by Jane Crystal

She is hot, sweating and no doubt covered in flour and sugar. Her hair is twisted up and pinned in back and thin soft strands fall about her face in disarray as she continues to whip up the icing for the chocolate cake she’s just baked.

She walks over to the kitchen window and opens it half way to let the cool autumn air in. The relief from the heat in the kitchen is immediate and she sighs in pleasure. But she is still too warm. She grabs the hem of her sweater and lifts it up and over her head, leaving just her red camisole beneath. It is sheer and she is braless but the windows are covered and she really doesn’t care. The cool air against her heated skin feels divine. Her nipples pucker in the frosty twilight air and she shivers. She is excited about tonight.

Her boyfriend should be home from work soon. It’s his birthday and she has a surprise for him. The timer goes off on the mixer and she walks over to the counter and turns it off. The stiff, sticky sweet confection is whipped up to a nice soft peak and she takes the blade off the mixer and licks it, her tongue swirling in and around the metal blades, licking as much of the frosty white confection as she could get. She loves sweets and that was probably why she loves to bake for her friends and family. She continues to lick and as the creamy icing melts on her tongue and slides down her throat, she moans a little in ecstasy. It tastes too good.

“You know, watching you lick that beater is turning me on. Should I be turned on by icing?” a deep velvety voice laughs softly from the archway.

She turns her head and smiles. “I don’t know, should you?”

She looks into his eyes and slowly runs her tongue across the top of the beater, licking up the sweet treat as she watches his eyes narrow on her deliberately seductive action.

He growls as he undoes his tie and shrugs out of his suit jacket. He tosses them on the chair behind him and slowly walks into the kitchen, a gleam in his eyes.

“Hey, come on, I was teasing,” she states, laughing as she backs away. Her back hits the counter and stops her from escaping. She holds out her beater filled hands for protection. “Honey, I was just….”

He grabs each wrist tightly, quickly spreading her arms wide and stepping in to cover her mouth.


He uses the tip of his tongue to slowly lick the frosting off the left corner of her mouth and she leans into the kiss and sighs, her tongue flicking out to caress his in slow arousing strokes.

“No, you started this, so it’s only right that I finish it.”

“But, I have to…” he licks her bottom lip, stroking back and forth as he crosses to the other side. “Have to…icing….” her eyes close and her arms drop to her sides, the beaters forgotten. She feels his hands grab her pulling her close, rubbing her against his erection. She moans against his mouth and tilts her head slightly playing with his tongue. She is becoming quickly aroused and her mouth searches out his. Her tongue darts out and begins to stroke along the length of his in soft caressing movements. Her breathing quickens under the slow moist seduction. He leans in and begins to grind against her…hard and soft, slow and quick – driving her crazy.

“Hun…the cake…icing…I need….ooohhh…”

Her mind stops as he presses her further back into the counter, his hips mimicking sex – in and out, in and out. Each time his hardness touches her she quivers. He begins to place soft licking kisses across her left cheek and down her neck until he reaches the sensitive skin at the base. He opens his mouth fully and sucks hard, drawing in her skin – her scent – and flicking his tongue quick against the warmth in his mouth.

Her breath catches sharply, her nipples strain and ache and she drops the beaters to the floor. She lifts her left hand up to grab the back of his head and pulls him closer. Her head falls back further as she moves her right hand between them to stroke his cock.

“Baby, we can’t.”

He grabs under her arms and lifts her to the counter fitting his body between her legs, continuing to move in and out in slow erotic movements.

“I want you. Now,” he whispers harshly as she continues to stroke him hard, arousing him even more.

“We have time. Just let me finish……baby,” she whispers breathlessly as he moves his mouth further down, covering her left nipple through the sheer red fabric of her camisole.

“Shhh….I need this.”

He reaches up and pulls the straps of her camisole down each arm, trapping them against her body. He pulls the material down over her breast.

“Mmmm…” he licks one pert nipple and then the other, slowly, swirling his hot tongue around each. “You taste so good baby.”

She arches her back into his mouth and begins to squirm as liquid heat pools between her thighs and she shivers as she feels him unzip her jeans and slip his hand down deep, a finger finding her clit and rubbing.

“Baby…” she breathes. “Yes…yes, faster,” she pleads as his finger works furiously against the hot wet nub.

Then she remembers her plans for tonight and stops his hand. “No, you’re going to ruin your surprise.”

She pushes against him and slips off the counter.

“What surprise. I’m ready now,” he laughs and makes a grab for her but she moves away and smiles.

“You’ll see.”

