by Delilah Night

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The corset caught my eyes first.

It was just another night at Lava, the dance club my friends and I went to every Friday night. The ocean of denim and cotton signaled that this was a young hangout. We were here to dance, to let the music own us. I was barely 21, and my agenda was to have a few drinks, flirt with some boys, and enjoy the release that dancing always brought.

I was at the edge of the dance floor, wiggling my hips when I saw her.

The strobe lights made the dragons embroidered on the red silk look as though they were moving, dancing along with us. The girl undulated past me, and my eyes followed her swaying hips as the crowds parted for her. Although she wasn’t the stereotype of beauty, I watched as men’s heads turned to follow her. She moved with a confidence I’d never felt, and suddenly my tank top and jeans felt conformist, rather than sexy.

She smiled at the bartender, and he filled her drink with the kind of alacrity I’d never received. She sipped at it, casually studying the room like a benevolent queen. She was an oasis of calm in the spasmodic jerking of college boys trying to get into the pants of equally spastically dancing girls.

I sighed when the hands of the boy I’d been half-heartedly dancing with grabbed my hips and the hard pole of his cock stabbed my ass. Flirting with boys was fun, but fending off unwanted groping wasn’t. His tongue enthusiastically and unskillfully invaded my mouth when I turned around. It was like being attacked by an overeager puppy. My heel came down on his foot, and he backed away, calling me a bitch. Wiping my mouth, I made my way to the bar in disgust. The first swig of beer made me grimace, but at least it wiped away the taste of frat boy.

A flash of red out of the corner of my eye, and then the girl was standing in front of me. She mouthed the words “are you okay?” at me. I nodded, and she smiled. She pointed out the culprit, and rolled her eyes. I laughed and nodded again.

It was difficult to look at her face when my eyes kept involuntarily moving to her cleavage. I blushed when she caught my eyes track downwards. Her lips curved in a smile.

She leaned forwards and her hair brushed my face. Her breath sent shivers down my body when she spoke. “I’m Alison.”

“Jen,” I replied. I tried to think of something else to say so I could stay close to her. The contrast between the strain of the fabric and the softness of its texture brushing my arm fascinated me. What would it be like to wear something like this? “I’ve never seen anyone wearing a corset here before.”

She laughed, and said “That’s not a bad variation on the old line. I imagine you don’t see many corsets, period.” Her words could have been hurtful if her tone hadn’t been so warm and amused.

“Why do you say that?”

“You look a little too innocent,” she said.

Stepping back she took my body in, head to toes. I had never had a woman look at me like that before. Actually, I’m not sure I’d ever had a man look at me that way, either. I felt my cheeks warm, and my nipples tighten when she lingered on them. The thin cotton did nothing to hide it, and her lips curved again. I felt a shot of electricity go to my clit.

She put a hand on my waist and drew me against her, her breasts pressing against mine, her lips caressing my ear, she murmured, “Just how innocent are you, Jenny?”

I didn’t know what to say. I’d kissed a few girls in my time; on dares, to tease boys, and once out of curiosity to see if I was bi. None of those times had been particularly arousing. I liked looking at naked women, and had stolen several of my dad’s magazines the last time I’d been home on break, trusting that the blame would fall on my younger brother. I even masturbated to the idea of women stripping. But I’d never been really aroused by a flesh and blood woman. That is, until now.

Her hand slid under my tank and lightly teased my lower back. It was like a line of flame traced over my skin.

“Interested in going somewhere else with me, Innocent Jenny?”

Her lips brushed the ultra sensitive line of my neck and instinctively I pressed closer to her. Her hand slid over my ass and pulled our hips tightly against each other. One of her legs slid between mine, and I felt her thigh against my clit. My eyes fluttered closed, and I turned my mouth towards hers, seeking. Her soft luscious lips took possession of mine, and she sucked my lower lip between hers. Her tongue lightly traced my lips, and I parted them. Unlike the boy who’d invaded my mouth earlier, she coaxed my tongue to play with hers, my mouth to invite her in.

The roar of approval from the boys who’d surrounded us pulled me out of the erotic haze and back to the throbbing club. My clit traitorously beat in time to the music. I looked at them, and then back at Allison, who hadn’t loosened her grip one bit. Her eyebrow arched in question, and I nodded, ready to get out of there.

