming his dick hard into her, his balls jiggling like crazy. Then they tightened, and his cock began to throb as he emptied his sack inside Kelly’s red hot pussy. The feeling of Duncan’s cock throbbing inside her set off Kelly’s orgasm. The waves of pleasure undulated throughout her body, bringing both a flush and a smile to her face.

Duncan collapsed against Kelly, just as her phone rang. She reached back across her desk and picked it up.


“Your next appointment is here.”

“Thank you.” She replaced the receiver and turned to Duncan. They kissed intimately, the heat of the moment overcoming all of their previous or rational feelings.

“I’ve missed you.” Kelly said, tangling a hand in the hair at the back of Duncan’s neck.

“Well, you could always give me a job, and then you’d be able to see me all the time.”

“You’ve got the job. You always had, I just wanted to make you squirm first.”

“Still a manipulative bitch then.”

“Just how you like me.” And so the banter began again. They dressed and straightened themselves out, did the necessary paperwork and then Kelly escorted Duncan to the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said, “Bright and early. Now get a good night’s sleep, I want you to have plenty of energy.”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday.”

“I know.”