by Mellisa Sullivan

hotel-389256_640She walked into the plush hotel foyer and, conscious of heads turning to look at her, she teetered on vertiginous heels to the bar, perched elegantly on a stool and crossed her bare legs.

At first she wondered if the halter neck, split-front gown she wore was perhaps a bit too much for this particular hotel. However, nothing happened, so she ordered a drink and after a while she began to relax and enjoy the attention she was attracting.

Although she knew she did not look cheap, she was acutely aware that the deeply slit evening gown, the skimpy halter neck bodice and the ‘fuck me’ ankle-strap sandals spoke volumes about the sort of woman she was.

Her client should be here by now. He said he’d meet her at the bar at nine. He was a special client with whom she had established a close relationship and she had reserved the entire night for him.

Suddenly he was by her side. She looked at him appraisingly: in his thirties, tall, well built, almost handsome and obviously successful. Perhaps not her idea of perfection but she was very fond of him.

“Dolores, you look fabulous!” he exclaimed.

“Well aren’t you going to buy me a drink?” she smiled.

“Of course, sorry, I was just… just bowled over by the way you look. What would you like?”

“I’d like another Margarita.”

He ordered two and they sat sipping the potent drink in silence.

Abruptly, he said, “Tom is waiting for us up in my room. You’ll really like him… he’s very good-looking, and I know he’ll just love you!”

Unlike ‘Richard’, she did not know Tom. Only that he was a friend of Richard’s and that he was to join them for a threesome. Richard had agreed to pay her double her normal rate and she had made it clear she expected to be paid up front.

“Okay, I’ll just finish my drink and we can go up,” she replied.

With practised grace she slid off the stool and smilingly winked at the bartender, who blew her a kiss.

They rode the lift five floors, and stepped out. Panting slightly and feeling tingly in her nipples with anticipation, she followed him along the corridor to his room. He rapped twice and the door was opened by a much younger man, barefoot and dressed in tee-shirt and jeans.

“Tom, this is Dolores,” said Richard, and as Tom embraced and kissed her she noticed that he had the most beautiful blue eyes. She guessed he was no more than about twenty or so but he was tall and powerfully built, towering over her despite her high heels.

“I’m very glad to meet you, Tom,” she replied, her heart beating fast. She stood for a moment swaying slightly and unable to look away from his blue eyes, and then she allowed the two men to take her arms and lead her to the big double bed that dominated the room. She sat down.

Sitting on the edge of the bed while Tom poured them all a glass of champagne she felt herself relaxing and opening up to whatever pleasures the night might bring. However, she had not forgotten their deal. “Richard,” she said, we agreed cash up front…and double rate. Okay?” And he immediately went to the wardrobe and brought back a thick wad of notes, which she did not bother to count and put straight into her bag.

After Richard had switched the lights down low and put a CD into the hi-fi, the two men sat on either side of her and they laughingly raised their glasses in a toast to threesomes.

Dolores could hear the Rolling Stones and guessed it was a ‘70s CD that he had put in. The combination of the two Margaritas and the champagne loosened any inhibitions she might have had, and she could not resist getting up and moving to the music. She adored dancing and for the next three songs she put on a spontaneous display which would have done credit to a professional exotic dancer.

Swaying to the beat, snaking her hips and stepping daintily in her high heels, sometimes she was so absorbed in the music that she forgot they were watching her, but more frequently she was sweetly aware of her power and knew exactly what she was doing to these two men. In fact she was strongly tempted to do a striptease. It would not take much, she thought. In this gown my legs are on show and my tits are almost falling out anyway.

Anyway, she decided not to but she felt she was melting into the music and totally enjoyed putting on a provocative routine for them.

Inevitably, they could not resist getting up and joining her. First young Tom. Initially holding her at arms’ length, he moved with her in time to the music, grinning at her and playfully licking his lips as he pointedly stared at her half-exposed breasts. She laughed and pouted her lips in a kiss.

“How old are you, Tom?” she asked.

“Old enough,” he replied, and suddenly pulled her close to kiss her on the lips with a marvellously long, lingering, overpowering kiss that made her feel weak at the knees. And as he kissed her she felt his hand close over her left breast, compressing its soft warmth through the silk satin of her skimpy gown. And when he withdrew his lips she was open-mouthed and flushed with exhilaration, feeling his hand still on her breast and stimulating her erect nipple through the thin material.

“Old enough for what, Tom?” she panted softly.

