by Marc Angel

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The sun went down more than an hour ago, yet the fading crimson glow remains on the ocean’s horizon like the last remnant of a dying fire, refusing to easily relinquish its hold on the day.

In summertime south of the border, the sun doesn’t set until late, and the party is only just starting. The warm beach sand heats the atmosphere and our passion. Waves crash against the shore, and every now and again when an extra large one breaks, the ocean water mingles amongst us high on the beach like the sea herself is curious to see what is going on.

It is still so hot, and we are all stripped down to our absolute bare essentials. Torches ablaze illuminate the dozen or so couples in close embrace, rhythmically dancing the rousing salsa to the tune of the band behind us.

The music is intoxicating, the dance is our sex, and the beach is an exhilarating stage for this Latin orgy.

I am hard; my cock strains against my shorts and you find great pleasure in turning and working your barely covered ass into me, grinding and teasing. I grip your hips and pull you further back, all but impaling you despite the two inches of cloth separating our flesh.

Shifting shadows hide the decadent play of our seduction, and subtlety I have moved us away from the crowd. We are now almost in total darkness, and I can no longer restrain myself.

We continue to dance, and as you spin to once again push your ass into my groin, I reach around and take your perfectly sized breasts into my hands.

I work your bikini top up and touch the sacred skin beneath, firmly yet playfully massaging your erect nipples with my skilled fingers. I know how you like it, and I am a master of my craft.

I lean my head forward and kiss your neck; lightly at first, but soon your motion tells me you want more. I slide one hand down across your stomach and into your bikini bottoms, fingering your clit. You turn once more and kiss me deeply. The passion in that kiss rocks us and we completely lose our balance, toppling backwards onto the sand.

It’s a mystery to me how I managed to work my cock inside of you whilst never breaking our kiss. Your sweet pussy takes my full length easily however, and the friction our fucking generates is adding to the heat as we loose ourselves in an increasingly carnal tempo.

You ride me in time to the rhythm of that entrancing music, and every so often I catch a sight of you as the now distant torch light manages to fleetingly find us, throwing your head back, breasts bouncing in the sea breeze.

We fuck for what feels like an eternity then, completely spent, collapse in a hot and sweaty embrace. My Summer Goddess, you were right. This is the holiday of a lifetime!


I am 31 years old and a happily married father of two. By day I work as a

Prison Officer, by night I am an erotic writer and poet (no, my erotica

does not include Big Bubba as a cellmate prison stories). Straight up

hetero writing, with some dark edges and rude moods, although I think deep

down there is a romantic just trying to get some air. I have several poems

and short stories published at The Erotic, and thanks to Autumn

Seave and Inky Blue Allusions, I now have enough confidence to try and

spread my work further afield!”

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