by Autumn Seave

My boss, Julian, had asked me to come in for a few hours last Saturday to finish off a project that we were working on with the promise of an day off with pay during the week. When I came into the office it was strange to find the emptiness. But I wasn’t alone.

Just as I was getting to work I heard noises coming from Julian’s office and I was just to pick up the phone to call the police when I heard a female voice say, “Dammit!”

I recognized Jenny’s voice and went in to see if she was okay. Julian’s pretty blonde wife was standing behind the desk sucking on her finger.

“Papercut,” she said, holding up her finger. “Got a bandaid?”

I’d met Jenny plenty of times and although I’d never thought of any other woman this way before, I had developed a huge crush on her.

As I put the bandaid on her finger, her hot breath on my neck was almost more than I could bear.

When I turned to her, her lips were on mine before I could be surprised. I didn’t hesitate to kiss her back.

“I’ve always thought you were so sexy with those little mini skirts of yours,” she said, “ and I’ve seen you watching me too. Usually only guys can watch my breasts when they talk to me but you can’t keep your eyes off them either. Did you know I love girls too, or was it just wishful thinking?”

I was speechless as she began to removed her top and bared her full breasts to me.

“Touch me,” she said.

I didn’t hesitate and soon I had one hand encompassing her breast and my mouth at the other one. Before I had time to think twice about Jenny being Julian’s wife, we were both naked on the floor and her face was buried between my legs. This was more than I had ever imagined and I was moaning under the apparent expertise of her tongue.

I was so lost in the awesome tongue lashing she was giving me that I didn’t notice anyone else in the room. That is until I heard Julian’s voice say, “That’s a good girl, make her squirm.”

I looked up over the beautiful view of Jenny’s ass wriggling in the air to see Julian behind her with his cock already out, hard and full. For a man who wasn’t really tall, he had a huge cock and he was rubbing it against her pussy.

“My darling little pussy slut loves to eat pussy as I fuck her and she mentioned how you’d been watching her. It was her idea to have you come in to work today.”

He slid his cock slowly into her waiting pussy and she moaned, her mouth full of my juice.

“And it is so exciting to watch her eating you out I don’t think I can hold back. My little wife, would you like me to fuck you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Then you have to make her come. When she comes I’ll ram my dick all the way into your cunt and make you come. Until then, you only get the head.”

She must have really wanted his cock deep inside her because when he told her that she started to seriously work me over. She slid two fingers inside me and flicked her tongue over my clit. I ground my pussy against her mouth as my excitement rose.

“Julian, I’m gonna come. Fuck her now. I want to see you drive your cock deep inside her.”

He began to pick up some speed, going deeper with each thrust. Each time her thrust into her he pushed her face against my pussy.

As I began to feel the first tremors of my orgasm, he said, “That’s it my girl. Make her come.”

He drove his cock deep into her and she moaned. As my orgasm spread over my body and I began to shake I kept my eyes on Julian’s as he fucked her good and hard. She was moaning too and when I stopped quivered she yelled, “Yes Julian, yes.”

I could see his release as his eyes shut and he slammed into her one last time.

“I hope I’m not going to get fired,” I said with a cheeky look on my face.

“He’d better give you a raise,” Jenny said. “It’s not everyday I can find pussy this sweet!”

So I guess I’m getting a raise this week!


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