“Old enough to fuck you!” he breathed in her ear.

And then Richard joined in behind her. She could hardly dance, sandwiched as she was between the two of them, but she was still moving to the beat, her eyes closed, and she heard herself moaning with pleasure as she felt Richard unfasten the dress and release her breasts.

Freed from the skimpy confines of the bodice, her naked breasts felt marvellously free and accessible, and she squealed with delight as she felt Richard reach round to grab her right breast while Tom evoked an agony of pleasure stimulating her uncovered left nipple, rolling it firmly between his thumb and forefinger and squeezing it alternately gently and hard.

That particular song came to an end and there was a pause before a slower, softer number began to play. The trance partially broken, she stopped trying to dance and stood there by the bed, her head thrown back in ecstasy, as the two men pleasured her. Her breasts felt as if they were expanding and radiating heat, and she could not help thrusting them upwards and outwards in an unconscious offering to her lovers.

Moments later the two men lifted her off her feet and lay her down full length on the bed. She opened her eyes and watched as each of them opened his trousers and took out his stiff cock. And she immediately noticed that, while Richard’s was a respectable size, that of the younger man was absolutely huge.

Tom did not bother to remove her gown. He simply pushed it up around her hips so that the front split gave him access to her. And as Richard, her long-time client, knelt by her head sucking her right breast and massaging the other, this young man she had never met before pushed her moist silk panties aside and began to explore her vulva. She could feel his fingers already slippery wet with her love juices and as he found her clitoris he started a gentle rubbing motion which soon had her twitching involuntarily and groaning with sheer enjoyment.

She sensed the moment when Richard switched breasts, his mouth now sucking at her left nipple while his hand massaged and squeezed her other breast, but most of her consciousness was focused on Tom’s fingers, which were now thrusting deeply and rhythmically into her vagina, while all the time his thumb was lightly stroking her clitoris. The thought that he was already an expert lover flashed through her mind.

She could not help crying out and whimpering in rapture as she lay on the bed being pleasured by these two men. Her eyes were closed but in her imagination she could see herself with them, and the mental picture combined with the physical sensations stoked the fires of a lust which threatened to engulf her in a glorious inferno.

“Oh God!” she screamed. “Ooh!…Ooh!… Oh my God!” And she found she was involuntarily heaving up her hips in the age-old rhythm of sexual excitement, her body begging to be penetrated.

She could feel Tom’s fingers fucking her, and it felt like he had at least three fingers, maybe four, moving back and forth in and out of her vagina, but she wanted his cock. She desperately wanted to feel his stiff young cock pushing into her and stretching her. And she also wanted Richard to bite and hurt her nipples. Her breasts felt like they were on fire, swelling, expanding, bursting under his insistent mouth-teasing.

“Richard, bite me darling!” she cried.

And although she tried to stop herself, she heard herself shouting and screaming at the top of her voice:

“Oh Tom!… Ooh!… Ooh, fuck me! Please fuck me!… Fuck me you bastard!”

And she opened her legs wide and rested her ankles on his shoulders as, bucking and writhing in uncontrollable delight, she felt him thrusting his rigid penis deep inside her, and in the same instant she felt herself swept over a cascade of sensations into a cauldron of ecstasy and made it to an incredible climax.

The walls of her vagina gripping him in an agony of pleasure, she moaned with joy as she continued her long drawn-out orgasm. She felt the young stranger moving rapidly in and out of her until he suddenly stopped, tensed for a second or two and then yelled in triumph as he exploded and spurted a series of hot gushes deep inside her body. She was still coming, gripping his penis with her vaginal muscles and milking him as she felt him pumping and pumping more semen than she could ever remember receiving.

At last, with Tom still between her legs, she floated back to earth and lay limp and content. He leaned forward and kissed her with a long, tender kiss and she felt his penis, softening but still big, withdraw from her and wet her thigh. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back, wanting to stay just like this for ever, but he rolled off her and lay alongside her, propping himself up on his elbow and looking at her with something approaching wonder.

“Man, that was something!” he said softly.

“That certainly was!” said Richard, and she realized with a start that she had momentarily forgotten he was there. Poor Richard! Her favourite client – at least, her most faithful one! She must now make sure he is satisfied too.

She sat up and smiled at him, noticing that his cock was standing out stiffly and glistening with pre-cum. Taking one of his hands and pressing it against her breast, she said, “Richard, I know you want to fuck me, but shall we all have a drink and a rest, and then I can come up to the boil again?”

