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I’m so excited to have released Sorority on Kindle!

I started  thinking about Kindle awhile ago and in September I released my first mainstream book.  But I’d been thinking about putting Sorority on Kindle for awhile.  And I finally did it.

You can now find Sorority on Kindle for only $2.99!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this story, it is about a young college student who joins the most exclusive sorority on campus.  It’s exclusive  for a very good reason.  She  finds friendship with her sisters but she also  finds more.  The ebook is filled with girl on girl sex, hot guy/girl/girl sex, and a wicked gang bang scene that will leave you panting with desire.

This is a hot little book with some light BDSM scenes that turns me on every time I read it. Yes, still.


I’m so excited about Nanowrimo this year because I’ve decided to write an erotic novel.  I’ve attempted it twice in the past and never got past 8,000 words.  But I think this year is different because I’m writing what I love.  I don’t know why I ever stopped.  It’s been ages since I wrote an erotic story so before it begins I think I am going to do a practice story.

My working title for Nanowrimo is The Almost True Tales of a Hospitality Slut.  Some of you might know that I worked in the hospitality industry for many years so I have a lot of stories to tell.  Of course, I have to change names to protect the not-so-innocent but the stories are mostly based on things that happened to me or to others that I worked with.

Just thinking of writing this book gets me wet with excitement.  I’m sure that writing 50,000 words of smut is going to be crazy but I’m also sure it will be fun!

So, stay tuned!  It’s going to be an interesting month in November!