She took my hand, and led me out of the club, her glare opening a path for us when the boys tried to convince us to stay and “give us a show, ladies!”

The cool spring air brought goose bumps to my skin, or maybe it was leaving a club with a woman who had every intention of taking me home and doing me. I rubbed my arms, and watched as Alison hailed a cab.

Sliding into the back seat, I heard her give an address I didn’t recognize to the driver. As we pulled away from the club, I had a moment of worry, regretting my impulsive choice. I didn’t know this girl, and I didn’t know where we were going. I’d gone to the club alone, and no one I knew had seen me leave with her. I fought a wave of nerves and excitement and sat quietly, not sure what to do.

Sensing my panic, she brushed a hand over my hair. “Nothing happens that you don’t want,” she murmured.

I nodded, but I knew my uncertainty showed.

“Jen,” she murmured and leaned forward to kiss me again. The feeling of her lips relaxed me, and I lost myself in her kisses.

The corset limited her mobility somewhat, and before I realized it, she had convinced me to be the aggressor. I was leaning over her, kissing her lips, her neck, wanting so badly to let my lips wander to her ample cleavage. My hands hesitantly traced over the corset’s embroidery. Her long lashes had fluttered shut, and when I sucked on her lower lip as she’d done to me in the club, she let out a sigh of pleasure.

Encouraged, I did it again, and let my fingers play up over the fastenings in the front to trace the top of it. Her skin was even softer than the silk of the corset. Bold, I leaned down and traced the same path with my tongue, causing her to moan again, softly. My hand had been on her thigh, and almost of its own volition slid up and under her skirt.

I was expecting some silken or lacy creation, and was shocked to find nothing but Alison. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that and I started to snatch my hand back, but she moaned, “No, please.”

Unsure, I followed the same path, and reached her pussy. It was as smooth as the rest of her body, and I had a brief moment of worry over what she’d think of my decidedly unwaxed region. Her clit impudently poked out, begging for attention. I stroked it with a feather light touch and her hips moved as she moaned. I reached a little further back, to wet my finger with her juices, and then flicked my index finger over her clit with the same rhythm that my own was throbbing in.

“That’ll be twenty-fifty,” the cab driver said in a bored tone implying he’d seen this a million times before.

Alison reached down and pulled out a few bills and tossed them at the driver, saying “Keep it,” and practically dragged me from the taxi. She tugged at her skirt as we crossed the street. I had a vague impression of a large apartment building, and some kind of electronic key thing that she impatiently hit with a plastic wand. We rushed past a lobby and onto an elevator, where she stabbed the number 9 before shoving me against a wall. Her hands immediately went under my top and cupped my breasts, pulling on the nipples as she kissed me.

I eagerly followed as we fast walked down the hall. She swore when she fumbled with her apartment’s door, but got it open on the second try.

“This is it. I’ll give you the tour later,” she said. I nodded, my mind and body in complete agreement that it was time to get on with things. “Do you want me to keep the corset on? It’s pretty, but it limits my mobility.”

“No.” I said.

I watched as she reached back and did something with her laces before reaching back to the front and undoing the fastenings. The corset fell to the ground, unnoticed as I took in her breasts. They were easily a C, maybe a D cup, pale with dusky rose nipples. I couldn’t restrain myself from reaching forward to take them into my hands, but she shook her head. She unzipped her skirt and it, too fell to the ground. Stepping out of her heels, she stood before me completely naked. I was no less entranced than I’d been when she’d captured my attention in the club.

I stood there, longing infusing every inch of my body.

“Have you ever been with a woman, Jennifer?” she asked.

I shook my head.

“But you’ve fantasized, haven’t you?”

I nodded.

“Tell me what your fantasy women do to you,” she said in that same sensual tone that had gotten me so aroused at the club.

“T-touch me,” I stammered.

She smiled, and waited.

“I want you to kiss me. I want you to take off my clothes, and make love to me.”

“What if I want to fuck you instead?” she asked. “Not slow and lovely, but fast, and naughty. What if I want to get you naked and hungry and have you eat me out before I fuck you with a strap on?”

Ashamed, I blushed and nodded.

“Say it.”


“Yes, what?”

I took a deep breath and gave my assent. “Yes, I’d like it if you stripped me, made me eat you, and then fucked me with a strap on.”