She walks around him to turn the oven on low, keeping the food warm. Right now she had other plans. His eyes follow her hungrily as she sashays out of the kitchen, looking seductively over her shoulder.

“Follow me,” she says softly.

She leads him into the bedroom where she has several vanilla candles lit, bathing the room in a soft warm light. Beside the bed is the large overstuffed chair, facing the right side.

He walks into the bedroom and she takes his hand and leads him over to the chair facing the bed.

“I want you to sit. I have a very nice surprise for your birthday. I’ve been thinking about it all day and I think you will like it.”

He sits down on the chair with a confused but intrigued look on his face.

“Well, now I’m curious,” he smiles.

“I’ll just be a minute,” she states as she goes into the bathroom. In a few minutes she returns and is wearing nothing but a red sheer cover with a deep dark red satin belt. He sits up straighter.

“Mmmm, come here baby. That is a very nice present indeed.”

He reaches out his hand and she ignores it walking over to the bed and sits back. Two feet separate them.

“No, this isn’t your present,” she whispers as she slowly loosens the satin belt and lets the robe fall open. She scoots to the edge of the bed and lifts her right foot on the edge of the chair cushion outside his left leg, caressing him there, slowly back and forth.

“My present to you is for you to sit there and just enjoy the show. But with one rule.”

She reaches over and props a few pillows behind her. She then leans back and moves to the edge of the bed so she is spread open to him. His eyes narrow and he lays his head back, watching. She slowly lifts her right hand and lays it against the side of her neck, moving it slowly down to cup her right breast, her thumb and finger surrounding the nipple and rubbing it between them.

“And that would be?” he growls, watching her hand and feeling his stomach tighten in arousal.

She keeps her eyes on his as she lifts the nipple to her mouth and strokes the tip with her tongue – once, twice – in slow hypnotic circles. She smiles in satisfaction as he moves his hips a little in excitement. She slowly brings her other hand up so that a breast is in each palm, and lets her fingers caress around and on top of each, stroking the nipples.

“You can’t touch yourself. No matter what I do or how hard you get, not until I say you can.”

She smiles and slowly moves her right hand down her stomach, stopping just short of the triangle of curls running her forefinger back and forth across the top. Watching him watch her is so erotic. She feels a flush spread over her body as her breathing tightens. Knowing she controls his actions is causing little spasm deep inside. The power is a real turn on, just like she knew it would be.

She brings her hand back up and moves it in slow circles on her stomach and then further up to rub and stroke her breast, her nipple, and then back down again, cupping herself – up and down, up and down. A low moan emerges from his throat as he watches.

“You want that power over me?” He reaches down and strokes the inside of her foot, the spot that turns her on. “I am really hard now babe, I don’t know how long I can hold out.”

He looks intensely into her eyes at that moment and she catches her breath. The lust written there goes through her whole body in one strong swift electric shock. Her nipples harden tighter and she can feel her whole body tighten and instantly go hot and wet.

“Yes,” she states breathlessly, “I really want that. I want you to want me so much that you’re crazy with it.”

She dips a finger inside and brings it to her mouth, licking.

“I want to control that want.”

She leans back and lifts her left foot and places it on the other edge of his chair.

She brings both hands down and spreads herself wide for his eyes and begins to slowly rub her clit with her right finger, around and around in circles – slow, then flicking fast, then slow again – watching him watch her. He grabs the other foot with his hand and begins to rub the center underneath, squeezing and stroking up and down each foot. She can see how hard he is and watches as his breathing quickens, his eyes intense on her hands.

“God baby, I’m so fucking hard now.”

He pulls each foot tight against his legs, stroking up and down each, quick, wanting to stroke his cock the same way, needing it.

He is hard, aching and straining against his zipper. He lets go of her feet and quickly unbuttons his shirt, his eyes never leaving her quick fingers. He is so fucking turned on that he needs to feel her against his skin, any part of her-now.

He can see her glistening for him and he catches his breath, his heart racing. He pulls his shirt open and grabs her right foot, bringing it to his chest and pressing it there so she can feel the pounding. He moves his head down, never taking his eyes off her fingers, and licks the underside of her foot, hardening even more as she moans.

Her head falls back and she lifts her left foot to the bed quickly. She is wild with need now and more excited than she has ever been. Having his eyes on her is thrilling. She moves her left hand down and inserts three fingers and begins to move them in and out of her hot, tight wetness while her right finger works quickly on her clit. He jerks and sucks a toe in deep. She jumps and moans and her fingers work faster.

“I love watching you baby,” he says, licking and stroking each toe with his hot tongue, hitching her breath higher. He reaches over and opens the bedside table drawer, withdrawing a vibrator.