“No!” he said urgently. “I’m going to have you right now. You can come up to the boil again later!”

And with that he launched himself at her and began to tear her gown off. She tried to help him but he was so impatient that he tore it before he had her as he wanted her. And then he attacked her panties, wet with her and Tom’s mingled juices, feverishly tugging them down her legs, momentarily wrestling them off a spiked heel and then tossing them across the room.

Now she lay on the bed in nothing but her high heeled sandals and she began to feel sexy again. Moreover, she knew that he would be strongly turned on by seeing her like this, but the violence and urgency of his assault surprised her. She had never known him like this before. His face was a mask of lust as he gripped her ankles, spread and lifted up her legs, and thrust his cock deep into her sopping cunt.

In and out, in and out like a piston he went, his breath rasping as he pounded her with a ferocity that began to frighten her. There was no love, no attempt at finesse at all, simply the all-consuming need he had to fuck her hard and fast. In all the time she had known him, he had never been like this with her and she began to feel a little uncertain of him.

But then, as she lay there being repeatedly impaled by his powerful battering, she suddenly thought to herself, “Well, isn’t this what I am being paid for? This is my job – to be his play thing, his fuck slut!”

And as he lifted her ankles up onto his shoulders, freeing his hands to seize her breasts, she became aware that she was no longer afraid. And she became conscious that she was actually beginning to experience a surge of excitement at being used like this.

He pounded her vagina and squeezed her breasts like a man possessed, and several times she screamed in pain as he pinched her nipples unmercifully, but at the same time she was amazed to feel herself being aroused, a warm glow suffusing her breasts and lower abdomen.

Her hips began to rise to meet his thrusts and she could feel her body coming alive again as she imagined how sexy she must look to Tom as she was being virtually raped by his friend.

She was gasping with each savage thrust and her mouth was open. She caught a glimpse of Tom, and saw that he was watching her and rubbing himself and that his cock was already rigid again.

She suddenly became conscious that her lips were open and she wished that he would come and put that lovely cock into her open mouth, but there was no opportunity because Richard came and came as he had never come before, and when he had finished flooding her already overflowing vagina he covered her body and kissed her mouth repeatedly while murmuring how gorgeous she was and how much he loved her.

They lay like that for what seemed a long time, her favourite client on top of her, her thighs wide apart and her legs folded over his shoulders. He was repeatedly kissing her hair, her face, her neck and breasts, and she smiled and said,

“This could get serious, you know… and that would never do.”

“Yeah, I know,” he panted. “That would never do, would it?”

“No,” she said softly. “Business only, right?”

“Business only,” he agreed.

He rolled off her and they both sat up. As she brought her legs together she could feel the sticky wetness between her thighs, a sensation she always liked. Tom stood by the bed looking down at them. He had taken off his jeans and underpants, and she saw that his naked erection was enormous. Grinning broadly, he told them he had greatly enjoyed the performance, and that he thought he was getting real value for his money. And then he put a glass of champagne into their hands.

“I propose a toast,” he said. “To sexy Dolores!”

They all laughed, and then the men raised their glasses and exclaimed in unison, “To sexy Dolores!”

“I must go to the bathroom,” she said, “I’ve got cum running down my legs!”

When she came back she was wearing a pink kimono, which had been on the back of the bathroom door. She had been delighted to find it there and smiled at Richard in acknowledgement of his thoughtfulness. She loved the feel of its light silk against her nakedness and she had tied it loosely round her waist.

“You look good enough to eat!” Tom said.

“So… are you going to eat me, Tom?” she said, winking at Richard.

“Come over here and find out,” Tom replied with enthusiasm, and he made playful biting motions, chomping his teeth together and holding out his arms wide.

At this point Richard excused himself and disappeared into the bathroom.

Alone with Tom, Dolores felt a thrill of desire as she saw his cock standing out like a pole. He stood there in just his tee-shirt, and she playfully stepped close to him, dancing to the music and teasing him as she pressed herself against his rock-hard erection.

And as far as she was concerned that had the desired effect, because he grabbed her and bent her over backwards like a bow, kissing her lips in that long, electrifying way he had of kissing. She felt herself melting in his arms as the kimono slipped open and he moved his lips down her neck and kissed his way down to her left breast, where her already erect nipple awaited his mouth.

