by Autumn Seave

gift-2677_640When I walked in my apartment, I noticed the box immediately. It was rather huge and hard not to notice. Upon closer inspection, I saw a note on the top that read, “Inside you’ll find many wonderful things to play with…”

All I saw when I opened the top was a huge pile of styrofoam bubbles. I reached my hand inside and found nothing at first. Then my hand touched warm flesh and what couldn’t possibly be mistaken for anything but the curve of a woman’s breast. I curved my palm around it and slid my hand over just a touch to find a nipple. I pinched it and it grew instantly hard beneath my touch. I reached in with my other hand a little further to the left and found the other one and pinched it as well. They were both hard little points now but there was no movement from inside the box yet.

I was determined to get some kind of reaction from the person in the box, who I assumed was my girlfriend, Gloria, so while I continued to pinch and tease the left nipple, I pulled my right hand out and parted the bubbles until I found what I was looking for. There it was. A slippery slit, already spread wide for my inspection. I explored until I found the hardened nub of her clit and began to rub it with my thumb. Nothing. Not even a sound. So I reached inward with my fingers until I found her opening and slid my middle finger and my index finger inside the velvety darkness. Was that a moan I heard?

It was almost imperceptible but yes, there was sound, so I began to stroke the inner walls of her tunnel. I continued my ministrations on her nipple as I slid my fingers in and out and circled my thumb over her clit. As I increased the pace of my fingers, her body began to move. Her hips circled around and met my hand and then I began to feel her muscles clamping around me. A little more pressure here and a flickering of my thumb down there and her body was convulsing and the imperceptible moans were quite obvious now.

As she came quite loudly I smiled. Ah, victory.

“Come out now, my little plaything.”

Just then, Gloria came out from the bedroom and her friend, Shanna popped out of the box with a big smile on her face.

“Happy birthday, darling,” my girlfriend said as she kissed me.

“Yes, happy birthday, ” Shanna said as she pressed her naked and still aroused body against me in a hug.