Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep? And I’m not talking about guys and wet dreams. I’m talking about us, girls. Waking up quivering and shaking and not being able to tell if it was a dream or if those feelings that your body is telling are real, really are real? It’s happened to me.

There is now a widespread belief that orgasms during sleep are necessary and healthy, and that they can even provide a “natural” compensation for sexual abstinence. In other words, it is assumed that persons who do not engage in any conscious sexual activity will instead find sexual relief while asleep.

I don’t know if that is the case for everyone who experiences it but it seems to be true for me. It also seems to occur more often when I’m stressed out. When things are going crazy at home or at work and I’m not sleeping well, a well timed orgasm in my sleep seems to make things a little bit better. And it seems like I’m not way off on that observation.

It could be your body had a rough day so it releases a little too many endorphains to relax, and it causes an orgasmOrgasmic dysfunction…or pleasant dreams can cause a euphoric feeling and cause the release of endorphains also.

Aren’t our bodies the most wonderful things?

I don’t have them very often but it always surprises me when I do. I guess you just aren’t expecting to go to sleep and be woken in the middle of the night in the middle of an orgasm.