Little cries escaped her lips as she squirmed in his embrace and her breasts felt like they were on fire again. She screamed softly and gasped as he sucked and nibbled gently on her nipple and then she felt her knees give way and she slid down him until she was kneeling on the floor before him. Opening her lips as wide as she could she took his lovely thick cock deep inside her mouth. She heard him groan with pleasure and already she could taste the salty pre-cum that had been oozing from the tip of his penis.

She loved the smell of him and with one hand she cupped his balls, while with the other she held his penis and moved her mouth back and forth, taking its length as deeply as she could. Every now and then she let the head slip out so that she could lick the sensitive tip and feel it twitch, and then she enjoyed the sensation of the smooth, slippery helmet pushing between her lips again.

She barely noticed Richard come back, but she was aware that he was sitting on the bed watching them. And that made it all the more exciting.

Determined to give Tom the best blow job he had ever experienced, she repeatedly slid his cock in and out of her mouth, licking and sucking the glans and gently squeezing his sac until she had the delight of hearing him groaning and gasping with pent-up pleasure and could feel his cock expanding as his sperm came surging up in an uncontrollable rush.

He came with a yell of ecstasy, his fingers entangled in her hair and holding her head firmly against himself as he flooded her mouth and spurted his semen down her throat. She tried desperately to swallow it, but there was too much, and she had a moment of panic as she found she could not breathe and was choking on his cock.

It flashed through her mind that she must learn the Linda Lovelace technique, but now desperation lent her strength enough to break his grip and ease his pumping cock back a little. He was still throbbing and spurting, and she tried to swallow some more, but try as she might his thick cum was too plentiful and it spilled out of her mouth, dropping onto her breasts and hanging in viscous strands from her chin.

At last he had finished. Feet wide apart and looking very satisfied with himself, he looked down at her with a big grin.

“Fantastic!” he said.

She smiled up at him, more semen dribbling from her lips onto her breasts. She wiped her chin with her hand and licked her fingers clean. Then, in an unconsciously feminine gesture, she put her hand to her bosom and, finding semen there, rubbed it into both her nipples.

“Was that good value for money, Tom?” she asked.

“Good?” he exclaimed delightedly. “Lady, that was the best! The best ever!”

She turned to look at Richard. He was still sitting on the edge of the bed, and he smiled at her and raised his glass in salute. She felt Tom’s hands on her shoulders and he helped her to her feet. And then he bent to kiss her again, apparently not minding the taste of his own cum on her lips, and she clung to him, her hand grasping his softening penis and slowly working the foreskin to and fro because she could feel the heat building within her and she urgently needed him hard again.

After a while he released her and gently stopped her attempt to stimulate him to another erection. “Whoa back!” he said, “Not so fast, lady, give me a rest for a while! Besides,” he added, “now it’s my turn to take a comfort break.” She pouted her disappointment, but then shrugged and laughed as she let go of him and he went into the bathroom.

“You like Tom, don’t you?” said Richard.

“Yes,” she agreed, picking up her glass of champagne and sitting beside him on the bed. “He’s rather sweet.” Then she added, “But of course he’s only a boy”, while to herself she secretly said, “But what a boy!” Then she asked, “How old is he, I wonder?”

“He’s just turned nineteen,” said Richard. “He’s a landscape gardener and he’s already got his own little business going well. Nice kid, and very reliable. I like him.”

She did not reply, but she was thinking about the possibilities that might lie ahead as a result of her meeting Tom tonight.

“Here, wipe your mouth,” Richard said, handing her a box of tissues. “I am not going to kiss you with somebody else’s cum all over your lips.”

She smiled mischievously and ran her coated tongue around her lips several times, tasting the saltiness and loving it. “But I like the taste… and…oh well, you’re paying… Anything you say.”

She took a tissue from the box and wiped her mouth as he had demanded. “I’m going to get kissed again am I?” she purred, playfully sidling up to Richard and enjoying the way her kimono slipped open so readily.

“You never know your luck,” he said, and drew her close, his mouth seeking her’s and his hand stroking up her leg. She closed her eyes and relaxed against him, aware of a surging tide of desire as he kissed her and pushed his hand in between her thighs. She momentarily felt self conscious about the sticky, slippery mess down there, but it was obvious he did not mind it at all. Just the opposite, it seemed, because he made her gasp as he massaged her clitoris and vigorously slid his fingers in and out of her aching vagina.

She felt she wanted to get still closer to him and she climbed onto his lap, put her arms tightly around his neck and drew up her feet so that in effect she was riding his wrist and could feel his hand, sticky with mingled love juices, between her buttocks. He rubbed her wetly, and she tensed with pleasure as she felt him circling her anus, lubricating that tiny entrance with a finger.

