by Jenna Villacosta

I’m comfortably curled up on the old red sofa we brought up from the house last winter. I feel warm but I leave the blanket wrapped around my shoulders and body. I strain to look out the cabin window, hoping to see your face. You haven’t arrived yet. I sigh and stare at the fire.

When you finally arrive, you’re with a tall, dark-haired woman about my age. The two of you are laughing. You glance at me, still smiling. You clear your throat and introduce her to me as you shake the snow off your hat. She’s rented the cabin down the hill. She thought you were the maintenance man coming to shovel the walk but when you didn’t stop at her cabin, she chased after you. You got to talking, and well, now you’re both here.

I smile. She smiles back at me. Now that she’s taken off her coat, I can see that she has a perfect body. I notice that you’ve noticed her perfect body too. I smile at you. You blush and turn away.

I tell her to help herself to some tea. She declines and comes to sit beside me on the sofa. She looks at me, studying my face. She says she thinks she’s seen me before, but I don’t think so. I tell her that if that was the case, I would have remembered her. I have a perfect memory. She smiles.

You are watching us from the kitchen, intrigued by what you see. You think she’s coming on to me. I think you’re right. She leans close to me and I can feel her warmth. She asks me if she can kiss me. I am thrilled but I hesitate. I look over at you and you smile, you’re eyes wide. I nod and lean into her. I kiss her and she kisses me. I can feel her cold lips on my warm ones. My heart beats quickly.

Her arms are pulling the blanket off my shoulders. I feel her hands reach under my sweater and she smiles as she discovers I’m not wearing a bra. She strokes my breasts, kissing me. I can feel the heat in my panties. She takes my sweater off and kisses my breasts. She gently pushes me down onto the couch and I sigh. She whispers in my ear and I nod. I help her take my jeans off. My pink panties that I bought for you are the last to come off.

She takes her sweater off and eases out of her pants. Her black bra and underwear are a perfect set. You’re watching us from three feet away and I can see your dick outlined in your jeans.

She traces my pussy with her finger and then slides it inside. I gasp aloud. She smiles. She turns to you and asks you if you’d like to join in. You smile and start to undress.