She pointed at the bedroom, and indicated to me to go in there. I was a little shocked to find several things laying on the bed. Nipple clamps, a double headed dildo, a strap-on, a box of condoms, and a blindfold.

She stood behind me, and lowered the straps of my tank top to bare my breasts for her pleasure. “You like what you see? Want me to turn you into my little plaything? What a naughty little Jennifer you are if you’ll let me do that to you your first time with a woman.”

I felt shame and desire run through my body. Not all of the magazines I’d stolen were vanilla. I’d messed around with spanking and stuff with boys, and I’d liked it, but I’d never admitted it to another woman. The idea of her taking over and telling me what to do was arousing, and not just because of my inexperience.

She lowered the tank top to my waist and turned me to inspect my body. “What nice tits you have. I don’t blame that boy for wanting to touch them. I’ve wanted to touch them since I saw you.” Her hand caressed my smaller breasts, pinching the nipples lightly. She pinched them harder, increasing pressure until I gave a small sound of pain, immediately easing back to the point between pleasure and pain. Flicking them with her index finger, she sent jolts of pleasure to my clit.

“Take off your jeans.” She didn’t stop touching my breasts.

I reached down and unfastened the jeans, careful not to get in the way of her hands. I pushed my jeans, tank top, and thong down at the same time and stepped out of them, toeing off my shoes as I did so. I was now as naked as Alison.

She looked me over again, evaluating, memorizing my curves. Alison nodded in approval.

“Come here, little Jennifer,” she said, as she climbed on the bed, keeping her toys in easy reach. She reclined back, like a queen, and indicated that she wanted me between her legs. Apparently she hadn’t just been talking dirty-she wanted me to eat her out and then she was going to fuck me with a strap on. I felt my clit clench in pleasure at the idea. She reached down, and held herself open. When I hesitated, her voice lashed out like a whip, “Now!”

I crawled onto the bed, and lay down between her legs, her pussy inches from my face. Her pussy was wet, swollen with arousal, and I was incredibly turned on by how visible and beautiful her pussy was. I inhaled deeply and her smell teased my nostrils, practically pulling me closer all on its own.

“Lick me,” she said, tapping a finger against her clit. “You touched me here, and got me aroused. I expect you to finish the job. If you do well, I’ll give you pleasure in return. If you don’t please me, I’ll punish you. Does that sound fair?”

It sounded like I was in over my head, but I nodded.

“Say it out loud, Jennifer,” she commanded in the same whip-like tone she’d used a few seconds ago.

“Yes, Allison, it sounds fair. I’ve never done it before, so please tell me if-“

My words were cut off when she reached down and shut me up by the simple process of pulling my face up to her clit. It pushed against my mouth and I automatically opened to let it in. My tongue hesitantly reached out to lick her. She was creamy, salty, and sweet all at the same time.

“Faster and firmer,” she purred, her pleasure evident in the caress of her words.

I licked, focusing on her clit until her hips were moving eagerly and wantonly. Then I pulled back and began to lick her whole pussy, even going so far as to try to stick my tongue inside her. Her hand fished in my hair and she pulled me back to her clit and kept me there.

I licked her faster and faster, the way that had sent me through the roof when an ex boyfriend of mine had tried it. She began moaning, and her hips sped up. My hands clenched her hips and I lost myself in the taste of her arousal, the music of her cries as I pushed her over the edge, and the feel of her thighs clenching me. She actually had to drag me away from her clit, I’d gotten so lost in her.

I gazed up at her stupidly, shocked to be back in the real world. I could feel that my entire lower face was covered in her juices. My emotions fluctuated between pride in a job well done and a need for the verbal affirmation.

Alison collapsed backwards, one hand between her breasts as her panting breath began to slow. She motioned with her other hand to indicate to me that she wanted me to curl up next to her.

I lay next to her, pressing my body to hers, my head on her shoulder. I shivered slightly, both from the cool air circulating in the bedroom, and from the intensity of the emotions washing over me. I had never expected anything like this.

A moment later, she’d regained control enough to roll onto one side and she leaned over me, tenderly murmuring things like “good Little Jennifer, sweet Jennifer,” as she kissed my face, licking her own juices from cheeks, my chin and finally my lips.

