Catwoman, as seen in The Batman.

Catwoman, as seen in The Batman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d been lusting after Carter all year long.  But, my roommate was dating him.

I likely would have gotten over my crush on him if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to hear about him all the time.  Carter is so good in bed.  Carter has such a big cock.  Carter loves eating pussy.  Carter lasts as long as I want him to.  Carter this and Carter that.

Every time I looked at the man all I could think about was his big cock and I got instantly wet when I saw him.  He’d come over for movie night and cuddle with Connie on the couch and it was so obvious that she was giving him a hand job under the covers.  I’d have to go to my bedroom and get out my vibrator and get at least one orgasm off before I could go back in the room and try to concentrate on the movie.  Sometimes that work.  Other times it didn’t.

So, I figured if I could just fuck him once I could get it out of my system.  The question was how???

And that’s when the idea of the Halloween party came to me.  I found out that Connie and Carter were dressing up as Catwoman and Batman.  Connie and I had very similar shaped bodies so I know I could pull off a mix up.  At least as long as he didn’t see my face.  And if I caught him at the right moment.  The plan started spinning through my brain.

Before I knew it I was shopping with Connie and I had convinced her to buy a very naughty cat woman suit that had an easy access hole for naughty times in the dark.  And after she’d gone home, I ran back there and bought the same outfit.  I also bought some blonde hair that was pretty much the same color as hers so that I could let some wisps escape from the head piece like I was pretty sure she would.

For the next few weeks, I fell asleep thinking about Carter’s cock every single night.  I slid my vibrator in and of my pussy as I thought of him.  I practically finger fucked myself to sleep each night thinking about it.  And the worst part is, I didn’t feel any guilt about it.  I don’t know why but I didn’t.  Maybe my lust had turned me into a horrible person.  But I was only going to do it once.  I had convinced myself that only after I had fucked Carter could I actually move on with my life.

Halloween finally came.  I showed up at the party in my more demure ghost costume.  Connie thought I was being uncreative but she had no about just how creative I had gotten.  My Catwoman costume was stored in a bathroom upstairs so I could change when it was time.  I spotted them over in the corner. They were all over each other.

Good, I thought. She’s getting him warmed up for me.

I waited until quite late to put my plan in to action.  I wanted them both to be a little bit inebriated so that my switch up wouldn’t be so easy to detect.  I had to bring a partner into my plan but that wasn’t so hard to do.  Tyson, a friend of ours had been crushing on Connie all semester and it didn’t take much convincing to get him into a Batman costume just like Carter’s.

A little before 1 AM I saw our chance.  Carter went to the bathroom.  Tyson took his place.  He whispered in Connie’s ear.  She smiled.  And then they were headed for the back door.  Tyson was going to keep her busy in one of the empty rooms upstairs I took Connie’s place.  Meanwhile, I hustled to go and change into my Catwoman suit.

When Carter came back he had no clue that it was me standing there with a drink just like Connie had been holding. When I reached between his legs and pressed my body against him and said, “Let’s get out of here!”  he just grinned.  We headed the opposite way that Connie and Tyson had gone, making our way to the car.

Before he could start it up I lunged for him.  I didn’t want him to actually leave the parking lot because then he would head back to mine and Connie’s place and she’d be stranded at the party and would figure it out.  My intention was to have him take me from behind, right there in the parking lot.

I reached for his cock and rubbed it through his costume.

“Connie.  Let’s get home first.  I’m never going to get out of this costume in the car!”

I reached for the Velcro flap that covered his cock and pulled it open.

“Well, aren’t you just the smart one,” he said.

I reached inside to rub his hardness and pulled his cock out of his underwear and through the hole.  With a quick smile, I lowered my head and enveloped his hardness in my mouth.

I’d already been impressed with what I’d seen so far but once he was in my mouth I could feel his cock grow even more and it was even bigger than I’d originally thought.  That got me good and excited and I really went to work on him.  I used ever oral trick I’d ever learned and pretty soon he was moaning and thrusting into my mouth.

I pulled away.  “Not yet,” I whispered.

I moved over to the passenger seat and flipped the switch that made the seat fall back.  I reached between my legs and pulled open the Velcro closure.

“Fuck me here!”

On all fours, I leaned over the back of the seat and in moments, Carter was behind me.  I was soaking wet and ready when I felt the head of his pole pushing at my wet hole.  He pressed harder and grunted.

“Wow – you feel so tight tonight.  What have you been doing?  Lots of Kegels or something?”

“Ya, something like that.”

He gave one more thrust and then he was in.  And Connie was so right.  He completely filled me.  I felt like I was a virgin again and I was glad that I’d been practicing with a new extra large dildo that I’d bought.  He started moving slowly at first and it felt amazing.  I could feel every inch of his dick pressing inside me.

As I moved against him he took the hint and started to fuck me harder.  As he rammed my pussy from behind, my clit rubbed against the fabric of my costume and I could feel my orgasm approaching quickly.


I’m sure the car must have just been bouncing around and anyone that went by would have known that someone was fucking inside.  But if they knew it was Carter’s car, they would think it was Connie he was banging in here.  Only me and Tyson knew otherwise.

I was holding on to the back of the seat now and he was holding my hips firmly in his big hands as his massive pole rammed in and out of my pussy.  My clit was throbbing and then, all of a sudden, a huge orgasm was ripping through my body.  Everything went black before my eyes as he continued to pummel me.  His fingers dug into the flesh of my hips and ass and I felt him cum, too.

He collapsed back into the driver’s seat and tucked himself away.

“I don’t know what got into you babe but I think that we need to get home and do that again.”

“That sounds good.  I forgot my purse though.  Let me just run inside and get it.”

I escaped from the car and headed back inside.  I hoped Connie had as much fun with Tyson as I’d had with Carter.  My only fear was that now I would never find a man that could fuck like that for myself!

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