“Use this baby.” He turns it on and hands it to her. “Use this; I want to see you fuck yourself for me. Let me stroke my cock baby. I ache.”

She takes the vibrator from him and quickly shoves it inside and her head falls back as she moans in pleasure. She is on fire. She has never been this hot, this excited. She feels wild and hard – it’s almost too much.

“No, don’t….just watch me.”

He shoves her foot down on his cock as he watches her thrust the vibrator in and out in long hard quick strokes, her hips pumping in rhythm, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

He presses up against her foot, pushing it down on his throbbing cock but it isn’t enough.

“Baby, please,” he growls. “Let me come to you.”

She lifts her head and looks at him with love and lust.

“Baby, take off your pants,” she breathes harshly. He stands quickly and sheds everything and walks to her, holding his cock and stroking it quickly, sharply in need.

“It’s your turn now baby. That is your present. You can have me anyway you want me now.”

She reaches out a hand and rubs the wet tip of his cock, leaning down and licking it off, sucking it in and out. He jerks.

“Anything? I can do whatever I want?”

He rubs a nipple as her tongue flicks.

He can still hear the hum of the vibrator and his heart quickens.

“Stand up but leave the vibrator in. Hurry baby, I can’t hold out much longer.”

She quickly stands, keeping her hand on the vibrator and waits. He strips the sheer robe off her and turns her around facing the bed.

“Get on your knees and keep the vibrator in baby.”

“Hurry baby, hurry, I want you so much…I can’t breath,” she pants wildly as she kneels on the bed, her ass to him and her hand working the vibrator fast.

“Whatever you want. Just do it….now.”

Her hips began moving frantically back and forth. The motion, the vibrations, the excitement at what is coming overwhelms her and she can feel tiny spasms beginning to work deep inside like one long strung out orgasm. She feels tears in her eyes as her body bows hard – a tight string of pleasure.

She feels him grab her waist with one hand and pull her back towards him. She pants faster, excitement mounting as she feels the head of his cock press against her tight opening above the vibrator. Her muscles contract sharply, squeezing.

“Yes baby, now….now…ohhhh…”

Her quivering arms give out and she hugs the mattress spreading her knees wider, opening herself more and pressing back…wanting.

“God baby, it’s so tight, you’re so tight.” He growls as he reaches under her and strokes her clit. He presses further in and his body shakes as she squeezes tight and hard around the swollen head of his cock.

“Oh god, I can feel the vibrations against my cock baby. I’ve never felt anything so good….faster baby… move it faster….stroke it against my cock.”

She spasms hard, tears in her eyes at the intense pleasure and moves back farther, the orgasm taking over her body causing her to jerk and moan.

“Yes….yes…deeper baby….deeper.”

He pushes in slowly, deeper, and can feel the orgasm coming as his balls tighten against the intense pleasure of his cock being squeezed hard. The vibrations engulf his cock, spreading out over his whole body, his nipples ache. He can feel it coming and begins to stroke in and out, slowly, the pleasure building more intensely and sharper[DM5] . His whole body is vibrating now and he leans in and bucks quickly, sharply as a powerful orgasm explodes. He cries out as he feels her spasm again around his cock. He pumps fast, uncontrollably as the orgasm tightens his whole body. He feels his legs shake as he collapses on top of her, pressing her into the mattress.

“Oh god….god yes…baby…baby,” his body still pumping. She screams as another orgasm erupts inside. She lets go of the vibrator as she stretches her hands above her body, her fingers digging into the mattress while he rides her down into the bed.

Finally, after the orgasm subsides, he reaches under her, pulling out the vibrator and setting it aside. He slowly pulls from her but stays atop.

He lifts a hand and strokes her hair away from her sweat soaked skin and kisses the side of her neck, licking, sucking at her musky scent.

“God baby, that was fantastic. I loved my present.”

He moves off her as their breathing slows down further and pulls her on top his chest, taking her mouth in a deep slow kiss.

“And I love you,” he whispers, letting her head fall to his chest as they both try to recover from the intensity.

After a few minutes, she reaches up out and entwines her fingers in his.

“Are you hungry?”

She feels his chest rumble under her ear as he laughs softly.

“After that I could eat a horse.”

She rolls over onto her back, smiling and stretches her hands above her head.

“Well, I’m exhausted so you’ll have to serve yourself,” she laughs. “Oh, and if you want your cake…..the icing is still in the bowl.”

He stands up and heads towards the kitchen.

“Don’t forget my plate,” she yells as he walks out of the bedroom laughing.

Yes. She had to agree, this was the best birthday present she’d ever given him.


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