“Fuck me, Richard,” she said, and she squirmed around with sudden need until she could feel his cock slipping into her love tube. His hands gripped her buttocks and she cried out as she felt him pushing one finger into her back passage. She began to come almost immediately, her head thrown back in a paroxysm of delight, riding him fast and hard until with a long drawn out wail she collapsed in his arms exhausted with pleasure, and he feverishly continued in an effort to bring himself to another climax.

Tom had returned, and watched as Richard desperately pounded her for what seemed an age. At long last he made it, and she was relieved and pleased to feel him squirting his hot semen into her. She kissed him, and rolled off him to lie curled up on the bed, utterly satiated. Richard flopped down beside her, his hand limply resting on her thigh.

It seemed she must have slept a little because she was dreamily surprised to feel herself being turned onto her back. She opened her eyes and saw that Richard was apparently asleep beside her, but then she felt her legs being pulled apart and saw Tom, his cock like a ramrod, obviously poised to have her again.

“Oh Tom!” she murmured, and smiled as she looked at his huge penis. “You want your money’s worth, don’t you?”

He did not reply but took hold of her ankles and spread her legs wide before thrusting into her, and stretching her vagina again as he had the first time. He did not hurry, pausing to lick her ankles and kiss her toes before returning to reaming her with long slow strokes, and she soon found herself emerging from her lassitude.

She could feel every inch of his lovely cock sliding in and out. She told herself that from now on this was how she always wanted to be… lying on a bed with her eyes closed and her legs open, being repeatedly fucked by a beautiful young man.

Behind her closed eyes she saw herself lying there being ravished, the silk kimono wide open and her stiletto heels pointing at the ceiling, and as she formed the mental image she felt incredibly sexy. The fire was beginning to burn again, and she could feel warm waves of delicious sensation radiating from her vulva up to her breasts and back along her body to the very tips of her toes. Her nipples were tingling and she could feel her breasts swelling with desire. She opened her eyes.

Tom was looking down at her with obvious enjoyment. “Milf,” he said grinning. “You’re one mother I love fucking!”

“Me too,” Richard said. She glanced at him and saw that he was leaning on one elbow watching them. She smiled at him.

“Richard, please”.., she gave a little gasp as she felt Tom speed up the tempo… “Please come and suck my tits.”

He was happy to oblige. And minutes later she was bucking and heaving in rapture as the two men together stimulated her beyond endurance. Tom’s thick cock had seemed to expand and was rubbing her clitoris with each rapid thrust, while Richard’s hands and mouth were devouring her throbbing breasts, pinching and biting her nipples with mounting passion.

“Ooh!” she gasped. “Oh my God!” She was dimly aware she was screaming now but she didn’t care. “Ohh! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me come!” Her body was once more awash with glorious feelings and her head threshed from side to side in a delirium of sexual joy. Every muscle and tendon in her body strained towards the apex of her climax, but it was not until Tom rested her ankles on his shoulders and reached down to finger her clitoris that she began to explode all over again.

“Oooh! Oooh! Oh God, yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed as she felt Tom erupting inside her, and her body felt like it was opening like a flower, like a wet, hot flower that was so wide that she could swallow him up.

Richard was kissing her and continued to caress and knead her breasts, and Tom stayed kneeling between her thighs for several minutes, his young powerful penis twitching inside her and keeping her climax going in repeated spasms. But at last her orgasm had spent itself, and the three of them lay on the bed in contented satiation.

An hour or so passed, and another couple of glasses of champagne later they were all sleepy and in bed. She half awoke, and smiled to herself. This was disgusting, she thought happily. She was awash with semen and she could feel it pull the skin of her thighs where it had dried. She was on her side facing Richard, his arm around her shoulder. Tom was behind her, and she and he were like spoons fitting together. She decided she was in heaven and drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke Tom was gone, and Richard was making toast. By the time she emerged from the shower she felt clean and her hair was shining.



“I thought that went really well last night,” Richard ventured. “You know, you were fantastic … you’d make a first-class hooker!”

“Well, thank you,” she smiled.

“How’d you feel about doing it again sometime? You and Tom seemed to hit it off together?”

Her pulses racing, she said, “Um, yes, I wouldn’t mind… he’s quite nice.”

Richard leaned over and kissed his wife. “Good. I’ll fix another date with him.”