Her kiss this time was soft and tender. Approval was in every movement she made, from the kiss on my lips to the caresses of my body. Her hands slid over my breasts, teasing the nipples, lifting them, cupping them. Tenderly she slid a hand between my thighs, and I opened easily for her.

A finger dipped into my pussy as she kissed me deeply. Her finger, now soaking wet, teased my clit.

“Pleasure for my pet,” she murmured.

She was so skilled at fingering, or maybe it was a sign of how aroused I was, but it felt like the heat built and exploded over me within seconds. I’d never come this fast before. I wondered if she was a witch – I felt like a spell had been cast on me. I was a million miles away from the girl who’d been getting felt up on the dance floor.

She gave me a moment to float in the pleasure before murmuring for me to turn over. In her erotic haze, I did so. I felt her spread my legs, and happily waited for her next touch.

“Get on your hands and knees, Jennifer,” she said.


“It’s time for you to get fucked,” she said. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her stand, and slip on a contraption of elastic and leather. Then she picked up the dildo from the bed, and fitted it through the hole. She ripped open a condom and rolled it over her cock.

“What?” I asked again, confused, and unsure.

“You told me you wanted me to make you lick me and then fuck you with a strap on. That’s what I’m going to do. Get on your hands and knees, now!” the last was said in the same dangerously edgy tone she’d used with me earlier.

I apparently didn’t do it fast enough, because her hand landed on my ass with a hard slap that echoed in the room quickly followed by my cry of shock.

“Did you forget that you’re my little toy, tonight? Just because I fingered you doesn’t mean you’re not my plaything,” she said, her hand coming down harder on the other cheek.

“I….I’m sorry,” I stammered, bracing myself for another slap.

“You’re forgiven, pet,” she murmured. “Spread your legs. Good girl.”

I felt the head of the dildo nudge my opening. It was a bigger cock that I’d ever fucked in real life, and I was a little worried. Alison went slowly though, and I felt my body stretch to accommodate it. Accommodate her. I felt myself clench with pleasure at the idea of her fucking me. The cock slid into me, opening me deeper and wider than I’d ever been opened before. One of her hands came around and flicked my clit, arousing me further until I’d taken it as deep as it could go.

Her hands took hold of my hips so firmly that I could feel her nails bite into my soft skin. She paused and then I felt the dildo withdrawing more quickly that it had been inserted. She stopped again and then slammed it home, causing me to gasp. She laughed and began to fuck me in earnest, hard and fast. She was more unforgiving than any man whose cock I’d handled.

“Slower,” I’d whimpered.

“No,” she replied and had, in fact, begun drilling me harder and even faster. A hand came around and began to stimulate my clit as the dildo head rubbed over my g-spot.

A few seconds later I sobbed out her name as an orgasm hit me with the force of a tidal wave. I collapsed on the bed, feeling the cock fall out of me. In a daze, I felt her urge me to turn over, and I did.

I was shocked to feel her open my thighs, brace my feet on her shoulders and she practically bent me in half as she entered me again. She fucked me relentlessly, drawing another orgasm from me as her finger and her cock worked their magic. I was entranced by her breasts bouncing above me with each thrust.

She withdrew and lay down next to me. “On top now, little pet. You’ll come once more before I let you stop.”

I whimpered that I couldn’t, and her voice lashed out to punish me again. “You’ll do it, or I’ll punish you severely, little pet.”

I pulled my last reserves of energy from deep within, and did as she told me. I again was struck by the size of the head as it split me open. I straddled her hips, and began to ride. Her hands came up to pinch and pull my nipples as I worked myself on the cock. My hips whipped back and forth and she encouraged me, talking dirty, calling me her little slut, her little girl, her little pet. When I came for the fourth time that night, she let me stop and collapse on top of her. She withdrew the cock, and I watched as she shed the strap-on. I hadn’t realized there was a second cock head attached to it that had been inside her.

She curled up on the bed and pulled me close, whispering words of adoration, encouragement, and support. She simply held me for what felt like hours, stroking my hair and back, giving me gentle kisses on my face, hair, and any body parts she could reach. I felt the soft caress of a blanket as she pulled it over us.

“You did so well, Jennifer. I’m so proud of you,” she murmured.

I looked up at her and asked, “I was okay?”

“You were amazing, baby,” she said. It was the last thing I remember before falling asleep in her arms.